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4 Epic End Game Demons | Shin Megami Tensei 5

Progressing into the end game portion of SMT5 will see your focus shift from the main story portion to the additional content. Some of you will head straight for the tough side quests, others might focus on collecting Miman and completing the Compendium. Either way, you’re going to need a bumper collection of powerful demons to cope with the end game section, which itself presents quite a significant rise in difficulty, so do yourself a favour and grab one or two of the powerful options below, no matter the route.

4. Odin

Odin, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Progressing into the true end game will see you push through a certain story section, in which you’re surrounded by boss demons of a different nature, one of which is Odin. Your mileage with this particular demon will mainly depend on your choice of demons up to this point. If you’re still worshipping at the altar of Yoshitsune, and thus have managed to increase his stats to keep him relevant, then you may not find it quite as useful, however most players will find Odin to be a tremendously powerful addition to the squad.

In short, Odin is a heavily physical and elec focused demon. Having access to Hades Blast and Maziobarion, which are group versions of both, along with eventually unlocking High Elec Pleroma, mean that you’ll have no trouble dealing good damage. Things get really good however, when you consider that Odin has access to the exclusive Gungnir attack, which is a single target physical skill that pierces the defence of your enemy, leading to huge damage. Better still, Odin will also learn Thunder Reign, which is a tremendously powerful multi-hit elec skill. It might not have a wide scope of abilities, and Figment Slash is a terrible skill that you should completely ignore, but being so powerful at two things is a big benefit in the end game, physical skills especially.

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Gungnir, a hugely powerful single target physical attack that also pierces defence.
  • Innately knows Hades Blast, a group physical skill.
  • Innately knows Maziobarion, the group elec skill.
  • Learns Thunder Reign at level 79, which is a multi-hit elec skill.
  • Learns High Elec Pleroma at level 80.


3. Huang Long

Huang Long, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Should you be a completionist, or indeed just a conscientious gamer of sorts, then you’ll likely meet Huang Long a great deal earlier than the end game. This is because the demon makes itself known to the player earlier in the story by offering a long side quest, which if completed will unlock the ability to challenge it in battle. Should you then come out victorious, you will be awarded with the ability to fuse the golden dragon, which is something you absolutely should do prior to the end game.

Where our first choice was very focused in its approach, this demon will excel at providing a variety of benefits to your team. Luster Candy is the main benefit here, because it applies all three main buffs to your entire team, however it’s also flanked by the powerful Megidolaon almighty skill, itself buffed by the Almighty Pleroma learned at level 80. This is the extent of it’s damaging skills, which isn’t necessarily fantastic, however it leans into the ‘support demon’ mould further with the full HP revive Samarecarm, Phys Block for the entire team, and even the powerful Fierce Roar, which is a taunt skill that forces enemy attention on Huang Long whilst simultaneously buffing it’s defence. All of this combines to make Huang Long one of the best ‘defensive support’ type demons to use during your progression into the end game.

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Megidolaon, a powerful almighty spell.
  • Innately knows Samarecarm, a full HP revive.
  • Innately knows Luster Candy, the full team triple buff skill.
  • Learns Fierce Roar at level 79, which is a useful taunt skill.
  • Learns Almighty Pleroma at level 80, which buffs almighty damage.
  • Learns Phys Block at level 81, which blocks the next physical attack for the entire team.

2. Alilat

Alilat, Shin Megami Tensei 5

If Huang Long is more of a defensive support demon, then Alilat is one that we’d define as ‘offensive support’. In particular, this demon is ideally positioned to buff up other party members, which makes it especially powerful in teams where the damage focus is Nahobino. Additionally, before we get into its skills and their usage, it’s worth noting that Alilat has no innate weaknesses at all, which essentially means there’s one less chance to give the enemy team a press turn. By now, it’s unlikely that you need us to tell you just how important depriving your opponent of these is. 

To the skills then, and the true highlights are the Donum Gladi and Donum Magici skills. These apply a big buff to either strength or magic based skills for a single ally, which as we noted is highly likely to be the protagonist at this point. This means that you can focus entirely on dealing massive damage with your main character, or any other damage focused demon for that matter. Alongside these skills, Alilat also has access to the full party heal Mediarahan, the powerful almighty spell Medigolaon and even Energy Drain, to keep its HP and MP topped up. All of this, along with the defensive resistances, make Alilat the ideal demon for the end game, no matter the route. 

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Megidolaon, the group almighty spell.
  • Innately knows Mediarahan, the full HP group heal.
  • Innately knows Donum Gladi and Donum Magici, which buff one ally for either Strength or Magic skills respectively.
  • Learns Energy Drain at level 84, which steals HP and MP from the enemy.
  • No elemental weaknesses and either completely immune or very resistant to all ailment types.


1. Vishnu

Vishnu, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Without looking to give too many spoilers, if you’re looking for a demon ideal at taking down the final boss of SMT5, then look no further than Vishnu. We’re not about to claim that it’s tremendously powerful, and unfortunately it lacks any unique skills of any sort, however it is ideally positioned to help most gamers get through the final boss without doing crazy essence switching or optimising. The reasons for this are twofold; Vishnu has access to the best single target Dark spell (outside of uniques), which the final boss is weak against, and it’s also only weak to fire itself, which can easily be patched up with any number of essences gathered throughout the game. 

Regarding skills then, Vishnu has access to the group versions of Light and Dark spells, Mahamabarion and Mamudobarion, however the main benefit is the combination of the single target Mudobarion and High Dark Pleroma, which makes it deal 40% more Dark damage. Again, this makes it ideal for the last boss, however it retains use elsewhere too, by having access to the full party 100% heal Mediarahan. Further still, it’ll learn Enduring Soul too, which will revive the demon with full health once per battle. Combined with Alilat above (Donum Magici) and some debuffs from another source, the damage that can be done to the final boss by this demon is pretty remarkable, and it requires very little investment to do so too. 

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows the Light and Dark group attacks Mahamabarion and Mamudobarion.
  • Innately knows Mudobarion, the strong single target Dark attack.
  • Innately knows Mediarahan, the group 100% heal spell.
  • Learns High Dark Pleroma at level 88, which buffs Dark damage by 40%.
  • Learns Enduring Soul at level 89, which lets the demon revive with full HP, once per battle.
  • Great choice for those struggling with the last boss, thanks to the power of its Dark spells.

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