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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Gym Trainer Leah

We’re back! Gym Trainer Leah steps up to the mark next as we make our way through the Turffield Gym. We do kind of hope this is the last bit of sheep herding we have to do, though if we’re honest it’s not the worst mini game we’ve ever found in a Pokemon title… Cracking floor made of ice, anyone? Anyway, let’s get into it!

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Trainer Leah

Gym Trainer Leah

Location: Turffield Stadium

We jumped into battle with Leah, but before we could get started, a question popped into our mind: Were there usually three trainers before the leader, or four? For us, getting to the leaders and experiencing the challenge that comes with them is the highlight of Pokemon games. They represent the biggest and best challenge available, and after all they’re pretty much the reason we build our teams the way we do.

Still, we really should focus on the current challenge. It wouldn’t do well to trip over now, when we’re so close to our goal. So let’s see what Leah has to challenge us with.


BOUNSWEET Grass Type – Level 17

  • Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Bug, Poison and Flying Type.
  • Resistances: Grass, Electric, Water and Ground Type.
  • Immunity: None.
  • Notes: Lower stats in general.

ODDISHGrass & Poison Type – Level 17

  • Weaknesses: Psychic, Ice, Fire and Flying Type.
  • Resistances: Electric, Fighting, Grass, Water and Fairy Type.
  • Immunity: None.
  • Notes: Low speed but both defences are good.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Trainer Leah


In terms of how our fight went, we might have forgotten to take Thwackey out of the first slot again. This meant we eight had to waste a turn or just get the job done with the big fella. For the first fight we decided to just play it out with the big thwacking one. It did take us a while but let’s face it, they weren’t really likely to do much damage to us, give our type and level.

In the second fight we took advantage and dragged our Wingull out for some more action. We’re getting so much mileage out of this Pokemon, it’s incredible. We really can’t stress enough how useful it is to have a flyer throughout the early portion of this game, and having one with the option of water type attacks is truly invaluable.

Recommended Pokemon

Wingull, as per usual. You can find them in the wilds area before Motostoke. Do yourself a favour and grab one even if you have to fast travel back a while, it’s super worth it. Of course, you can do well in this fight with any flyers, Rookidee included as usual, which you can grab way back at the start of the game.

We’ll also retain our previous recommendations of Blipbug / Dottler, and Sizzlipede. These can provide Bug Type and Fire Type attacks respectively. If we’re honest though, those flying types have been so useful for us thus far that we’d really recommend that you go for one of those at this early point.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Trainer Leah

Finally, she closed her eyes. It’s about time too, clearly battling us and experiencing a stunning defeat was enough to tire her out. Let’s face it, she was half way there already..

We will admit to enjoying the fanfare that comes with making it to the gym leader. It’s these little additions that make Pokemon games so enjoyable… We’ll still take your money too though, thanks.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Trainer Leah

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