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Top 3 Best Low Rank Bows | MHGU

Weapons in Monster Hunter titles tend to go in and out of favour depending on the title. In MH4U for example, the Insect Glaive and Charge Blade were both new and, if we’re honest, a bit over powered – as such they were in favour. MHGU even has it’s own ‘meta’ picks: Brave Long Sword & Brave HBG, both bolstered by abilities that are a little too powerful, which makes them appeal to hunters of all levels.

By contrast, the Bow has never really had any time in the limelight, but we’re not convinced that it really needs to. It’s a weapon that always does well, has respectable damage, plenty of options for hunters at multiple ranges, and in MHGU it has enough style differences to make a real difference. So let’s celebrate that most under-appreciated of weapons and pick out three of the best Bows in Low Rank, in our opinion.


Hidden Bow

Hidden Bow MHGU

If you hadn’t guessed by now, Nargacuga weapons are quite good – yes, they’re never top tier in terms of overall raw damage, but you’ll always get a good chunk of affinity and a sweet looking model to boot. In these regards the Bow does not disappoint, especially that 25% affinity, which will stack up very nicely with the Tenderizer skill, should you be able to get your hands on it early (Hint: Rathalos gear). It also comes with ‘Pierce’ as it’s charged shot, which is probably the all round best option for Bows throughout MHGU if we’re honest, especially in the early game.

Things aren’t too great when we start digging into the coatings available, with Power Lv.1 being the only real highlight, but we think it’s still a great early game option given that big chunk of affinity.

Upgrading the thing isn’t too much of a chore either if we’re honest, though we will say that generally speaking you need quite a lot of Nargacuga materials to initially craft it’s weapons. Still, we could pick worse monsters to farm, and besides you’ll probably need some practice if you want to get ready for that sweet Deviant form.

Shopping List:

  • Nargacuga Blackfur: You’ll get plenty of these from both carves and quest rewards when fighting Nargacuga.
  • Nargacuga Cutwing: Wound the Nargacuga’s wings for a good chance of these.
  • Nargacuga Fang: Likewise, wound the head for the best chance at these!
  • Monster Bone L: You’ll get plenty of these when fighting large monsters, 4-star quests or above especially.

Usurpers Rumble

Usurpers Rumble MHGU

When it comes to monsters with popular weapon choices, Zinogre isn’t usually found towards the top of that list. It’s weapons are usually great from a Thunder element perspective, but lower on the raw damage front and tend to miss out on the added affinity that Astalos’ options include. That being said however, we really enjoyed our time with the Zinogre Bow, Usurpers Rumble.

It comes replete with Thunder damage, which is recognised as one of the best elements available in MHGU, and it’s raw damage isn’t too far away from other bows available in Low Rank. Much like our previous recommendation it includes Power lv.1 coating, but this one also packs Elem Up lv.1, and even comes with Para and Poison options which are always nice to have.

We’re not about to suggest that this is a bow you’ll keep into the late game, but for Low Rank and your charge upwards into High Rank and beyond, it’ll serve you well.

Shopping List:

  • Zinogre Shocker: Wound a Zinogre’s back for a good chance at these.
  • Zinogre Shell: Get these from quest rewards and carves.
  • Zinogre Shockfur: Wound the back and capture a Zinogre for the best chance at these.
  • Hercudrome: Grab these in the Volcano localte, more info HERE.


Ashen Wrath

Ashen Wrath MHGU

Once again we return to the fertile ground that is Glavenous to find another good early weapon. Ashen Wrath is a very powerful early game bow and, given that you’ll be fighting the fiery tailed one quite a few times, it should be nice and easy to craft.

First thing you’ll notice is that nice high raw damage, especially when compared directly to the others in our list. It’s a very high damage figure that you’d struggle to top in Low Rank, without at least taking on some form of negative affinity for doing so. On top of this, you get some fire element damage, which can be further improved on by using it’s Elem Up Lv.2 coating. Of course, fire weak monsters aren’t found in huge amounts, but it’s a nice bonus nonetheless.

This Bow actually managed to escape our regular inventory culls multiple times over, mainly due to it being very easy to upgrade. Your key quests almost always include a Glavenous or two, so why not make use of those parts hm?

Shopping List:

  • Glavenous Scale: You’ll get plenty of these hunting and carving Glavenous.
  • Glavenous Pyroshell: Wound a Glav’s back for the best chance at these.
  • Glavenous Fang: Wound it’s head for the best chance here.

Well that’s the Bow options taken care of! Only two more ranged weapons to go before we head into our High Rank options. Still, as much as we love our LBG, we’re still interested to hear about your Bow experiences, specifically in Low Rank – very little is written or discussed about LR specifically so we’d love to hear about how it went for you. Let us know in the comments below!

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