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Satisfying Swipes #1 | Monster Hunter Highlights

Our love affair with Monster Hunter titles continues, so we’re branching out a little, into the realms of YouTube! We’ve collated a few satisfying clips from our back catalogue, lobbed a little soundtrack on top and pushed them into a video for your viewing pleasure! Each time we post some clips we’ll accompany it with some descriptions in an article – continue reading below to find our commentary on the clips.

We’d like to do more of these, though we’re limited by the amount we actually get to play Monster Hunter, so please feel free to submit us any clips in the comments down below and we’ll include yours in the next video. We’re also planning on doing a fails compilation, so even if it’s just a clip of you getting destroyed by a rogue Konchu, feel free to submit it!

#1 Barioth Tail Slice

  • Great Sword
  • Adept Style

This was just super satisfying. Using the Adept Great Sword is incredibly fun, and lining it up to get a body part break such as this was super fun. It’s probably our favourite style & weapon combo for getting part breaks, so expect to see more of these in the future!

…Man that cut just looks so CLEAN!

#2 Teostra Deathblow

  • Long Sword
  • Adept Style

This clip came from our early experiences with Critical Juncture. This is such a satisfying Long Sword Skill that can essentially counter anything. We loved this clip specifically because the Teostra sprinted to our side, making it look like the Long Sword had slashed all the way down it’s flank, like a true Samurai.

#3 Juggling Jaggi

What a fantastic accident this was. We were hoovering up some of the smaller quests at the time – probably in High Rank finishing up the straggling Low Rank quests – and found ourselves taking down Jaggi and Jaggia.

We were shocked to see that a smaller monster still has an active hitbox after having been launched by our Palico! Suffice to say we’ve struggled to replicate this one, so we attribute it to sheer luck more than anything else. Still a great clip though!

That’s it for our first clip compilation! We appreciate that it’s quite short, but we’ve got a lot of writing to do and real jobs to go to, so we’re limited on time! Chucking three clips together after teaching ourselves how to make a Youtube video was enough for us this time around – perhaps later videos will have more.

Don’t forget to send us a link to your clip in the comments below! Either satisfying monster breaks or epic fails! We look forward to seeing yours!

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