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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Pokemon Breeder Bradley

Another devious breeder by the name of Pokemon Breeder Bradley makes his way onto our battle screen. These scumbags are clearly trying to morph the local youth into Pokemon, but luckily we’re here to put a stop to their madness! Let’s get into it!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Bradley

Pokemon Breeder Bradley

Location: Route 4

Look at the way he’s stroking that Poke Ball of his… Disgusting, an evil maniac clearly.

Anyway, we came into this fight feeling confident from our previous battle. This was also aided by having recently found a Pikachu in Route 4, thus being overcome by a wash of warm nostalgia – it also seems quite powerful, relatively speaking, which is a bonus! Still, the memories of that Milcery are still pretty fresh, so we’re hoping for some Pokemon we can counter in this one..


ElectrikeElectric type – Level 15

  • Weaknesses: Ground Type
  • Resistances: Steel, Electric and Flying Type
  • Immunity: None
  • Notes: High Speed and Special attack

lotad Water and Grass type – Level 15

  • Weaknesses: Poison, Bug and Flying Type
  • Resistances: Steel, Water and Ground Type
  • Immunity: None
  • Notes: Low Speed and Physical Defence

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Bradley


Alright, so Breeder Bradley isn’t quite on Milcery levels of annoyance. We will admit, Electrike is a little annoying, given that full counters to Electric aren’t hugely available. Of course some can be found, but you’d be surprised how few Ground Type are actually around – most are Rock or otherwise in the Galar Mine.

We did actually have a counter to Electrike, specifically another nostalgia fuelled Pokemon that we chose to keep around…

Recommended Pokemon

Yes that’s right, it’s time to break out another old series favourite: Diglett! You can find it roaming around the west side of Route 4, and it’s ideal for taking care of Electrike, either with Mud Slap or Bulldoze depending on how much you’ve levelled it so far.

Regarding taking care of Lotad, you can probably guess our favourite option so far… Wingull took care of it pretty swiftly for us. Rookidee again will do just as well, though you’re likely to also have a Dottler or such that can throw some bug attacks and do the job just as well.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Bradley

That’s a bit of an overreaction Mr Bradley – they’ve only fainted, they’re not gone forever. Honestly, these breeders have an awfully twisted mind, we’ll be glad to get out of the haunted terror that is Route 4 for sure.

Those pay grades are getting a bit crazy too – he’s getting over twice as much as the poor Poke Kid that we previously battled! Surely there must be some kind of overriding government ruling for this kind of thing..

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Bradley

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