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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Poke Kid Mia

Another day, another guide for Pokemon Sword & Shield, this time battling Poke Kid Mia! It’s not exactly difficult to guess exactly what Pokemon she will be bringing into battle, but if we’re right about our guess then it’ll be something that we’ve yet to face in Sword & Shield! Let’s get right into it!

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Mia

Poke Kid Mia

Location: Route 4

Ahhh it’s good to be back, battling a familiar Pokemon. Poke Kid Mia brings out a solitary Eevee, something we’re super familiar with thanks to previous games. It also looks like there is a bit of a town or city off in the distance, so we’re guessing this might be our last trainer battle in Route 4! All of this adds up to us enjoying this trainer battle quite a bit.

Anyway, let’s break down this Eevee a little and see how we can go about defeating it..


EeveeNormal type – LeVEL 15

  • Weaknesses: Fighting Type
  • Resistances: None
  • Immunity: Ghost Type
  • Notes: Good all round statistics, higher Special Defence than Physical

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Mia


If you’ve been following all of our articles, you’ll be aware that we’ve furnished ourselves with a few Fighting Type Pokemon, so we were happy to bring those out when facing the Eevee. Unortunately for us it did manage to land a status move on us, pictured above, but this wasn’t enough to stop us from breaking out our strongest moves and taking it down.

Recommended Pokemon

We opted for Pancham here, a Fighting Type Pokemon that can be caught in the Wilds prior to Motostoke. You could do just fine with a Machop, which can also be found in the same area. Either of these will do the job just fine – use them to throw super strong Fighting Type attacks at the Eevee and you’ll soon be collecting that juicy experience reward.

Of course, depending on your choice of starter Pokemon, you might even have a Fighting Type attack there too, which will do the job just as well! Either way, go all out! There’s a Poke Centre just down the road, so you might even want to get some more experience on some of your lesser used party members whilst you have the chance!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Mia

Eh!? Now they’re somehow feeling downhearted despite feeling downhearted! These bred dress up trainers are a really strange lot and if we’re honest, it’s starting to freak us out a bit. Good job we’re off to our first gym battle next!

Clearly that strange mixture of happy and sad has unnerved their superiors too, what with that salary being back to normal. Still, it does leave us feeling a bit bad for that one Pikachu lad…

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Mia

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