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Top 3 Best Low Rank Insect Glaives in MHGU

The Insect Glaive, introduced in Monster Hunter 4, is probably the most unusual weapon available in the series. The Charge Blade and Switch Axe have their complexities, but do either of them get to vault onto the enemy…? Oh wait, Aerial Style is a thing… Well, none of them have their own bug sidekick at the very least, though we’re not sure if that’s actually a good thing or not in MHGU…

Look, it’s a fun weapon alright, so we’re going to write about the best Low Rank Insect Glaives today! You may not agree with our choices, but you can probably agree that Striker style just makes no damned sense for the vaulting pole, seriously.

Wardance Gudgel

Wardance Cudgel MHGU

The first Glaive to make our list is the Wardance Cudgel. This may surprise some players, given it’s starting point – limited sharpness and a relatively low starting raw probably doesn’t look that great surely. Well we fully acknowledge that, but the beauty of this Glaive appears as you begin to upgrade it; the materials are easy to get your hands on and once upgraded, the raw becomes respectable and you get a good deal of green sharpness. These upgrades can be completed quite early too, giving you a nice ice damage weapon early on.

Since the Insect Glaive excels at hitting the monster multiple times in quick succession, you’ll be looking to maximise elemental or status damage, and whilst the ice damage available on the Wardance Cudgel isn’t huge, it’s certainly better than the Gammoth version with negative affinity.

You’ll likely move on to bigger and better things as you progress, but we found this Glaive to be really useful in taking down some of the bigger monsters towards the end of Low Rank.

Shopping List:

  • Blango Pelt: Carve these from Blango on the Arctic Ridge.
  • Jumbo Bone: You’ll get these from quest rewards, 3-Star and onwards in Low Rank.
  • Unknown Skull: Gather these from bone patches on every map throughout Low Rank.
  • Sharp Claw: Keep carving those Blango to get your hands on some whilst you’re there!

Astalos Cudgel

Astalos Cudgel MHGU

We just love our Cudgels alright? Seriously though, this Insect Glaive is one of our favourites through Low Rank. To start with, Thunder element is one of the most versatile throughout the game: You’ll find many of the games biggest and best are weak to this element, Tigrex for example or Nargacuga. With Glaives working super well with elemental damage, this makes for an ideal combination.

On top of this, the the Astalos Cudgel comes with a respectable raw damage, some good starting green sharpness, 15% affinity and an extra slot to boot. These are common traits of the Astalos weapons but they’re especially useful here, where you’ll be looking to keep that valuable ‘Vault’ skill in your slots. The only real negative is that some parts of Astalos loot can be a bit of a pain to get your hands on, requiring multiple body parts to be broken in order for them to appear.

Again this isn’t necessarily a Glaive that will function during the end game of MHGU, as is often the case with the Fated Four, but it does an excellent job of getting you there.

Shopping List:

  • Astalos Scissortail: Slice off that Astalos tail for a high chance at this.
  • Astalos Wingtalon: Wound an Astalos’ wings, then capture it for the best chance.
  • Astalos Shell: Wound an Astalos’ back for a good chance, or a low chance at carving.
  • Dragonite Ore: Grab these in the Volcano locale, more info HERE.


Indigo Flash

Yes that’s right, for this Insect Glaive – Indigo Flash – we’re asking you to go after a Kirin once again. We’re willing to bet there are still some people trying to get their hands on the dual blades we last recommended from the prancing thunder beast. Still, if you can take it down you’ll get your hands on some of the best weapons available.

Again you’ll notice the element that we’ve recommended. We had considered including some status recommendations, but we consider the Insect Glaive a weapon that excels at finding those weak spots and doing big damage, especially in Low Rank when you’re more likely to be solo.

Happily this one comes with a bumper crop of thunder damage, almost three times as much as the Astalos version, which means you’ll be outputting some huge numbers if you can stick to the monster. Sharpness is great too, along with that bonus bit of defence, it’s just a shame you’ll probably have to take on a Kirin multiple times to get your hands on it…

Shopping List:

  • Kirin Thunderhorn: Wound the head of a Kirin to guarantee one of these.
  • Kirin Hide: Grab these as quest rewards and sometimes through carving the Kirin.
  • Lightcrystal: May drop as a shiny from Kirin, or wound the head of a Gypceros.
  • Monster Fluid: Carve these from Bnahabra or Vespoids, though it’s quite a rare drop.

That does it for our three Insect Glaive recommendations! Get in touch and let us know if you agree with our choices – we’re aware they’re somewhat thunder dominated, but these are the three that we remember using and having a great time with! We did find status Glaives started to become more useful as we moved into the later ranks of the game, so expect to see some of those variants when we get there. We can only write so fast you know.

Time to get working on those Low Rank ranged weapons…

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