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The Persona series has always been somewhat unusual, even within it’s niche as a JRPG title. It initially came to life as a spin off of the main line Shin Megami Tensei series of games, choosing to focus on the inter-personal systems between characters over the obscure religious overtones and chaos versus good of the main line. Over the years however, the student has very much become the master, and the Persona series itself has gone on to completely outshine it’s forebears, so much so that it even spawned its own spin off titles.

Persona Q is one of those spin offs, in which the developers managed to squish the characters of both Persona 3 and 4, along with the mechanics and exploration of the Etrian Odyssey series, all into one satisfying Nintendo 3DS package. It’s an intoxicating blend of map making, press turns and persona fusion. It also presents the prospective gamer with a huge amount of characters to choose from, since it features the full cast from both P3 and P4. So, who should you take with you on your journey? Join us below as we detail 5 of the best choices for dungeon delving companions.


Persona Q

Akihiko Sanada – #5

The first character on our list is the ever-confident Akihiko. He’s always up for a challenge and this shines through in the dialogue within Persona Q. Of course, in a handheld crossover title you’re not quite going to get the true depth that we’re all aware exists within his personality, but he serves the purpose of being very outgoing, pushing your main character into new and exciting locales, despite their danger.

Akihiko is a physical powerhouse in Persona Q. His Persona grants him access to some excellent abilities, especially for boss battles, and his statistics mean that he’ll be able to take plenty of hits and keep coming back for more.

Whilst he’s not the strongest defensively, he’ll manage on your front line just fine, and his stats are balanced enough to ensure that he won’t miss many attacks, unlike some others we could mention…

Key Skills & Statistics:

  • (Skill) Champions Title: Greatly increases critical rate (passive)
  • (Skill) Matarunda: Lowers all enemies attack
  • High Strength & Agility
  • Medium Endurance

Persona 3 Protagonist – #4

Next up is the Persona 3 Protagonist, who will take on the name you choose no matter which story you pick at the start of the game. This being a player controlled character, you really won’t find any personality traits transfer into this spin off, other than the reactions that his colleagues may have with him.

In Persona Q battles he takes on the form of a balanced magic user, able to turn his hand to almost any form of spell casting. His high magic stat makes sure that he performs at a high level no matter what.

This makes him an ideal character for your back line. Put him there and let him support the rest of your team with a good healing sub persona, whilst he chips in some damage with his innate Fire spells. Oh and there is the small matter of Debilitate too.

Key Skills & Statistics:

  • (Skill) Dekaja: Removes any buffs from your opponents.
  • (Skill) Debilitate: Lowers all enemies attack, defence, hit and evasion.
  • High Magic
  • Mid to High luck and SP

Persona 4 Protagonist – #3

Similarly to the P3MC, the Persona 4 protagonist really only lives on through his interactions with the other party members, so you won’t exactly find them incredibly interesting aside from any knowledge you may bring along with you from previous titles.

As a battle member he’s very strong, taking more of a physical role than his alternative. You’ll be best off putting him in the front row where possible and allowing him to dish out some big damage with his beefy two handed swords.

Another small innate bonus is that he loses all elemental weaknesses later on in the game, something that he has over the P3MC. Plus he has access to Heat Riser, one of the best buffing skills for physical attacks in the entire game.

Key Skills & Statistics:

  • (Skill) Dekunda: Removes any debuffs from your party.
  • (Skill) Heat Riser: Increases a party members Attack, Defence and Agility for 3 turns.
  • High Strength
  • Mid to High Magic, Endurance and Agility


Naoto Shirogane – #2

It was a real toss up between Naoto and our #1 pick for the best character in Persona Q. You’ll soon understand why if you pick her up and bring her on your dungeon grinds.

As a character you really don’t get a great deal of detail in Persona Q. We know her as a troubled individual, lacking in confidence where perhaps she should not, but in PQ you’ll mainly see her serious and investigative side. It’s a shame that you cannot dig deeper, but that’s what the main line games are for!

In battle Naoto is, quite simply, broken. Her Dark and Light abilities have the potential to instantly kill entire swathes of enemies, and they regularly will. Most enemies have a weakness to either of these elements, and it’s not unusual to see Naoto completely remove entire random battles alone.

This make her essential on higher difficulties, especially if you want to move anywhere quickly. We’re almost inclined to call her broken, and if we’re honest we sometimes bring other party members in her place to make sure the game is actually challenging…

Key Skills & Statistics:

  • (Skill) Mamudoon & Mahamaon: Instantly kill enemies weak to these elements.
  • (Skill) Megidolaon: Very high almighty damage to all enemies.
  • High Magic
  • Mid to High Agility & Luck

Aigis – #1

If you’re at all aware of the Persona series, specifically Persona 3, you’ll be all too familiar with Aigis and her unique personality and importance. Again this is something that isn’t really explored in Persona Q, rather she is relegated to a very serious and sensible voice in the crowd. Happily she stands out in other ways.

As a battle character she is the absolute pinnacle of defensive capability. Her passive abilities will come to your rescue multiple times throughout every trip out into the games myriad dungeons, and you’ll find yourself constantly thanking her under your voice for saving you.

She’s not limited to defence either, with her attack being a bash type and her Origia mode being available, though we’ll admit the cooldown can be a pain. Take her on every exploration trip and you’ll find yourself a great deal safer each time.

Key Skills & Statistics:

  • (Passive Skill) Swordbreaker: Medium chance to half damage when your row is attacked.
  • (Passive Skill) Aegis Shield: High chance to nullify Elec, Fire, Ice and Wind damage to your row.
  • Very high Strength and Endurance

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