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Recommended Low Rank Armour in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Part #2

More Low Rank Armour in MHGU is being highlighted today! So, should you still be struggling for early game information in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and the previous two sets we highlighted didn’t quite do it for you, we’ve put together another couple of sets that should help you push on towards high rank.

Low Rank Armour: Ceanataur Set

MHGU Ceanataur Armour

Seen by many as the next step up from the Bulldrome-Jaggi mixed set from our previous article, the Ceanataur set is the earliest point at which Razor Sharp can be attained, making in a quick favourite in the community.

As you can see in the picture, Razor Sharp halves the rate at which your weapon loses it’s sharpness, which is invaluable when wielding certain weapons. Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, Glaive and even the Lance duo can hit very quickly, meaning sharpness will be lost in very short order – halving this rate means more time can be spent attacking and focusing on the boss. The extra crit that comes with affinity is a nice bonus, and given that the set totals 14 points, a singular jewel will bring this up to +2 for a tasty +20% critical chance.

On top of this, the defence rating is quite high so you’ll almost certainly take less damage when hit than those that come before it. The numbers may look small, but do not underestimate how much of a difference they can make. We totalled 141 in this set – compare this to the 97 gained from the Bulldrome-Jaggi set and you’ll really start to see a difference in damage taken.


Low Rank Armour: Rathian Set

MHGU Rathian Armour

Alright so aesthetically speaking – fashion being the main goal of Monster Hunter after all – isn’t a strong point here. Whilst the kilt section of the set does look novel at first, we really weren’t big fans. What we do like, however, is the stats and skills gained.

A quick note at first – do yourself a favour and craft one Recovery Jwl 1, and one Medicine Jwl 1. This will plug a few holes in this armour which, as you can see from the above image, it was entirely designed to have. Slotting these in place will grant you Recovery Up, and remove the unfortunate Recovery Down that the set has in place as standard.

Once complete, however, the set becomes a great defensive addition to your arsenal. We love throwing this on, pulling out our biggest Lance and feeling like a proper tank. Any damage taken is recovered better than usual, and it’s a nice feeling to see the health bar just as big as the stamina bar for once. It boasts the same defensive stats as the Ceanataur set from above, and it’s a good excuse to farm one of our favourite early game monsters from the series.

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