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In a game so filled with loot that must be stored, it’s no wonder that chests are important in Stardew Valley. For us, the creation of chests is the very first thing that we set our sights on in a fresh game, and we’ll immediately set about it, before almost anything else. The latest patch, at time of writing at least, is 1.5, and the game has managed to cram more loot, items and equipment in than ever before. This being the case, we’ve put together a few tips that should help you optimise your storage!

Create Chest ‘Types’

For some of our readers this piece of advice is likely to be obvious, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there are plenty of people out there that would happily place a knife in the fork bit of the kitchen drawer, like the absolute madman that they clearly are. Our advice to these people, aside from telling them that it’s hard to spread butter with a spoon, is to categorise your chests as much as possible.

Sure, it might seem a little bit persnickety to restrict items to chests, but consider what you spend most of your time doing in Stardew: Grabbing items and moving onto the next task. Be it planting seeds, crafting items or giving gifts, you’re always heading somewhere with an objective in mind, so why not arrange your goods into chests that correspond to these objectives? Taking a little more time to drop everything off in the right place, will make your life infinitely easier when you suit up ready to leave once again.


Locating Your Chests

It doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out that you’ll want to make chests and store items, but one very basic piece of advice we can give you is to truly consider their location. Shoving them all in the equivalent of a garden shed is still technically storage, but it’s hardly becoming of an efficient and profitable farm. Creating and placing chests next to their relevant building is a great idea however, because you can quickly drop items off on your way by, like fruit for a building full of kegs or such.

Equally, placing a chest near the exit to your farm will allow you to put things in there that you need to take into town, giving you free space to move things around internally before you exit. One addendum to this however, is that placing a chest on the route through which a villager walks will cause it to be destroyed, including the contents! So whilst we do advocate that you get creative with positioning, it’s worth being a little careful from time to time.

‘Just In Case’ Chest

Perhaps this is a lesson that we’ve learned after countless hours with Roguelike games, but we always like to create a chest for which the sole purpose is ‘just in case’. Its entire reason for living is to provide you with items that you weren’t sure were required, but suddenly are. You see, on countless occasions you’re likely to stumble upon an item for which you have no clue of its purpose. Similarly, the item is unlikely to fit into any of the category chests that you have created. For these we like to use the ‘Just In Case’ chest, which keeps random bits of macguffin that may very well end up being absolutely priceless.

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