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Creating a Profitable Beach Farm | Stardew Valley

Generally speaking, the Beach Farm in Stardew Valley only tends to be recommended for Veteran players, thanks to its uniquely limited design. Featuring unusual terrain and a smaller area for cultivating crops, it can be difficult to set up a regular, profitable enterprise here, which makes it an interesting challenge to say the least. So, to grease the wheels of profit for new and old players alike, we’ve put together the following advice to get you going on your way.

Fish Ponds, Stardew Valley

Fish Ponds

One of our favourite, and indeed one of the most efficient money making methods for the Beach Farm is to invest in Fish Ponds. These are a fantastic way to create a profit, and once they’re setup you have minimal work to do; pop some fish into your pool and items will spawn in the chum bucket every day! The gathered loot is somewhat random, but particular fish have a higher chance to generate better loot, and more fish in the pool will increase your chances to find something each day!

Producing the Fish Pond itself is pretty easy too, requiring only 5 x Seaweed, 5 x Green Algae, 200 Stones and 5000g. We’d recommend more than one be placed, as shown in our image above, and you make it a daily occurance to go and check on your pond loot. Going the extra mile with planning is a good idea too, because you can collect the fish themselves via fishing, meaning you can keep a certain stock for certain recipes. A great example of this is the Lucky Lunch recipe, which requires Sea Cucumbers that can be kept and repeatedly multiplied in a Fish Pond.


Farm Animals, Stardew Valley

Rearing Animals

Should you be unaware, the Beach Farm has limited space for the cultivation of crops, however this does mean that there’s plenty of room for something else: Rearing animals. This is mainly made possible by the fact that Grass will grow and indeed propagate on sand, so you’re still able to keep animals fed and happy, despite the location. As you can see, we’ve opted for Pigs, because having a barn full of pigs will give you a great supply of valuable Truffles. All animals will work on the farm, and there’s such a huge amount of space on the Beach Farm that you can take advantage of. We actually have two barns, the other of which is filled with Cows, Goats and Ostriches, which we’ve also accompanied with Chicken Coops. Take advantage of the huge open spaces and get creative with fauna, maybe even a Slime Hutch too!

Beach Crops, Stardew Valley

Crop Optimisation

Now, technically speaking you can plant crops all over your Beach Farm, however efficiently farming crops tends to require sprinklers, and there’s only a certain portion of ground that will accept these on the farm. Without sprinklers you will spend a great deal of time, and indeed energy, to water your crops every day. In reality then, the Beach Farm is simply restricted when it comes to land that will accomodate sprinklers, shown in our image above. This means that you’ll need to be smart and optimise the space as much as possible, that is unless you enjoy watering everything every day…

Further to this, you can still set up a Greenhouse, which will give you a certain amount of crops all year round, and this still provides fertile ground surrounding it for fruit trees. Similarly, you can still create and keep both Preserve Jars and Kegs to build profits further. Crops aren’t impossible on the Beach Farm then, but you’ll have to be a little more creative with your strategy to make a reasonable profit with them.


Ginger Island Farm, Stardew Valley

Ginger Island Farm

Finally, the advent of the 1.5 update patch of Stardew Valley introduced Ginger Island, on which there is a farm that you can unlock. Once you’ve progressed through and unlocked the western side of the island, you’ll find a parrot near the ruins of a farmhouse, and giving it 20 Golden Walnuts will grant you access and ownership of the farm.

Once accessed, you can use the enormous field at this farm to plant anything you want, and it’s entirely suitable for sprinklers. Better still, any crop will grow all year round here, meaning you can make a massive amount of profit by taking advantage of seasonal produce, like Starfruit, Ancient Fruit or Pineapples. Seeds for the latter can be bought and found on the island, and they can be sold for a great deal of profit. Ginger Island essentially solves all of the Beach Farm problems, and if we’re honest we often feel like it takes the challenge away, however the journey before this is unlocked is still a great deal of fun.

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