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3 Almighty Persona Worth Fusing | Persona 3 Portable

Defining what you might call a ‘good’ Almighty demon is actually pretty difficult. Having recently written about similar things in SMT5, we’ve found that a certain trend continues; just hit hard with Almighty spells, and anything else is a bonus. So when we’re writing about recommendations, we’re really looking for something that separates a persona from the pack. Something that sells them for usage outside of just bringing the boom. Unfortunately pickings are rather slim here, with most persona providing a single spell and very little else, so we’ve restricted ourselves to only choosing three of them, and generally only picking those that are relevant in the latter third of the game, in which enemies with no weakness at all are much more prevalent. 

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.


Decarabia, Persona 3 Portable

Our first choice presents something rather novel alongside its free Almighty damage: Safety. By the time you reach the start of the late game, which is essentially where you’ll either locate or fuse Decarabia, battles are really starting to get hostile. Enemies are high on health, damage and awkwardness in equal measure. Along with said damage then, Decarabia counters these traits with buffs, debuffs and a distinct lack of weaknesses. 

Regarding the main point, Decarabia already knows Megido, which takes care of dealing unblockable damage to every enemy. Learning both Evade and Resist Ice takes care of the only weakness that the persona has, and it has access to the party defence buff Marakukaja, and the enemy team attack debuff Matarunda. All of this makes it a very useful persona to have on your team as you progress through the final few blocks of Tartarus.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows the powerful Almighty spell Megido.
  • Innately knows the group attack debuff skill Matarunda.
  • Removes its own weakness to Ice by learning Evade Ice and Resist Ice at level 52 and 56 respectively.
  • Learns the party defence buff Marakukaja at level 54.


Cybele, Persona 3 Portable

If our first choice is one that is resolutely defensive in its focus, then our next is one that identifies and counters another weakness in the late game: Resources, or the lack thereof. As you progress towards the end of the game, battles will begin to drain more of your HP and SP, and the costs for restoring such things back at the entrance will become astronomically high. These obviously scale by level, but if you’re going through a dry spell of gold coin cards, then you’ll soon begin to struggle with your protagonist’s resources.

The main event is, as you might imagine, Megidola, which deals a big amount of Almighty damage to the entire enemy team. Alongside this, Cybele features a significant collection of passive skills, but the one we’re actually interested in is Spell Master, which halves all SP costs. What you have here then, is a Megidola spell for the cost of a Megido, and on a persona that has a very high magic stat. Cybele even knows Myriad Arrows, a fantastic pierce skill that hits all enemies a maximum of 2 times, and Samarecarm, which is the full HP resurrection spell. 

Persona Benefits

  • Learns Megidola at level 70, which is a powerful Almighty spell.
  • Learns Spell Master at level 75, which is a passive that halves the SP cost of every skill. This includes the perilously expensive 65MP Megidola, effectively reducing it to Megido levels.
  • Great option for piling powerful elemental spells onto, thanks to the reduced costs, and its high magic stat will make great use of them.
  • Also learns Myriad Arrows and Samarecarm, a powerful pierce skill and full HP resurrection respectively.
  • Does require a maxed Lovers Arcana, which does mean that you’ll need to prioritise it once available.



Satan, Persona 3 Portable

We would be remiss to not mention Satan, the persona that features the most powerful Almighty skill in the entire game, albeit one that targets a single enemy rather than a group. Technically Armageddon exists, but as far as a learnable skill goes, nothing is more powerful than this, and whilst we do accept that getting to its level and indeed then being able to actually fuse it is unlikely, it’s still technically the most powerful option that you’ll get. You’ll have to trudge through quite a few battles to get here, so we’d only really recommend it for the true hardcore grinders, but if you want to access the very best Almighty can get, this is the way to do it.

The Almighty skill that we’re referencing here is Black Viper, which deals truly huge damage to a single target. You’ll have to wait all the way until level 86 to get your hands on it, but the fusion bonus for the Judgement Arcana will surely help in this regard, and it also innately knows the highest group damage Almighty skill in Megidola. What you have in Satan then, is the best Almighty spells available, ready to deal with one or multiple enemies whenever you require. You will likely need to do some work to improve it a little, because it’s remaining skills simply focus on HP and SP restoration, through Regenerate 3 and Invigorate 3, but by this point in time you’re likely knee deep in skill cards and funds, so such things shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Megidola, the strong group Almighty skill.
  • Learns Black Viper at level 86, which is the strongest single target Almighty skill in the game.
  • Satan also innately knows Regenerate 3 and Invigorate 3, which will restore HP and SP each round. These aren’t that useful in the end game, so it’s worth replacing them if you’re seriously looking to use this persona.
  • Equally, there are better options for an amazing ‘end game’ persona, so whilst Black Viper is very strong, it’s probably not entirely worth investing a great deal more. Fuse it to see the spell, occasionally bring it out to deal with some awkward enemies, but focus on some better options where possible.

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