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An Occupation, a Job or even a Class – there’s always something to differentiate your characters in a Final Fantas… Erm, a Bravely Default game. Well, its an FF game in all but name if we’re honest, but your choice of Job is just as important here. Pick the right one and you’ll be on the road to success, a veritable boss slayer in the waiting. Pick the wrong one and you’ll be flailing uncontrollably, struggling to tackle even the most basic of random encounters. Now, we’ve already written about the absolute best jobs in Bravely Default, and gone into detail about what the game has to offer, but this title is about more than just absolutes: What about the early game when you have limited choices, and the mid game where your options start to branch out? What about the late game, where you’re looking for ways to power your journey through the wall of bosses? Well today we’ll be recommending Jobs for each portion of the game to give you some guidance!

Early Game Jobs


Monk Job, Bravely Default

You’ll gain access to the monk job very early, upon dispatching an early boss duo. After having done so, you’ll be in possession of one of the strongest physical attackers available throughout the game. It may not have the highest defence rating, mainly due to it’s limitation in types of equipment that can be worn, but it will fire out huge amounts of damage – especially with no weapons equipped, thanks to their innate ability. They also have a very high HP pool, meaning they’ll be able to soak up some damage despite being lightly armoured. It’s definitely worth putting a good amount of levels into the Monk class in the early portions of the game, even when others become available, so that you can access their powerful late game abilities.


Merchant Job, Bravely Default

As you progress through the early game of Bravely Default, an unusual job will make itself known: The Merchant. You’ll gain access to this when you take down a rather dastardly chap in Anchiem, gaining it alongside the Spell Fencer (if we’re honest, it was a toss up between this and the Fencer – they’re both very good jobs for the early game). The job itself centres around generating cash and then using it to create a variety of effects, ranging from damage reduction all the way to generating more BP. It’s certainly worth putting some levels into it early on – even if you’re not too enamoured with the abilities, the innate More Money skill is pretty handy, especially when you reach a new town and want to drop some cash for upgrades!


Mid Game Jobs

Red Mage

Red Mage Job, Bravely Default

The Red Mage is a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise, and as ever its role straddles the gap between White and Black mage by featuring spells from both. Traditionally they’re never quite as powerful as each of their inspirations, but they perform as a flexible in-between, providing 75% of each option rolled into one job. The Bravely Default version starts out in the same fashion, providing you with great White and Black magic options just when you need it, as the mid game ramps up. Once you give it some levels however, the Red Mage becomes a powerhouse that eventually provides you with some of the most powerful abilities in the game.


Ranger Job, Bravely Default

Alright, so you’ve acquired a Job that takes care of versatility in the form of the Red Mage, so how about just focusing on huge amounts of damage next? Well, look no further than the Ranger. This class is designed to take advantage of different enemy types to do large chunks of damage in the mid game. No matter the opponent, the Ranger has an answer in each of it’s ‘Slayer’ abilities. Not only this, but it can also boost the bow damage of any unit with it’s support abilities – we would often give our spell casters the bow support to boost their damage, especially when you’re pushing through a dungeon before you reach the boss fights.


Late Game Jobs


Pirate Job, Bravely Default

From a personal perspective, the Pirate job is by far our favourite in the game. The visual design is fantastic, the abilities are fun to use and it’s such a physical powerhouse that it’s welcome in any party make up. The job comes equipped with some of the best abilities in the game, particularly those that strip away enemy defences, and it can make use of the strongest weapons in the game: Axes. All of this combines to make a Pirate the strongest physical attacker possible, especially when you combine it with some support abilities from other Jobs (Dark Knight, comes to mind).


Spiritmaster Job, Bravely Default

Well, with damage taken care of, it’s time to focus on something a bit more defensive: The Spiritmaster. This job excels at boosting both your healing abilities and your general survival in battle, thus proving itself essential for late game battles filled with dangerous enemies. It accomplishes these things by providing benefits such as saving MP, boosting healing magic, returning BP and guarding the party from elemental attacks. Where the Pirate is the physical powerhouse, the Spiritmaster takes the cake for defensive abilities. Pair this with your primary healer and you’ll free up the rest of your party to take care of the enemies, safe in the knowledge that your HP pools are in good hands.

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