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5 Ideal Blue Lions Recruits | Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Blue Lions, like any other class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is incomplete. As you progress through the frankly epic story line, you’ll become acquainted with your team of 7 students, 1 lord and 1 main character, Byleth. 9 units in total then, but when certain maps allow you to take more than this, and you have a plethora of additional options available, you’ll be left with one question: Who else should I recruit? In truth, every house is actually equipped with a diverse arrangement of units, deliberately left incomplete to allow you to fill the gaps, picking your favourites as you go. That being the case, and bearing in mind that we’re all about raw numbers and performance here, we’ve put together a list of the five that we consider most suit the Blue Lions.

Recruit #5: Catherine

Catherine, Fire Emblem Three Houses

We’ll be the first to admit that the character of Catherine is a little odd. She’s inserted into the story line at an early point, perhaps to demonstrate the power of the Knights of Seiros to the player during a key battle, but she’s then dropped like a stone, limited to a few short conversations around the monastery grounds as you sprint by. That said, thanks to a combination of her statistics and her weapon – Thunderbrand – she achieves her objective with aplomb. Unfortunately, the intrepid player will have to wait a while before she becomes available as a recruit.

Thankfully she’ll eventually become open to joining you, and once she does so we thoroughly recommend that you do so. We could go into depth exactly why, but after a long period of consideration we’ve basically settled on calling her another Felix, which is to say that she is a fantastic foot locked unit. She doesn’t have the adaptability of Felix, after all you’ve had the whole game to shape and mould him, but her statistics mean she’ll do well no matter what you choose to make her. We favour leaning into her current skills and making her Swordmaster & Assassin.

Blue Lions Benefits

  • Hard hitting, akin to Felix.
  • Slightly weak defensively, again like Felix.
  • Will mop up kills that your front line tanks don’t finish, or simply take out squishy targets on her own.
  • Ideally suited for the Swordmaster or Assassin class.


Recruit #4: Constance

Constance, Fire Emblem Three Houses

My you are a strange one Constance. We’re not completely averse to odd, off the wall characters around these parts, after all we entertained Henry and Tharja throughout Awakening, but in many ways Constance takes the cake. She has that Jekyll and Hyde thing going on, and whilst we’ve seen this portrayed in games previously, the implementation here can be a bit jarring, especially when she’s lambasting your favourite units in support conversations. Still, when it comes to recruiting her into your team, she has a lot going for her.

We could go on and on about strong mages in Three Houses, and we certainly do so when talking about the other mage in this list, but let’s all be honest with each other here: Constance has Bolting. Yes, she’s one of the only members that has the ability to use what is known as a Siege Tome, or a spell that can be cast from a great distance, much like those annoying enemy mages you face. Having the ability to hit tremendously hard and from a great distance, with magic specifically, is priceless, and if you can up her spell uses by learning and equipping certain skills then Constance becomes an essential part of every map. Some of her epilogue stories make for great reading too.

Blue Lions Benefits

  • Has access to the siege tome, Bolting, that can attack from afar.
  • Potentially the highest Magic stat in the game.
  • Rescue spell utility in the Faith skill.
  • If you protect her, she’ll perform better than Annette.

Recruit #3: Shamir

Shamir, Fire Emblem Three Houses

The third recruit we’re recommending is the second Knight of Seiros in our list, although it would be more accurate to describe Shamir as an employee of the Knights. She has a rather tertiary role in the story of Three Houses which we feel is a bit of a shame, after all her role in espionage could have been included in some fun and creative ways. No matter, we’re here for the numbers after all, and in this regard Shamir is a fantastic specimen.

It’s easy to ignore her if we’re honest. Every house has their ‘canon’ archer that most players will favour. The Black Eagles have Bernadetta, Golden Deer have Ignatz and in this case the Blue Lions have Ashe, each of which are positioned by their statistics and growths to be the ranged physical attackers of choice. In no uncertain terms, Shamir completely destroys each and every one of them as an archer. Not only are her statistics far superior, but she also has a better selection of skills available to her, and a personal skill that makes more sense. She’s likely to exist in every version of this article, because she’s categorically and emphatically better than any of the predisposed bow users.

Blue Lions Benefits

  • One of the best archer types in the game, far superior to Ashe.
  • Hard hitting Sniper or Bow Knight.
  • She learns Monster Blast and Heavy Draw, which Ashe does not.
  • High strength for an archer type.
  • Personal skill can keep rolling for multiple turns.

Recruit #2: Lysithea

Lysithea, Fire Emblem Three Houses

It’s hard to describe Lysithea in ways that have not been covered thousands of times over. To describe her as a glass cannon would do justice to her defensive capabilities, yet undersell her overwhelming offensive power and utility. She’s a rather odd lass that initially calls the Golden Deer home, and whilst she’ll take a little convincing to join your cause, it’s wholly worth doing so.

Upon her recruitment, you’ll find yourself in possession of the strongest and most useful caster type that the game has to offer. The sheer amount of damage that this unassuming girl can deal is truly astronomical, no matter the target. In fact, she’s more than likely to one shot or nearly defeat almost every unit in the game, bosses permitting, once she gets a few levels. There is the small matter of her spell selection too which, especially if you level up the Faith skill, gets her access to some incredible spells, the highlight being the Warp spell. You’ll have an easy time levelling this too, thanks to her personal skill.

Blue Lions Benefits

  • Massive magic statistic.
  • Access to the fantastic Warp spell.
  • All round magical capability puts Mercedes to shame, unfortunately.
  • Perfectly fills the void that is Annette’s magical capabilities.


Recruit #1: Leonie

Leonie, Fire Emblem Three Houses

Our final choice for a recruit is Leonie, but before we get into the details it’s worth noting that we’ve just realised that all of our recommended recruits are female… Awkward. Perhaps this is a subconscious attempt to balance the sheer amount of testosterone that flows out of Dimitri post time skip. We’re joking of course, it just so happens that a lot of the female characters are tremendously powerful, so much so that we’re going to take them on pure numbers alone. So, why should you pick the Jeralt fanatic for your team?

Well, it’s all about those statistics and growths. As you progress, Leonie will grow into an absolute physical powerhouse, no matter the class you choose for her. She has enough speed to regularly double, enough strength to ensure she hits hard, and the rest of her statistics ensure that she is in no way a liability. Said statistics are so good in fact, that she’s become the de-facto choice for the best archer type that Three Houses has to offer. Regardless of the direction you end up pushing her she will perform to a high standard. Golden Deer aside, expect this one to feature in quite a few more articles around here…

Blue Lions Benefits

  • Fantastic in any physical role.
  • Can occupy your front line with Dimitri and Sylvain.
  • Makes for an incredible archer if required.
  • One of the best Falcon Knights possible.

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