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4 Powerful Weapons For Each Progression Stage | Stardew Valley

For such a pacifistic title, weapons form quite a significant portion of Stardew Valley. Like other RPG titles, your equipment tends to scale depending on your progress throughout the game, often gated by the requirements of crafting recipes. This isn’t always the case however, and outside of visiting an external source, it’s not always obvious where the best pieces can be found. Today then, we’re putting to rights some of the very best weapons that can be found throughout your journey through the valley; they won’t necessarily be the most powerful possible, but they can be accessed at different points in time, and the game doesn’t always tell you exactly when…

Neptune's Glaive, Stardew Valley

Neptune’s Glaive

  • Very Early Game

First up, we’re highlighting a weapon that can be found quite early in the game, however it should be noted that Neptune’s Glaive isn’t exactly easy to get your hands on. It can only be found in treasure chests earned through Fishing, and it only has a paltry 0.6% chance to even be in there! This sounds like an absolute pain of course, after all you only have a small chance to find a chest, and even then it has a tiny chance to be in there, but doing so will completely transform the early game. Doing this as early as possible, which for reference is Fishing level 2 for it to appear on the loot table, will make pushing through the mines tremendously easy, letting you grab those valuable ores with little to no hassle from pesky enemies!

Lava Katana, Stardew Valley

Lava Katana

  • Mid Game – Completion of The Mines

If you’ve played Stardew Valley for any real length of time, which we should note is a game that measures such things in hundreds of hours rather than tens, such is the commitment required, then you’ll no doubt have dabbled in The Mines, which is the first dungeon that you’ll encounter. Once you’ve traversed the entirety of this place, and thoroughly looted it we might add, you’ll likely be hungry for something a little more powerful. Soon you’ll learn of the elusive Prismatic Shard and its possibilities, but holding you over to this point is the Lava Katana, which can be purchased from the Adventurer’s Guild once you reach level 120 of The Mines. You’ll have to fork over 25,000 gold for the pleasure, but it’s a powerful enough model to keep you going until you unlock the true end game beasts.


Dragontooth Cutless, Stardew Valley

Dragontooth Cutlass

  • Late Game – Volcano Reached

One of our absolute favourite parts of the 1.5 update to Stardew Valley is the inclusion of the Volcano dungeon. This features a new environment, plays home to new enemies and most importantly, has fantastic new loot to gather. By far our favourite of these are the Dragontooth series of weapons, which feature a Hammer, Sword and Dagger type and can be found in treasure chests within the Volcano dungeon. No doubt you’ll find your own sweet spot with a particular type, and by the time you reach this dungeon you’ll likely be set on those that you like, but rest assured they’re all very powerful. The patch also added ‘Dwarf’ weapons, but we prefer the Dragontooth model for their addition of further crit scaling, which combines well with the Scout combat skill. Oh, and they look a lot better than their Dwarf equivalents, which is a plus in our book.

Infinity Blade, Stardew Valley

Infinity Blade

  • Peak End Game

It might seem rather obvious, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in end game weapons then you’re going to want an Infinity weapon. These have supplanted the ‘Galaxy’ models, which were considered the pinnacle of equipment prior to the latest patch, and occupy the very top of the tree for combat power. Having made your way through the original Mines, through the Calico Desert with Prismatic Shards and onwards to the Dangerous Mines and Volcano, you’ll finally manage to get your hands on the best that Stardew has to offer. These things have the highest damage values, swing fast and essentially signal that you’ve conquered the weapon tree. Of course, there’s three models that you can make, and your collection wouldn’t be complete without them all, so you’ll need to head to the Forge in the Volcano dungeon and use 1 x Galaxy weapon, 3 x Galaxy Soul and 60 x Cinder Shards for the pleasure!

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