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Top 3 Best Low Rank Great Swords in MHGU

The Great Sword, in Monster Hunter, is our go to weapon. It’s the weapon we turn to when times, and monsters, are tough. When Magala are all over us and carves are in short supply, the Great Sword and it’s attack-dodge-sheathe is there to save us. Once again however, when starting MHGU we found Low Rank information to be lacking.

So today we’re continuing our series of articles covering some recommendations for weapons in Low Rank! This time we’re going through our Top 3 Best Low Rank Great Swords in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate!

3. Buster Sword

MHGU Great Sword

Alright so there are clearly (read: Cloudy) some intonations that could be made around the name here, and whilst we do love ourselves some spiky haired steampunk action, that’s not our reason for it being here. The main reason, aside from it’s respectable statistics, is it’s upgrade tree and more specifically, how easy it is to climb. Where other weapons require you to farm some pretty hard fights for specific drops, the Buster Sword just requires you to pick up some ores and the occasional monster drop. This means you can get your hands on a Great Sword that’s maybe just a bit more powerful than your level of monsters, and who doesn’t like being a little ahead of the game?

How to get it:

This one couldn’t be more simple. Grab yourself an Iron Sword and upgrade it a few times, then switch it over to a Buster Sword by using some Malachite Ore and some Bealite Ore, simple! If you’re struggling with the Bealite Ore like we did, head over to our tips article to find out how best to find it!

2. Santoku Reaver

MHGU Great Sword

Alright, so we’ve already included a Tetsucabra weapon in our long sword article, but who doesn’t love a giant cooking knife slung over their shoulder whilst participating in a hunt? Besides, it’s actually quite a good weapon for your low rank hunts – that raw damage is very high, especially directly after downing a Tetsu, and it’s only one upgrade level away from having a respectable amount of green sharpness. An added bonus surely must be that you get to hunt the bounding mad frog a few times over, something we always enjoy.

How to get it:

  • The Tetsucabra Claw is probably the item that you’ll have the most trouble with. You can improve your chance of carving these if you can injure it’s legs.
  • You will get the Tetsucabra Shell from the 3-Star quests – both Tusked Tantrum and Jurassic Treasure: The Frog – as a guaranteed reward.
  • You can mine the Malachite Ore from most mining spots in low rank, though it is slightly more rarefied.


1. Larisaber

MHGU Great Sword

This one crept up on us if we’re honest, yet it turned into by far our favourite Great Sword for the hundred or so hours we spent in Low Rank. One day, we returned from a hunt and did our usual ritual – store items, pick up a new set, then head straight to the smithy – and all of a sudden found this gem available for crafting. Suffice to say it performs very well with it’s sharpness and raw damage being quite good for low rank. The increase in defence whilst minimal, really shouldn’t be sniffed at, after all every little helps. Upgrading it further can be a bit of a pain, but it will serve its purpose in the early game for sure.

How to get it:

Cards on the table here, it takes quite a bit of luck to get one of these bad boys, mainly due to one item in particular.

The Larinoth Hide is simple, go and kill some of the lumbering dinosaurs and you’ll get plenty from carving them.

Monster Bone L will be slightly tougher. You’ll need to kill some large monsters, and you’ll notice these start to appear in your quest rewards around 4-Star level.

Wycademy Ticket is the awkward one. In order to get one in low rank, you’ll need to hunt a monster that is either as large as possible or as small as possible (you’ll notice that you get a gold crown next to the monster in your guild card). Perhaps we got lucky in Low Rank and got our hands on this thing, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you all out there!

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