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4 Great Healing Persona | Persona 3 Portable

Before considering the value of healing persona in P3P, we will first note that yes, it’s entirely possible to go the entire game relying upon teammates to restore your health. Doing so however, will almost certainly land you in trouble at key points throughout your ascent of Tartarus, and as such we wholly recommend fusing some for your protagonist. Actually, if you pay attention to the spells available to them, you’ll notice that some very powerful spells can be accessed a great deal earlier than any party member might, making your life a lot easier at times. If it’s heals you’re after then, you’ll be well served by fusing one or two of the following as soon as you can.

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.

Nigi Mitama

Nigi Mitama, Persona 3 Portable

Our first choice is one that, if memory serves correctly, made our choices for early game persona, which it did as a result of its remarkable selection of skills at such an early point. In fact, we’re fairly certain that this persona was designed to replace the skills of Yukari, the de facto party healer, in a team that has perhaps chosen to leave her at home. In this regard, the level at which you can fuse Nigi Mitama will actually grant you abilities that no party member has access to yet.

Mainly you’ll be interested in Media, which is the first group heal available in the game and is earned here a massive 8 levels earlier than Yukari. This will make the first portion of Tartarus a great deal easier, certainly more so than relying on the single target Dia at least. Were this not enough, Nigi Mitama even knows the light version of both single and group target Wind spells, making it even more ideal for the replacement role. Finally, along with the ailment cleanses of Posumudi and Patra, this persona will also learn Recarm, which is the basic resurrection spell that will doubtless come in very handy, even to the most seasoned of Persona veterans.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Patra, which is a skill that removes Panic, Fear, Distress, Freeze and Shock to a single party member.
  • Innately knows Posumudi, which is a skill that removes Poison from a single party member.
  • Learns Media at level 14, which is the light group heal. This is 8 levels earlier than any party member will learn it. 
  • Learns Recarm at level 20, which is a resurrection spell.
  • Also learns both light Wind skills Garu and Magaru, which combines with the heals to make Nigi Mitama an ideal Yukari replacement in the early game.


Leanan Sidhe

Leanan Sidhe, Persona 3 Portable

Given that multiple party members now have access to healing of sorts, the start of the mid game is when you’ll next start to look for a powerful healer of sorts, and Leanan Sidhe is ideally positioned to keep your team going. Fusing her is a breeze too, since you can just squish good ol’ Nigi Mitama with a basic Apsaras to make it happen, which will save you quite a bit of money at a time when funds are tight.

The main skills we’re interested in here are Media, which you’ll likely know is the basic group heal, but this persona will also learn Mediarama at level 38, which will heal the entire team for around 140 HP. This is huge at this point in the game, and it’s the lowest level that the spell is available to the protagonist, making it ideal for pushing through a difficult mid game. Leanan Sidhe also has access to the medium single target heal Diarama and the party semi-cleanse Me Patra, both of which are pretty useful themselves. In fact, the only negative point that we can think of is that an absolutely incredible persona is available shortly after this point…

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Diarama, the mediun single target heal.
  • Innately knows Me Patra, the group partial cleanse skill.
  • Innately knows Media, the light group heal.
  • Learns Mediarama at level 38, the medium group heal.

Saki Mitama

Saki Mitama, Persona 3 Portable

Alright, so we’re fully aware that Saki Mitama is only 6 levels higher than Leanan Sidhe, at least at base level, and this likely makes you wonder just why we’ve chosen it. Well, if we were to consider the entirety of P3P and judge the performance of personas at one particular point in the game, Saki Mitama is right up there with the best in the game. All of which is down to one passive skill in particular: Divine Grace. This doubles the effectiveness of HP recovery skills, which essentially makes Saki Mitama the de facto best healer until full health versions begin to appear.

What this does is effectively make the heals that Saki Mitama knows – Diarama and Mediarama – into full heal skills for a huge amount of time. These will now heal for more than 280 HP each time they’re used, which is likely to be the entirety of any member’s health bar. The fact that it doesn’t know any other healing skills is rather a moot point thanks to the Divine Grace passive, though we’ll admit that having a cleanse or such might nicely round out it’s supportive kit. What it does have however, is the passive Growth 2, which means it’ll earn 50% of any exp you do when it’s not in the active party, which is tremendously helpful when the Divine Grace passive requires that you reach level 45 to access.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Diarama, the medium single heal.
  • Learns Mediarama at level 42, the medium group heal.
  • Learns Divine Grace at level 45, which is a passive that doubles the effectiveness of all HP restoring skills. 
  • Also learns the Growth 2 passive at level 40, which lets it earn 50% exp whilst not currently active. This is great for unlocking Divine Grace whilst using other persona in battle.



Hariti, Persona 3 Portable

Strangely enough, outside of any sort of party member, Persona 3 Portable doesn’t really have a ‘perfect’ healer in the Compendium. Oh sure, you’ll find those that gain access to ridiculous spells like Salvation and such, but a well stocked, easy to access persona that doesn’t spend all of it’s SP every time it heals is actually quite a rarity. Your best bet then, is to create one yourself by utilising the best available option and applying skill cards. For such things, Hariti is by far the best option, and the one that’ll need the least work to perfect.

Skill wise, Hariti has pretty much everything you need to keep your team ticking along. Diarahan will fully restore the HP of a single party member, Mediarahan will do the same for the entire team, and Samarecarm will revive and fully restore the HP of a dead party member. These essentially form the basis for a strong late game healer, but to complete it we absolutely recommend that you grab the skill card Amrita from the Scathach persona, because this will allow Hariti to also cleanse the entire party of any ailments. Technically there are more spectacular options in P3P, like the aforementioned Salvation and Victory Cry taking care of your health, but for sheer ease of use when completing the game, Hariti takes the cake.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Diarahan, the full HP single heal.
  • Innately knows Mediarahan, the full HP group heal.
  • Learns Samarecarm at level 64, the full HP revive.
  • Ideally suited for easy late game healing, but would benefit from learning Amrita by getting the skill card from Scathach, which will allow Hariti to cleanse any ailment for the entire party.
  • Also a great idea to get the Cool Breeze passive skill card from the Ose persona, which restores 8% HP and SP after every battle, though you could argue this is more useful on an attacking persona, because they’re more likely to end a battle whilst equipped.

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