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The advent of the 1.5 patch in Stardew Valley, and indeed the introduction of the Volcano Dungeon, players have the ability to combine two of their rings, creating one single ring that has the powers of both. In essence, the player can access the benefits of four rings whilst wearing only two! This obviously opens up a great deal of customisation options, and whilst it can take a while for a player to unlock the forge, which requires the completion of the Volcano Dungeon in a single day, it’s absolutely worth visiting and playing around with. The following are two of our favourite options, tailored specifically for combat.

Iridium Band & Burglar Ring

Ring Combining, Stardew Valley

Before starting out, we should note that each combination completed at the forge will require 20 x Cinder Shards. These can be gathered throughout the Volcano Dungeon, dropping from enemies and being found within the mining nodes dotted throughout. We’re made the trip a few times and forgotten this fact, so it bears repeating as much as possible. Don’t go on a forging trip without your Cinder Shards!

Anyway, our first combination is the Iridium Band and the Burglar Ring, and we should probably note that this isn’t exactly an easy recipe to achieve. The Iridium Band cannot be created until the recipe is unlocked at Combat Level 9, and whilst this doesn’t sound all that bad, the requirements of 5 x Iridium Bars, 50 x Solar Essences and 50 x Void Essences can be a little more awkward. Happily the Burglar Ring is a little easier to acquire, and is given as a reward by the Adventurers Guild for killing 500 Dust Sprites – this sounds daunting, but it really isn’t, and you’ll likely have quite a lot done by the time you realistically reach the Volcano Dungeon. 

Combined Benefits

  • Character Glow
  • Magnetic Item Attraction
  • Attack Damage +10%
  • Monsters have a greater chance of dropping loot


Slime Charmer & Crabshell Ring

Combined Ring, Stardew Valley

Next up we have the Slime Charmers and Crabshell Rings, and much like our above option, you’re going to have to put in a bit of work. Specifically, the work will need to be put in for the Slime Charmers Ring; this requires that you slay 1000 Slimes to unlock as a reward from the Adventurers Guild, so you can wave goodbye to a few evenings if you want to grab it. Thankfully the Crabshell Ring simply requires the killing of 60 Rock Crabs, which should take a lot less time overall.

Combining these two isn’t likely to seem all that great, at least at first. After all, having immunity to all Slime damage and effects doesn’t seem that rewarding, and the paltry +5 Defence from the Crabshell Ring isn’t spectacular either. However, aftering being overrun by groups of slimes numerous times during our time with Stardew Valley, it’s really the slowing effect that causes issues. It’s worth crafting this for the ignorance to slow if we’re honest, but combining it with another defensive option makes this the ideal ‘speedrun’ ring, where you’ve aiming to push your way into the depths of a dungeon without having to worry too much about incoming damage or errant slows.

Combined Benefits

  • Prevents Damage from Slimes
  • +5 Defence
  • Never worry about Slime slows again!
  • You get the pleasure of slaying 1000 Slimes!

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