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Top 3 Best Low Rank Charge Blades | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The Charge Blade is probably the most complex weapon in Monster Hunter. Sure, the Switch Axe has two forms and the Horn has its songs, but they don’t quite compare. It has the ability to output huge amounts of damage in a single blow, but it requires discipline and patience to build up so it’s little wonder new players tend to struggle. It’s also been nerfed somewhat since it’s debut in MH4U, though if we’re all honest with each other here, this was due. Well, Low Rank is surely the best place to learn, but what good would practice be without a good weapon to swing around? Today we’re going to list three Charge Blades that are, in our opinion, some of the best you can use throughout the early game.

Weapon #1: Pizzaxe

Pizzaxe, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Our first Charge Blade is an unusual one. In Monster Hunter titles the comedy weapons tend to exist for solely that: Comedy. Of course they can be used, but they tend to perform a little worse when compared to others, with the side benefit of being funny to fling around. In some cases however, they can serve a purpose, which is the case with our first weapon: Pizzaxe.

Yes, it’s a pizza and a cutter and yes, that’s enough reason to use it at least once, but stick with us here: It has a good deal of green sharpness to start with, something you’ll surely chunk through as you’re learning (blocking without a charged up shield loses sharpness), the raw damage of 100 is relatively respectable, especially given it’s early availability and it comes with a single slot. On top of this it’s an ‘Impact Phial’ type, which means that your big axe attacks will do both KO and Exhaust damage when they strike. You’ll notice that this is the phial type we’ve chosen for all three today. Other phial types are viable, but for the early portion of the game you’re much better off sticking with the Impact type, since it’s easier to make the most of them.

Low Rank Benefits

  • Good level of raw damage.
  • Fairly long period of green sharpness.
  • Impact Phial will mean that your powerful discharge attacks deal KO damage, which can eventually knock out opponents.
  • Despite seeming like a gimmick model, the Pizzaxe even upgrades well as you progress.


Weapon #2: Mizuniya Drill

Mizuniya Drill, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Those familiar with MHGU will know of the Fated Four: Mizutsune, Gammoth, Astalos and Glavenous. Not only do these four monsters provide hunters with a tough challenge throughout the game, but they also provide you with a version of each and every weapon. These weapons tend to have different elements relating to the monster, slight differences in raw damage and the occasional difference in Affinity & Slots. These allow you to get a hold of decently powerful weapons early and use them to attack monsters weak to their respective elements.

Interestingly, the Charge Blades also differ in terms of phial type, and the Mizutsune version, the Mizuniya Drill, is the only one that features the ‘Impact’ type. We’ll be the first to admit that the water element on there isn’t going to do a great deal for you yet, but it does have nice raw damage of 130, a good amount of green sharpness and a slot. It’s an ideal charge blade to use as you push through into 5 & 6 star quests on your way to High Rank.

Low Rank Benefits

  • Great level of raw damage, given it’s unlock time.
  • Similar to our first choice, this has a good amount of green sharpness.
  • Easy to craft, since you’ll face Mizutsune plenty of times as you progress.
  • Just a great all round performer.


Weapon #3: Axelion Blade

Axelion Blade, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

As usual, you tend to get one ‘personal’ choice weapon in our pick of three, and today that’s the Axelion Blade. Now we’ll be the first to admit that we really like the way this weapon looks, and that certainly contributes to our reasons for picking this, but there is more to this story than just that.

For some it’s Deviljho, others it might have been Brachydios, but for us our first real bad wall was Rathalos. He has chased our behind through multiple games and it was MHGU that finally got us to put the flash bombs away and just learn the damned thing. Countless carts were followed by equal amounts of near-carts, until we finally got used to it’s positioning and requirements, and can finally consider it ‘on farm’ for us. Following this we had a severe excess of Rathalos parts and well, we got ourselves a big crop of weapons to play around with, and this is one of those that we got attached to.

That aside, it’s actually quite a nice weapon. The raw damage competes with others on this list, it comes with a little fire damage and affinity, and it’s another Impact type, which as we’ve established is probably the best type to use, certainly in the early game. You’ll also come up against our big red nemesis a few times during your play through, so assuming you have any parts left after crafting it’s armour set, you might as well try it’s weapons out!

Low Rank Benefits

  • Similarly good raw damage as others on this list.
  • Sharpness is reasonable, though upgrades will improve this greatly.
  • Small amount of affinity is nice for normal attacks.
  • May not have the huge raw damage of some others that tend to come with negative affinity, and whilst the discharge skills of the Charge Blade don’t care about this, a newer player certainly will.

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