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Finding a Juzumaru | Persona 3 Portable

Locating a Juzumaru is the topic of an early side quest in Persona 3, named ‘Bring me a Juzumaru’. Velvet Room occupant Elizabeth (or Theodore in Portable), will request this of you once the 04/30 date has been passed, and indicates that it can be found in the first block of Tartarus, Thebel. This is the first in a series of quests that require you to locate a rare weapon of sorts, in this case a 2 Handed Sword. Thankfully there are a few ways to complete this that we will detail below, however it’s worth noting that you’ll want to get this done as early as possible to avoid excessive backtracking.

Juzumaru Location

Juzumaru Obtained, Persona 3 Portable

The Juzumaru weapon can be found in rare chests on the first block of Tartarus, Thebel. Chests that are rare are shown as wooden storage boxes floating on clouds, as shown in our screenshot. As you might imagine, finding a rare treasure chest is well… Rare, so we’d recommend you try the following tips to make things go a little quicker:

  • If you return to Thebel at a higher level, most random enemies will flee, leaving you free to explore and locate chests. This does however mean listening to their annoying fear sound.
  • There are certain floors, like Sub boss or Pre boss floors that cannot have a rare chest, so do not waste your time heading to those.
  • Some players indicate that the chance of finding the weapon is higher if the quest is currently active, so consider keeping this online whilst you’re hunting.
  • It is possible for team mates to find this whilst you’re split up. This does come with a little more risk, and they do seem to enjoy getting stuck on walls, but it’s another method that you can attempt. We opted to run around as a whole and fill up the Compendium, but you do you.


Rare Treasure Chest, Persona 3 Portable

Alternative Method

If you’re anything like us, you may eventually tire of running around a floor that you’ve likely out-levelled by now, especially if your treasure hunting has not yet proved fruitful. There is another way however, and that is to head to the next block of Tartarus – Arqa – and get into battles on the lower floors. This is because it’s possible to loot a Juzumaru through the ‘Shuffle Time’ mechanic at the end of battles. Obviously, in order to achieve this you’ll need to choose the correct option that allows for a piece of equipment to be obtained. Following are some tips that might help you when attempting to find it this way:

  • Ending battles with an All Out Attack all but guarantees Shuffle Time.
  • That said, ensure you are hitting enemy weaknesses as much as possible. It helps to have a wide selection of persona when doing this. If you’re struggling to identify some then check out our early game recommendations here.
  • We’ve found greater success getting this item to drop in the lower levels of the Arqa block.
  • The lords of RNG are watching, and once you’ve completed the request it’s likely to drop about 3 more times by pure chance alone. This is the way of the gaming world.

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