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How To Get Plenty of Ancient Seeds | Stardew Valley

Taking advantage of Ancient Seeds is a surefire way to make big profits in Stardew Valley. We recently wrote about the best possible crops to position within a Greenhouse, and Ancient Fruit absolutely takes the cake, mainly thanks to their constant, self-sustaining growth and value of the eventual produce. It’s worth noting however, that getting the ball rolling can be a pain, especially when the seeds are so hard to come by at first, which is what we’re aiming to guide you through today. Follow the guidance below to set yourself up with a sustainable and repeatable flow of cash into your coffers!

Ancient Seed Artifact, Stardew Valley

Getting Your First Ancient Seeds

In order to get your profit farm rolling, and let’s face it this is why you’re looking to get Ancient Fruit as much as possible, you’re first going to need to get your hands on an Ancient Seed, non-plural. This is the first ‘link in the chain’ that will allow your Ancient Fruit crop to start rolling. No matter the route taken your chances will always be slim, however the following list details the possible ways to obtain one:

  • Rarely contained in Artifact Troves.
  • Very rarely found in Artifact Spots in the Mountain or Cindersap Forest.
  • Very rarely dropped by either Cave Fly, Bug, Grub, Mutant Grub or Mutant Fly enemies.
  • Very rarely found in Fishing Treasure Chests.
  • Seed packets, not the Seed Artifact itself, can rarely be purchased from the traveling cart, however this is also a very rare occurrence.

Once you have managed to find one through the methods noted above, it’s crucial that you hand this Ancient Seed into the Museum. Gunther will then supply you with a packet of Ancient Seeds, which you can use to begin building your profitable fruit empire!


Ancient Fruit Harvest, Stardew Valley

Getting More Ancient Seeds

Now that you have your hands on some Ancient Seeds, you can begin to grow yourself some super valuable Ancient Fruit. Now, your priority for this profitable product is to place it within a Greenhouse, because it will allow it to flourish no matter the season, meaning you can harvest them all year round. We cannot emphasise this point enough, because this particular crop does not need to be re-planted once it has been harvested, so having a safe space is very important. If you absolutely must plant this outside, at the very least ensure that a Scarecrow is nearby – the last thing you need is a Crow ruining your profits, especially when you’re limited on seeds during the setup period.

After planting, the Ancient Seeds will need 28 days to fully flourish and become an Ancient Fruit. Every 7 days following this initial harvest another Fruit will appear, without any manual intervention or planting outside of grabbing the fruit itself. Following this, you’ll be able to place the Ancient Fruits into a Seed Maker to generate more Ancient Seeds. Of course, the beauty behind this is that your original plant is still growing more fruit, allowing you to scale this up as much as you wish. Our opinion? Fill an entire Greenhouse with Ancient Fruit, sell the produce and swim around your mansion in a sea of coins like Scrooge McDuck!

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