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Whilst unusual, the act of raising Slimes in Stardew Valley is a very rewarding venture. After a little time and preparation, you’ll have yourself a ready supply of enemy Slimes located on your farm. These can effectively be cultivated in the right setup, causing them to breed and produce more Slimes, whilst also dropping valuable Slime Balls and even Slime Eggs of varying values. Following then, are the steps that you should take in order to get your Slime producing venture up and running!

Building Slime Equipment

Slime Hutch Purchase, Stardew Valley

Starting the process of collecting and breeding Slimes is very simple, however you will need to ensure that you are prepared. Not only does the Slime Hutch itself require quite a few components, which are listed below, but you’ll also need to have a good amount of Combat levels, up to level 8 specifically. It’s technically possible to do some work without this, however you’ll lack some of the critical components that can make your life easier. In short, purchase the Slime Hutch, craft both the Slime Egg Press & Slime Incubator, and you’re good to begin raising some Slimes!

Slime Hutch Requirements

  • 500 x Stone
  • 10 x Refined Quartz
  • 1 x Iridium Bar
  • 10,000g
  • Sold by Robin, at the Carpenters Shop.

Slime Egg Press Requirements

  • Combat level 6
  • 25 x Coal
  • 1 x Fire Quartz
  • 1 x Battery Pack

Slime Incubator Requirements

  • Combat level 8
  • 2 x Iridium Bar
  • 100 x Slime


Your First Slimes

Tiger Slime Egg, Stardew Valley

First things first, you’ll need to get yourself a Slime Egg. Having built the Hutch, Slimes will now have a very small chance to drop an Egg, however there are much more reliable ways to get these. Firstly, Marlon will visit your farm to give you one of these, which is a great way to get started, however there are other was to achieve this:

  • Slime enemies can now drop Slime Eggs.
  • Marlon will arrive and give you one Slime Egg once the Hutch is built.
  • Place 100 pieces of Slime into the Slime Egg Press. The resultant colour of this slime is random.
  • Slime Eggs can be found in Skull Caverns treasure rooms.
  • Slimejack and Lionfish Fish Ponds can produce Slime Eggs, providing they have 9 occupants or more. One per day will be produced.

Having either found or produced Slime Eggs using these methods, it should be noted that you can choose to sell these if you wish. Purple and Tiger Slime Eggs can be sold for 5,000g and 8,000g respectively, which is a nice way to make a little extra profit. However, at this point you’re unlikely to have a way to produce enough Eggs, so how do we go about getting more Eggs…?


Raising Your Slimes

Slime Hutch, Stardew Valley

Once your first Slimes have hatched, you’ll want to cultivate and nurture them, because having 5 of them in the Hutch will make them drop Slime Balls. These can be clicked upon to collect items and more Slime, which can in turn be pressed into an Egg and either hatched or sold. This is the essential Slime Hutch loop that you’ll want to use to first build the occupancy to max, which is 20, and then repeat to generate gold through selling Eggs. Slimes left alone with each other also have the potential to mate, producing more Slimes.

Nurturing Slime Steps

  • Troughs in the Slime Hutch must be filled with Water every day.
  • The above can be completed using a Sprinkler, to automate it.
  • We recommend fencing them off internally, because they are aggressive.
  • Leave FOUR slots of flooring that are not crafted. Slimes will not drop Slime Balls on a crafted floor, and the maximum occupancy of 20 is 4 sets of 5. Having four slots will allow the maximum amount of 4 Slime Balls to drop.

Once you have the Hutch in place, a Sprinkler in place, a loot grabbing area and the maximum occupancy of 20 Slimes, you’re done! Now you have a Slime producing machine, which you can visit each day to collect Slime, press into a random Egg and sell it for profit. Further to this, killing Slime off occasionally will allow others to take their place, each of which will have a chance to be rare, and taking them down contributes to the 1,000 that you must slay to unlock the Slime Charmer Ring, which makes you immune to Slimes!

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