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4 Epic Elec Persona | Persona 3 Portable

Much like our previous article on Ice persona, Elec persona find themselves in a strange situation in Persona 3 Portable. You’ll be without an Elec user within your party for a good portion of the early game, and even then the first to join you isn’t exactly a master of spells, rather functioning like a good party support. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that no party member can compare to a well nurtured fused version, and the late game is dominated by one in particular, so it’d be best for you to get used to this proposition as early as possible. That being said, grabbing some of the following will surely help you on your journey and, well, break the game completely in the case of one particular norse god.

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.


Oberon, Persona 3 Portable

For some reason, whilst we were completing our early game list of persona in P3P, we neglected to mention what looking back must have been our ‘most used’, in Oberon. Not only is this persona an absolutely fantastic Elec option, featuring three whole spells at a paltry level 15, but it also comes with a group heal and a semi-useful physical skill. All of this makes it a fantastic option regardless of its elemental prowess, but when it comes to Elec persona in the early game, look no further.

Touching on the Elec skills first, Zio and Mazio are available, which takes care of the light single and group target versions, and given enough experience Oberon will learn Zionga at level 20. This is a fantastic selection that really gives you absolutely everything required for the early game, but things are truly pushed over the top by the inclusion of Media, which is the first group heal that you can get. This is innately known at level 15, and whilst this isn’t the earliest that you can get your hands on a group heal, having it on an otherwise very useful offensive persona is such a great idea. 

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Zio, the light single target Elec spell.
  • Innately knows Media, the light group heal.
  • Learns Mazio at level 17, the light group Elec spell.
  • Learns Zionga at level 20, the medium single target Elec spell.



Take-Mikazuchi, Persona 3 Portable

As you progress from the early game and into the mid, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get your hands on a great deal of new spells, but you will notice that your lowly persona are starting to struggle. Skills and auto attacks are beginning to miss regularly thanks to a low Agility stat, and you’re generally suffering more damage than you’d like. In this case, as ever, the Velvet Room should be your solution, and your Elec journey should guide you toward Taka-Mikazuchi. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that the spells are pretty much the same as Oberon, those being Mazio and Zionga, and whilst the stats are higher and as such, so is the damage, things are pretty unexciting all in all. Give it some time however, and it’ll learn the Elec Boost passive, which will increase Elec damage by 25%. This is the ideal buff to your damage at this point, and it’ll keep you going all the way through most of the mid game. 

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Mazio, the weak group Elec spell.
  • Learns Zionga at level 26, the medium single target Elec spell.
  • Learns Elec Boost at level 30, which ups Elec damage by 25%.
  • Technically also learns Elec Break at level 29, which reduces Elec resistance by one level, but this really isn’t worth the monstrous 40 SP cost.


Thoth, Persona 3 Portable

Yes, this next choice is going to require that you do some requests in the Velvet Room, and for Thoth in particular you’ll require the completion of request 58, but by doing so you will gain access to probably our favourite mid game persona in the entirety of P3P. It may lack the passive boosts to Elec damage, however the combination of powerful Elec spells and a burgeoning repertoire of alternative options make it a persona you just cannot afford to ignore.

Firstly, it innately knows the medium single target spell, Zionga, and a few levels will grant it access to the group version, Mazionga. Notably absent here however, is any passive of sorts, like a Boost or Amp, and whilst we too would have liked to see the damage increased further, it’s not too much of an issue, especially when Thoth makes up for it with a bumper crop of additional skills. It can heal your entire team with Mediarama, damage the entire enemy team with the unblockable Almighty skill Medigo and even attempt to kill all of your opponents with the group Light spell Mahama. All of this makes it a tremendously powerful persona, that just so happens to have some great Elec spells.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Zionga, the medium single target Elec spell.
  • Learns Mazionga at level 44, the medium group target Elec spell.
  • Also innately knows Mahama, the weak Light group spell.
  • Learns Megido at level 45, a group Almighty spell.
  • Learns Mediarama at level 46, the medium group healing spell.



Odin, Persona 3 Portable

Readers might recognise that this isn’t the first time that Odin has appeared on our lists, and for good reason too, because it’s a fantastic persona to grab as soon as possible on your journey through P3P. Further to this, Odin is by far the best Elec persona that you’ll find, bar none. Not only does it have access to the highest possible combination of Elec skills, but it’s also home to one of the best spells in the entire game, capable of single handedly ruining the lives of regular enemies and bosses alike.

The spell in question is Thunder Reign, which is exclusive to Odin, and causes severe Elec damage to a single target, whilst also featuring a frankly ridiculous 100% chance to cause Shock to your target. This means that a physical attack will knock the target down, and as such you now have a guaranteed way to knock down pretty much any target that you want, leaving them reeling and primed for an All Out Attack. Of course, It features the heavy versions of regular Elec spells, Ziodyne and Maziodyne, but it augments absolutely everything with Elec Amp, which increases all Elec damage by 50%, and even learns Spell Master, which is a passive that halves all SP costs! Truly an incredible persona, and one wholly worth finishing the social link for (Emperor).

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Ziodyne, the heavy single Elec spell.
  • Innately knows Maziodyne, the heavy group Elec spell.
  • Learns Elec Amp at level 60, increasing Elec damage by 50%.
  • Learns Thunder Reign at level 63, which deals severe Elec damage to a single target, and features 100% chance to apply the Shock status.
  • Learns Spell Master at level 65, which halves all SP costs.

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