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Top 3 Best Low Rank Light Bowguns | MHGU

Monster Hunter players always find themselves being drawn to certain weapons, and for us the Light Bowgun is one that we hold dear. It manages to marry that feeling of safety that comes with ranged weapons, an ability to adapt to almost any situation and consistently puts out great damage in the right hands. It’s not slow and lumbering like the HBG, nor does it require a charge like the bow – it’s just a swift and nimble ranged option, ready for anything.

In MHGU specifically it’s a surprisingly powerful weapon: There are a huge amount of LBG on offer, each with their own innate ammo and rapid fire abilities, ready for you to tailor your loadout and get on with hunting. Still, they’re not all superstars out there, so we’ve put together a little list of our favourite three to get you started in Low Rank.


Quill Burst

MHGU Light Bowgun Quill Burst

We start off with a surprising one: Quill Burst. It’s a LBG made with Great Maccao parts, something we didn’t really see coming until we looked a little further. Other weapons spawning from the green kangaroo tend to be a little weak, albeit with some benefits like a good sharpness rating or such. They’re a stop gap, something you might use a few times before moving on to bigger and better things quickly.

Not so with the LBG. It comes with a respectable amount of raw damage, only ‘Some’ recoil and it’s very easy to craft. Those are only the accoutrements however, the main benefit is it’s ability to rapid fire Pierce Lv. 1, which is actually one of the most powerful bullets in the entire game. You’ll often see both LBG and HBG being lauded because of their abilities with the Pierce type ammo, simply because it hits the enemy multiple times as it penetrates it’s way through.

We were so fond of the damage this thing seemed to do that we kept it all the way through High Rank before fully retiring it. The fact that it needs Great Maccao parts to upgrade just gave us all the more reason to keep buffing it up and bringing it with us. It’s hard to think of another ‘starter’ monsters’ weapon that we’ve kept for so long throughout our history with the series.

Shopping List:

  • Great Maccao Scale: You’ll get plenty of these carving and in quest rewards versus Great Maccao.
  • Maccao Tailspike: Wound the tail of a Great Maccao for the best chance at this.
  • Maccao Hide: Should get plenty of these carving and in quest rewards. Make sure you complete sub quests to make sure you get enough.
  • Malachite Ore: You can mine these everywhere in Low Rank. Just take some pick axes with you when you go hunting and grab some at every opportunity!

Usurper’s Crime

MHGU Light Bowgun Usurper's Crime

Coming from our Bow list, whereupon we were surprised to have featured a Zinogre weapon so early, we arrive at yet another: Usurper’s Crime. Fair warning however, this one can be a bit of a pain to craft, especially if you’re only just learning the pounce-y electric one. We reckon it’s worth it though.

Directly comparing this to our first recommendation you’ll notice that the raw damage is a good bit higher, and that it comes with a nice bit of affinity. This is slightly unfair we’ll admit, after all you’re likely to have upgraded the Quill Burst a little by the time you reach Zinogre, but it’s still a comparatively nice starting point.

The real benefits start to reveal themselves when you dig a little deeper: It comes with Thunder Lv. 1 and Slicing as ‘Internal Ammo’, meaning it will always restock itself and be available at the start of a hunt. The slicing ammo in particular is very powerful and whilst you don’t get a great deal of shots, you cannot purchase this ammo, so being able to use it here is a boon. Not only this, but the weapon is able to rapid fire Thunder Lv. 1, which is a fantastic addition, especially given the amount of difficult monsters in MHGU that are weak to this element.

Where the Quill Burst wore out it’s usefulness around the G-Rank level for us, the Usurper’s Crime is still in our repertoire. In fact, if you hunt around online, you’ll find that it’s fully upgraded form – Oppressors Rift – is used in some speedruns!

Shopping List:

  • Zinogre Shell: Grab these from Zinogre carves and quest rewards.
  • Zinogre Shockfur: Same as the above, only slightly more rare. Wound it’s back for a better chance.
  • Zinogre Horn: Wound the head for a high chance of these.
  • Zinogre Tail: You guessed it, carve the tail for these bad boys!


Hidden Eye

MHGU Light Bowgun Hidden Eye

Our final choice is the Hidden Eye, or the Nargacuga LBG. This is a popular choice for many hunters and whilst we tend to enjoy finding alternatives where possible, there can be no denying just how good this thing is, though we’ll admit it isn’t exactly a ‘looker’ now is it..

In terms of statistics, you’ll immediately note that the raw damage isn’t exactly fantastic. By the time you’re battling Nargacuga’s and the like you’ll be used to seeing weapons with higher raw than this, but this is almost entirely offset by the whopping 40% affinity that it comes with. That’s positively huge, and something we’d firmly recommend that you combine with the very same monster’s armour for an even bigger boost – more details on that here.

It’s another LBG that ages well too: It comes with Pierce Lv. 1 Rapid Fire, which is good through the entirety of MHGU, and this model in particular upgrades into one of the best available, even in G-Rank. It’s a wonderful gun that any LBG aficionado should add to their repertoire.

Shopping List:

  • Nargacuga Scale: Regular carves and quest rewards from hunts with Nargacuga.
  • Nargacuga Blackfur: Capture and wound the wings of a Nargacuga for the best chance at these.
  • Nargacuga Fang: As you might imagine, wounding a ‘Cuga in the head will net you a good chance at these.
  • Monster Bone L: Should get plenty of these fighting large monsters in 4-Star and above quests.

That does it for our Light Bowgun recommendations. It’s truly one of our favourite weapons if we’re honest, right up there with the Great Sword, Long Sword, Dual Blades, Switch Axe, Hammer and… Alright we enjoy almost all of the weapons on offer! It’s just a shame that this doesn’t always translate into being skilled with them…

Chuck a comment down below if you’ve found some LBG that slipped through our net!

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