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Recommended Low Rank Armour in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Part #1

Armour, in Low Rank of MHGU specifically, can be hard to figure out. There are hundreds of pieces strewn throughout your crafting list, and it can be difficult to determine which ones are best, especially when Monster Hunter games obscure their information so well.

So, BuJaBuJaBu and the Nargacuga sets in MHGU are being highlighted today! We’ve always struggled to find information about low rank gear in MHGU – plenty of G Rank, best in slot sets, but nothing about the early stages. So, let’s remedy this: Below we detail a few low rank armour sets that we enjoyed using, along with how to get them and a few tips for making them even better!

Bulldrome / Jaggi Mix


Fondly known as the BuJaBuJaBu set in the community, it’s quite surprising really that we’re given this option so soon. Though not unusual for Monster Hunter, MH4U had the Velocidrome set after all, we really were not expecting to get such a good buff so quickly.

The buff in question here, is Attack Up (M) – yes, you can get such a great buff really very early into the game! By taking down Bulldrome, some of it’s minions, and gathering some Jaggi parts, we managed to get this… Unusual looking set, but who cares! It’s Attack Up (M) at this early stage, and that’s all that matters.

If you can make some Attack Up decorations, and get a talisman with one slot – which is very likely by this point – you can complete the Attack Up (L) buff.


Nargacuga Set

MHGU Nargacuga

As fun as it is running around with Attack Up (L), we hungered for something else, just something interesting to satisfy our fashion hunter urges.

The Nargacuga set fits the bill quite nicely, mixing a defensive skill set on the pieces themselves, and enough slots to build up some nice affinity bonuses. It’s also worth noting that it makes sense thematically – who else would you expect to drop gear that makes you evade longer distances?

It’s worth noting the extra affinity gems can be a bit more of a pain to make, but you’re likely to have enough of the pieces to make a few and at least add a good damage element to the set. If you’re struggling for Sharp Fang, try the rank 3 quest to eliminate Konchu – we managed to collect quite a few by repeating this quest (you can also carve these from the Konchu themselves).

Might not be a great idea to fight anything with the Dragon element whilst wearing this however..

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