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The Best Accessories For Every Character | Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Players of Atlus titles will no doubt know that Accessories are vitally important to success in battle. Much like other pieces of equipment, they tend to grow in power as the player progresses, eventually becoming an integral part of their repertoire. In Tokyo Mirage Sessions this remains true, and whilst we’d argue that the equipment here isn’t too transformative, it’s crucial that you pick the right pieces, especially when eventual class choices can significantly alter the way a character functions. Below then, are the Accessories that we’ve found the most success with, for every character in the game.


Chrom, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • The Trickster (Skill +20, Speed +12)
  • Platinum Myosotis (Max HP +100, Max EP +50, Luck +1)

Technically speaking, you can choose to build your Itsuki in either a physical or magical way, prioritising one damage over the other as you level up. However, it’s worth noting that he’s never going to become an absolute magical powerhouse, but rather a character that will deal good damage whilst supporting the team. In fact, whilst we consider that his physical damage can be excellent, he’s much more suited to a full support role than that of a magical version. That being the case, the fact that he’s constantly in the party will require him to quickly and accurately start Sessions, hence The Trickster accessory. There’s nothing worse than a Session starting attack missing the target, so you’ll want to mitigate this as much as possible. Should you be taking up a more supportive role, the Platinum Myosotis will serve you well, with the health improving his survivability and the extra EP meaning that he can cast plenty of buffs in difficult boss battles.



Caeda, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Platinum Myosotis (Max HP +100, Max EP +50, Luck +1)
  • Pegasus Earrings (Magic +5, Speed +12)
  • (Subcast) Black Maneki-Neko (Strength +20, Magic +20, EP -300)

Unfortunately for Tsubasa, her low health, defences and physical damage mean that she’s unlikely to perform all that well in the main party, at least in the late game. Sure, she can deal some magical damage, but there are much better options for both this and other forms of damage, and there are only three main party slots. Similarly, her healing skills are easily covered by the overpowered healing items available in the game.

That being said, if you want her in your main team then we’d recommend that you bring either the Platinum Myosotis, for the extra health in order to help her survive, or the Pegasus Earrings to help her damage out. In the Subcast, by far her best option is the Black Maneki-Neko, because the reduced EP doesn’t matter and she’ll often deal both physical and magical damage within Sessions, thus benefiting from both the Strength and Magic.


Cain, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Belt Of Heroes (Strength +5, Skill +20)
  • The Trickster (Skill +20, Speed +12)
  • (Subcast) Kinshin Emblem (Strength +20, All Stats -4)

You need only spend a few minutes in battle with Touma to understand his entire goal: Deal as much physical damage as possible, with a tiny side of Fire to link Sessions. A further few minutes however, will likely reveal that he has serious problems with accuracy. This isn’t helped by some powerful but inaccurate Carnages that he has access to. Either way, this does make his Accessory choices rather simple: Get as much Skill and Strength as possible. The Belt of Heroes, and indeed any of his personal versions from Carabia are ideally suited for this, however a special nod should be given to The Trickster – often the extra Speed will make a difference to the turn order, which is ultimately very powerful, especially against Savage Mirages. The Kinshin Emblem is a risk given the above, however if you’re feeling up to it, this is the best boost of damage available thanks to the 20 Strength.



Tharja, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Deity Emblem (Magic +20, All Stats -4)
  • Platinum Myosotis (Max HP +100, Max EP +50, Luck +1)

Unlike other characters in TMS#FE, Kiria will only ever deal magical damage, rather than a mix of this and physical. This means that she’s only really bothered about a few things; hitting as hard as possible and surviving battle. It’s also an unfortunate fact that her final Carabia personal Accessory is pretty terrible, giving her a paltry +5 Magic and +5 Resistance, and whilst they’re both technically good things, it won’t make a great deal of difference. Hence our choice of either offence, through the +20 Magic granted by the Deity Emblem, or the defensive benefits offered by the 100 extra HP of the Platinum Myosotis. The latter also adds EP, which is great for spamming Kiria’s expensive skills. EIther of these will do well, but grabbing the Deity Emblem is by far our favourite option, especially in the Subcast where the lessened defences mean less.


Virion, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Artemis Earrings (Strength +4, Skill +22)
  • The Trickster (Skill +20, Speed +12)
  • (Subcast) Kinshin Emblem (Strength +20, All Stats -4)

Much like Touma above, Eleanora’s main focus is to deal physical damage alongside a very small side of magic. Unlike Touma however, she really doesn’t struggle with accuracy at all, so you’re mainly looking for ways to increase her damage. She is however, more likely to land critical strikes thanks to her high Skill, to the point where it’s actually worthwhile leaning into this tendency. The result is that she tends to have very similar recommendations as Touma; get as much Strength and Skill as possible, with Speed being a great bonus, and if anything she’s even better with the Kinshin Emblem in the Subcast, because the Skill reduction of -4 means less. The Trickster remains a favourite in the main cast, because her innate speed means that it can often ensure she wins the race in the attack queue, even against some of the quicker enemies.



Draug, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • The Trickster (Skill +20, Speed +12)
  • Aegis Sigil (Defence +10, Resistance +10)
  • (Subcast) Black Maneki-Neko (Strength +20, Magic +20, EP -300)

Despite her performance in battle being completely different, because Mamori focuses much more on Defence than Offence, she suffers a similar issue to Touma: Her accuracy is terrible. Additionally, she really doesn’t need a great deal of help with her main role, which is to act as a huge damage redirecting tank for the team. Should you wish to lean into the role further, grabbing the Aegis Sigil is by far the best option, however you’ll likely find that her defensive skills and stats are good enough, whereupon it’s a much better idea to sort out her Skill and Speed with The Trickster. This is even more true if you decide to make her a General, which is by far the best option by the way, so you’re free to focus on the rest of her statistics.


Navarre, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • The Trickster (Skill +20, Speed +12)
  • Gauntlet (Strength +5, Speed +12)
  • (Subcast) Kinshin Emblem (Strength +20, All Stats -4)

It’s likely that this goes without saying, but given that Yashiro is effectively the Myrmidon-esque character in TMS#FE, you’re going to want to increase his damage as much as possible. Unlike said Fire Emblem class however, his defensive statistics and health aren’t that bad, so you can forego anything defensive and pile on the dps wherever possible. The Trickster makes another appearance here, because it’ll help you fish for criticals if you stack up some of his passives, but his personal Gauntlet accessory will do the job just fine too. He has enough Skill to cope with the Kinsin Emblem, and he’s only of the only characters we’d actually consider giving this to in the main team along with the Subcast.

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