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When it comes to accurate Bow representations, Monster Hunter has all other games beat. Well OK, maybe you can’t run up walls and shoot arrows down on an enemy from above in real life, but in terms of replicating that movie-like feeling of being an archer there really is nothing better. No sooner than you’ve picked up the Bow however, will all sorts of new terms be thrown at you. It’s all side steps, charged shots, the aforementioned wall runs, coatings and even coating boosts. All of this can be overwhelming for players new to the series, of which World has gathered more than ever, so we’re aiming to distil some of this information today by writing about the three Bows that are, in our opinion, the best Low Rank has to offer.

Bow #3: Kulu Arrow

Kulu Arrow, Monster Hunter World

Our first bow recommendation is one that may seem rather simple. The Kulu Arrow is one of the first bows that you’re able to upgrade in Low Rank, becoming available once you have defeated Kulu-Ya-Ku, though you may need to take it down a few times to gather everything required. Once done, you’ll be in possession of one of the best early game bows that you can find, one that comes with a super easy base upgrade route, great alternative progression routes and some fantastic final Iceborne forms.

It’s main early benefit comes from the 15% critical chance. This is a fantastic early boon, one that can be built upon with early critical and damage skills, though it’s worth noting that this is offset by the lack of Power coating. The available coatings – C. Range, Para, Sleep and Blast – aren’t fantastic in the early game, with Blast being the highlight unless you’re running a Sleep group, but they make for some interesting differences from the usual Power only fare. We’re not going to argue that the raw damage is huge, it really isn’t, but it’s more than enough to get you through Low Rank, and it can be quickly upgraded into the fantastic Princess Arrow.

Early Features

  • 15% critical chance straight away.
  • Medium raw damage.
  • Fantastic upgrade options as you progress.
  • Upgrades into the fantastic Princess Arrow, once Rathian is encountered.


Bow #2: Dragonbone Bow

Dragonbone Bow, Monster Hunter World

The next bow on our list is one that we find is criminally underrated. Everybody loves their elemental, poison and raw damage weapons, but tend to forego the Dragon based versions. Perhaps this is due to their model, which is essentially a slightly differently coloured version of the base type, but if you’re interested in doing maximum damage then this really shouldn’t matter. This bow becomes available once you’ve progressed somewhat, and whilst a whole world of strange and unusual looking models will become available, we assure you that it’s worth taking some time to craft this one.

Zorah Magdaros, Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Deviljho, Banbaro. Shall we continue? This is a short list of Monsters that are weak to the Dragon element, which this bow has in spades. It also comes with a small amount of Elderseal, making it an ideal weapon to start taking down Elder Dragons, before you upgrade or grab the Nergigante version at least. The raw damage isn’t fantastic, as you might imagine given the huge (300!) additional Dragon damage which scales as you upgrade it. Keep your eyes peeled for one of the final upgrades too, the Dawning Insight in Iceborne, which has one of our favourite weapon models available. We’re not about to say that this should be your ‘everyday’ bow that you take everywhere. Rather it should be used like a scalpel, brought out when you need to target specific monsters and deal the maximum damage possible.

Early Features

  • Huge amounts of Dragon damage, useful as you progress.
  • Medium raw damage.
  • Elderseal will come in handy later on.
  • Good upgrades in Iceborne.


Bow #1: Pulsar Bow

Pulsar Bow, Monster Hunter World

From a bow that we wouldn’t consider for use in every hunt, to one that we would: The Pulsar Bow, otherwise known as the Tobi-Kadachi Bow. Regular readers will no doubt notice that we’re yet again recommending a Thunder element weapon for Low Rank, so we won’t waste your time repeating ourselves, suffice to say that it’s a great element against countless monsters. Happily, this weapon has plenty of other benefits going for it besides.

For starters, it’s raw damage is actually pretty good – 144 versus the Kulu Arrow’s 120, at the same rarity level, so you’ll feel great taking on pretty much anything, despite the element. On top of this it comes with 10% critical chance, which scales as you upgrade the thing, and it comes with the Power coating to increase your damage even further. Where other bows ask you to sacrifice one thing or another, the Pulsar Bow just gives you everything in one nice, even package. It even upgrades well, making it the absolute best Low Rank bow you can get your hands on. Do yourself a favour and craft this bad boy, keep it by your side and blast your way up into Iceborne.

Oh and when you get there, be sure to keep upgrading it, there is a fantastic powered up version called the Fellbow Crimson Storm that served us well during our journey through Master Rank.

Early Features

  • Good raw damage.
  • 10% critical chance that scales to 15% later.
  • Thunder is a fantastic element through Low and High Rank.
  • Relatively easy upgrade path.

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