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4 Incredible Light Persona | Persona 3 Portable

The usefulness or otherwise of Light persona tends to go back and forth in Shin Megami Tensei games. Honestly, we tend to prefer those in which Light and Dark spells deal damage along with their instant death chances, but here in P3P it’s restricted to strictly the latter. To avoid them being shunned completely then, the developers seemingly delighted in the inclusion of enemies weak to nothing but either Light or Dark and well, here we are, recommending a selection of Light persona to help you on your journey. Oh no, we get to fuse more things in a game that we enjoy and are totally addicted to, however shall we survive such hardships…

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.


Principality, Persona 3 Portable

Who knew that during our search for a great early Light persona to fuse, we would happen upon such a fantastic early persona, period? Principality is a great all rounder to grab on your way through the lower portions of Tartarus, because it provides great Light spells, heals, support and even a Pierce attack option, which can come in handy versus some early opponents. It’s rare for such a low level persona to provide this many benefits, so whilst Light-weak enemies are relatively rare at this point, they do eventually appear, and it’s useful in the meantime regardless.

Light spells up first, and Principality features both Hama and Mahama, which means that single and multi targets of the basic versions are taken care of. This is more than enough at the early level, especially since any chance increasing passives aren’t available yet, but as noted this particular persona also features a few other tricks. It’ll learn the group heal Media after a few levels, the Recarm resurrection spell after a few more, and it’ll innately be able to deal Pierce damage via Holy Arrow, which also has a 25% chance to Charm the opponent. All round great performer then, and one that surely deserves a place in your team.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Hama, the base single Light spell.
  • Learns Mahama at level 21, the base group Light spell.
  • Also learns the group heal Media, the resurrect spell Recarm, and the Pierce skill Holy Arrow!
  • Weak to Dark, and whilst this particular type of incoming spell is rare in the lower levels of Tartarus, it’s worth being a bit careful at times.



Virtue, Persona 3 Portable

Unfortunately, your choice for a Light persona in the mid game is somewhat less spectacular than Principality. Not because it’s weak, far from it, but rather it comes with a lot less benefits alongside. Rather than supporting the team Virtue opts for ailment focus instead, and if we’re honest they’re pretty bad in P3P, aside from Shock in the late game. Still, if it’s Light power that you’re looking for, then look no further.

Things are fairly basic at first, because Virtue simply retains Mahama, which is the basic group Light spell. Give it a few levels however, which will likely come as a result of the social link with Chihiro by the way, and you’ll learn Hamaon, which is the heavy version of the single target Light spell. This features an increased chance to cause instant death of the base Hama, and thanks to the developers mixing opponents with different weaknesses in singular battles within the mid game, throwing a single target spell is often the better option.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Mahama, the base group Light spell.
  • Learns Hamaon at level 36, which is the heavy single Light spell.
  • Eventually learns Endure Dark at level 39, which will completely patch up its only weakness, making it a great choice to have equipped versus unfamiliar bosses or tough opponents, thus stopping them from getting another turn.


Dominion, Persona 3 Portable

Two things are important to know when considering your final mid game Light persona. Firstly, you’re still going to want to avoid group versions of the Light family spells; full groups with the same weakness will be found much less often, and even less so for the Light weakness itself. Secondly, you can finally start to look for something with a passive boost to Light, of which there is only the ‘Boost’ version to be found. 

Said boost version however, being Hama Boost to be precise, will increase the chance for instant death to land by a whopping 50%. Having learned this at level 46, Dominion will be able to apply said passive to the heavy single target Light spell Hamaon, bringing its 40% chance up to a nice and satisfying 60% chance to instantly kill the enemy. With a weakness active on your target, this thing barely ever fails to remove an opponent, and you’ll be thankful you have it as you traverse the awkward end of the mid game Tartarus climb.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Hamaon, the heavy single Light spell.
  • Learns Hama Boost at level 46, increasing the chance for the spell to instantly kill an opponent by 50%. In the case of Hamaon, this moves the chances from 40% to 60%.
  • Much like Virtue, Dominion will also learn passives that counter its own weakness to Dark, namely Endure Dark and Resist Dark.



Daisoujou, Persona 3 Portable

You know, we really didn’t expect to find Daisoujou Persona 3 Portable. That’s not to say that we didn’t expect unusual and interesting persona, after all that’s half of the reason why we play them in all honesty, but rather we were surprised to find such a damned powerful Light persona in here. Much like Alice in the Dark versions, which we’ll be writing about next for reference, this persona features the highest possible chance to instantly kill an opponent, thanks to their unique skill.

In the case of Daisoujou, this unique skill is called Samsara, which has a 45% chance to instantly kill every single opponent. This might not sound all that reliable, but it’ll also learn Hama Boost which, as noted above, increases these chances by 50%. What results is a massive 67.5% chance to instantly kill all enemies. As you might imagine, those weak to Light will almost automatically fold under the pressure of this spell, and likely most of the remaining enemies too. 

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Hamaon, the heavy single Light spell.
  • Learns Samsara at level 56, which is a unique group Light spell, featuring a 45% chance to kill every opponent.
  • Learns Hama Boost at level 59, which increases any instant death Light spell’s chance to instantly kill by 50%. This makes Hamaon a 60% chance, and Samsara a 67.5% chance.
  • As per the trend, Daisoujou will also patch up its own weakness to Dark by learning Null Dark at level 58.

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