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The 5 Best Fire Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Getting yourself a great Fire Persona can make all the difference in Persona 5 Royal. Not only is it an important element, one that you’ll consistently find opponents are weak to, but it’s also a source of the powerful Burn affliction, which causes the target to take damage over time. These are benefits that exist throughout the entirety of the game, never losing their effectiveness no matter how far you progress. Sure, Ann can provide something similar, but what if you’re looking to build a party without her? You’ll be relying upon Joker to provide the Fire damage then, so we’ve put together a list of 5 fantastic Fire Persona to help you progress on your journey.

Persona #5: Jack-o’-Lantern

Persona 5 Royal, Jack-o'-Lantern Persona

Our first choice, Jack-o’-Lantern, may seem like quite an obvious one, but we’re constantly surprised by the amount of people that ignore it. Early on, specifically in a sub boss fight within the first palace, Fire damage is very useful. If you’ve been ignoring your Persona collecting and just trying to push through you’d miss out on this useful little chap. Grabbing him in the early part of dungeon is wholly worthwhile, and if you keep him in your collection until Baton Pass is unlocked, you can even begin to inflict the powerful Burn ailment at a very early stage.

Fire Highlights

  • The first Fire spell you can access. Capture it early in the first palace.
  • Has the Thermal Conduct trait, which increases the chance the inflict Burn after a Baton Pass.


Persona #4: Hua Po

Persona 5 Royal, Hua Po Persona

Next up is Hua Po, a Fire based Persona that can be found at the start of the second palace, though the more experimental players may be able to fuse it before this point. Again, most players tend to ignore this one, or fuse it immediately into something a little more fancy, but to do so would be a mistake.

Not only does it come with one of the first available AOE Fire attacks, at least for Joker, but she too has the Thermal Conduct trait, allowing you to inflict Burn more often. Building upon this, Hua Po will even learn Burn Boost, increasing your chances of inflicting this even further. To cap it all off, that Magic statistic is very high, at least for this point in the game, so you’ll find that your spells hit even harder with this one.

Fire Highlights

  • Hua Po also has the Thermal Conduct trait, increasing Burn chances after a Baton Pass.
  • Early access to the AOE fire spell Maragi, once it reaches level 13.
  • Learns the passive Burn Boost at level 15.

Persona #3: Decarabia

Persona 5 Royal, Decarabia Persona

Decarabia is, unfortunately, a Persona that is often forgotten by the fanbase. We too initially spurned the strange starfish for the exact same reason that others did: The weakness to Physical attacks. It was only upon returning to our compendium to search for a powerful Fire Persona that we realised our mistake. Decarabia is an incredibly powerful Fire spell provider, and one that you really shouldn’t ignore in the mid game.

For starters, it comes with a powerful single target fire spell and whilst this isn’t likely to be anything special, it’s the accompaniments that make it worthwhile. It will soon outdo itself by learning an even stronger single target fire spell, Agidyne, and improves even further by learning Fire Boost to increase it’s damage! It does all of this whilst having the Heated Bloodline trait, halving fire spell costs! If you can see through that physical weakness, which we should say can be overcome in other ways, you’ll find that Decarabia is an incredibly complete Fire Persona that’s available at a very early point in the game.

Fire Highlights

  • Has the Heated Bloodline trait, halving the cost of fire spells.
  • Comes with Agilao, the medium single target fire spell.
  • Learns Agidyne at level 36, the heavy single target fire spell.
  • Learns Fire Boost at level 35, increasing fire damage by 25%.


Persona #2: Cerberus

Persona 5 Royal, Cerberus Persona

The mid to late game portion of Persona 5 Royal is such a strange one. You’ll be thrust into all manner of strange places, filled to the brim with new and interesting Persona to defeat and capture. That being the case, there were countless options to choose for a Fire Persona, some perhaps even more suited to the ‘Fire’ moniker, but we’ve settled for Cerberus. We did so because we found it to be so well balanced and useful throughout this portion of the game, yet at the same time it provides so great Fire benefits.

It too possesses the Heated Bloodline trait, which we give even more weight to during this portion of the game, thanks to the huge amount of battles you’re likely to face in the palaces around this level. You’ll also find it’s spell selection very handy, especially Maragidyne which lets you kill off big chunks of enemies at once. We find that the mid to late game tends to return to an ‘efficiency’ requirement, much like the first palace, and having such a statistically well balanced Persona here is fantastic.

Fire Highlights

  • Cerberus also has the Heated Bloodline trait, halving the cost of fire spells.
  • Comes with Agidyne, the heavy single target fire spell.
  • Learns Maragidyne at level 58, the heavy AOE fire spell.

Persona #1: Mada

Persona 5 Royal, Mada Persona

We finally settle on the ultimate in Fire Persona, Mada. This choice might seem quite obvious, given everything that it learns and the fact that it drains the element, but its worth emphasising just how damned good this thing is. You’ll have to max out the Tower Arcana of course, otherwise known as the lad in the arcade that teaches you gun skills, but doing so is very much worth it to get your hands on Mada.

Firstly, it comes with a trait that reduces the cost of Fire spells by 75%, which practically nullifies their cost completely when you consider the SP total Joker will have by the time you get here. Further to this, Fire Amp boosts it’s fire spell damage by a whopping 50%, and when you consider that it has both Blazing Hell and Inferno, this is no small thing. When you combine this all with Burn Boost, Mada has the ability to deal monumental damage to your targets, leaving them burning and having cost you next to nothing to do so. This thing is a beast, much like all of the max arcana Persona, and if you’re running the traditional full physical damage end game party – without Ann – this thing is ideal for your Fire requirements.

Fire Highlights

  • Has Drunken Passion trait, reducing the cost of fire spells by 75%.
  • Comes with Fire Amp at base level, increasing fire damage by 50%.
  • Comes with Burn Boost at base level, increasing the chance to inflict Burn.
  • Has Inferno at base level, the strongest single target fire spell.
  • Learns Blazing Hell at level 92, the strongest AOE fire spell.
  • Learns the passive Spell Master at level 96, halving SP costs for magic spells.


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