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Tip: Location of Bealite in MHGU

Bealite can be hard to find whilst playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. We noticed Bealite was particularly hard to find during the early game.

Information seems to be sparse out there. So we’ve written the following to help you locate Bealite Ore in the early game of MHGU!

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Where is Bealite in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate?

Side node: You may notice we removed the word ‘Ore’ from this article. Due to the novel way that search engines index web pages we noticed that all searches for ‘Bealite Ore’ pointed visitors at our ‘Dragonite Ore’ page… It seems that said search engines just assume you’re looking for anything with the word ‘Ore’ in. Our own searches back when we started playing MHGU confirmed this. So we’ve taken the ‘Ore’ word out of the main titles to hopefully get them to point visitors at the right page… If you’re reading this, it worked!

Bealite in Low Rank MHGU:

During your playthrough of the low rank Village quests in MHGU, the earliest point at which you can get Bealite is when you unlock the 3 Star Quests. This will unlock the quest ‘Harvest Tour: Deserted Island’. By mining around this map you will get Bealite. This can also be mined during your other hunts on this map, and we would recommend that you do so – quite a lot of Bealite Ore is needed to upgrade weapons throughout the early portions of the game.

Additionally, the caved areas of this map will usually have 2 or 3 mines, as shown below.

Bealite in High Rank MHGU:

Once you move into High Rank and beyond, Bealite can be found in multiple later maps, however we would recommend stocking up whilst hunting in the ‘D. Island’ locale, since it is still quite unusual to find it elsewhere.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Bealite Ore

Hope that info has helped you find Bealite Ore in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate!

You can find more tips for locating some hard to find items in our tagged Monster Hunter section here!


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