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Top 3 Best Low Rank Long Swords in MHGU

Low rank weapons, particularly Long Swords, are critical in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, yet during our playtime we were unable to find any key information around them. Being a weapon immediately familiar to other games, it’s very likely to be a weapon picked up by new players, yet nobody talks about these early versions! Sure, you’ll find plenty of people telling you end game G-Rank sets, but what about people just starting out in Low Rank?

Today then we’re going to detail three of the best low rank Longswords in MHGU! Get in touch and let us know what you think, or if you’ve found some better options!

Long Sword: Aikuchi

MHGU Longsword Aikuchi

The first Long Sword that we’re highlighting is the Aikuchi. Avid players will immediately realise that the weapon sharpness might be an issue, which is of course true – this weapon falls into the category of ‘high raw damage with lower than usual sharpness’. The reason we like it however, is that the damage will begin to out scale other Long Swords as you upgrade it.

As you push through the early sections of low rank, blue sharpness is something you’ll be unable to reach, certainly until you reach 5 or 6 star quests. You’ll also probably be unable to craft weapons that can target every monsters elemental weakness. What works in this situation then? Well a high raw damage weapon will do the job very well, and after a single upgrade you’ll have enough green sharpness to keep things going smoothly.

How to get it:

At first glance the materials list looks quite simple – just kill a few Tetsucabra and mine some Malachite ores right? Well, that is technically true, however you’ll struggle to get enough of those Tetsucabra Tusks if you miss out on a key detail: You’ll want to wound it’s head in order to have a very high chance of getting the Tusk (it’s kinda like breaking the tusks to get a tusk..).

Long Sword: Ivory Rabbit

MHGU Longsword Ivory Rabbit

The next Long Sword that we want to highlight is the Ivory Rabbit. Sure, it might sound a bit like something that arrives for delivery in a deliberately blank box, but it’s actually a very good weapon, especially for the middle part of Low Rank. This is because your hunts will start to take you into the Volcano locale, and begin to introduce quite a few monsters that are weak to ice, making the Ivory Rabbit ideal. As a bonus, that raw damage isn’t actually too bad for something that deals a good extra amount of ice damage.

How to get it:

As you might imagine, you’ll need to slay a few Lagombi in order to get your hands on one of these. Both the Iceclaw and the Plastron have a similar chance to drop each time, though we would recommend that you complete any sub quest for an additional chance at getting them. The 3-Star village quest, ‘Snow with occasional Lagombi’ has a sub quest which requires you to wound the head, which is ideal for this!

Oh and whilst you’re up there, high up in the snow fighting the bunny, slay a few Blango and carve their pelts to complete your recipe.


Long Sword: Khanga Edge

MHGU Longsword Khanga Edge

Things are getting serious now. You’ve progressed through Low Rank, eyes firmly fixed on unlocking those tasty High Rank quests, but you’re looking for a Long Sword that will really help you push through. Look no further then, than the Khanga Edge, or the Seregios Long Sword. Not only does this thing have a small sliver of blue sharpness, something you could perhaps pair with a set of Glavenous equipment, and it has some respectable raw damage.

The real kicker here though is the innate ability of this weapon, and indeed all Seregios weapons: If you dodge roll with the weapon out five times in a row it regains a small amount of sharpness, signified by a sparkle when you roll. This is a fantastic addition to almost all weapons, however it works especially well with the Long Sword – you’re unlikely to sheathe very much, especially if you’re learning Adept or Valor Style, so returning sharpness to yourself as you dodge around the monster is an extremely helpful benefit.

How to get it:

Ignore our huge amounts of Monster Bone L, we’ve been playing this game for almost a thousand hours. It’s probably going to be the piece that causes you the most trouble. They will drop from most large monsters that you’ll face, however they can be quite rare whilst in Low Rank. You’ll get the other items regularly from Seregios, so our advice would be as follows: Maybe save your first few Monster Bone L to make one of these self-sharpening beasts.

Oh and don’t go too mad trying to slice that tail off, it’s not a requirement for this Long Sword and it can be quite awkward when you’re first learning to hunt the beast!

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