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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Poke Kid Rhys

Poke Kid Rhys is the next poor sap on our list of opponents. Not that they’re in any immediate danger from us, but surely running around in the hot sun in those outfits isn’t doing them any good? Galar is a cruel and unusual place, that’s for sure.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Rhys

Poke Kid Rhys

Location: Route 4

Well, Rhys is next to take up battle against us, but if we’re honest our confidence has faded a little. That previous battle has throw us a little bit and we’re left licking our wounds. Let’s hope Poke Kid Rhys gives us a bit of a smoother battle against some familiar Pokemon..


Joltikbug & electric type – Level 14

  • Weaknesses: Fire and Rock Type
  • Resistances: Grass, Steel, Electric and Fighting Type
  • Immunity: None
  • Notes: Equal physical & special defence ratings.

grubbinBug Type – Level 15

  • Weaknesses: Rock, Fire and Flying Type
  • Resistances: Ground, Grass and Fighting Type
  • Immunity: None
  • Notes: Equal physical & special defence ratings.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Rhys


Typical. Out of one awkward battle and we’re immediately into another.

Having chosen the starter we did – pictured above – we’ve been very limited in terms of Fire Type choices so far in the game, relegated to only a few that we could find. Unfortunately for us we also didn’t really bring them along… Nor the Rock types… So erm, this one was a bit slow, well for half of it at least. Once the Grubbin came out we knew exactly which Flying & Water Type ol’ favourite to bring out.

Recommended Pokemon

Yes that’s right, at least when dealing with Grubbin our Wingull worked very well. Again something like a Rookidee would also do the job just fine – happily the game gives you plenty of flying options up to this point!

Joltik was more of a pain of course. Sizzlipede would be the ideal choice, caught in Route 3, if you didn’t choose the fire type starter. Happily this Pokemon has Ember available and even Flame Wheel if you’ve chosen to level it up a bit.

Rolycoly will also do a fine job against both of Rhys’ Pokemon, and you’re very likely to have picked one up with the Galar Mine. At level 10 it will learn Smack Down, a Rock Type attack that will leave your two opponents very low on health, if not finished in a single hit!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Rhys

That’s the spirit lad, you should be sad! Take that anger and submerge yourself in it! Return, reforged into the world beating trainer that you should be!

Oh well now we can see why he’s so angry – look at that pitiful salary! He’s getting paid even less than the other mascots!

Justice for Rhys! Justice for Rhys!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Rhys

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