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Carbalite Ore Guide | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Key to crafting and upgrading in MHGU, Carbalite is an Ore type that can be gathered from mining spots. It’s used in hundreds of item upgrades throughout the game and avid players will be looking to gather these as many of these as possible during their quests. Key points on this item are as follows:

  • Gathered from mining spots in MHGU.
  • It cannot be found in the Low Rank Village or Hub sections.
  • It can be found in the Hub section during High Rank, 4 Star Quests and onward.
  • It can also be found in the Village section during High Rank, 7 Star Quests and onward.
  • Used when upgrading equipment from Low to High Rank.
  • Often used in high amounts when upgrading weapons towards G Rank.
  • Following are the locations for gathering Carbalite…

Carbalite Ore Locations

Carbalite Ore, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

As mentioned above, Carbalite Ore can be located in any quest higher than 7 Star Village, or 4 Star Hub quests. You’ll find these on any map once you reach High Rank, at mining nodes located around each map. Some of these maps feature more or less mining spots, and they’re often more difficult to locate on some. We recommend that the following maps be used to quickly gather this ore:

  • Ruined Pinnacle
  • Primal Forest
  • Ancestral Steppe

Ruined Pinnacle is a map that will unlock once you reach the High Rank sections of MHGU. We recommend that you use this map to first gather Carbalite Ore, since this will allow you to get familiar with it’s layout. Not only will this help you quickly locate the numerous mining nodes available, but you’ll also get some valuable information about the map and it’s routes that you can use when hunting monsters.


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