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4 Ideal Ice Persona | Persona 3 Portable

Unlike other elements in Persona 3 Portable, Ice spells find themselves in an unusual position. Having a party member in Mitsuru be so powerful when using them will often encourage players to ignore the element and opt to use her instead. This is a perfectly viable option of course, in fact we’d encourage you to do so, however it’s entirely possible to deal enough ice damage through your protagonist and the trusty Velvet Room. FIx your eyes on the following four that we’ve identified as prime candidates for Mitsuru replacement duty.

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost, Persona 3 Portable

Funnily enough, most fans of the SMT series and its spin offs will likely fuse Jack Frost because, well, they just want to have Jack Frost in the team. Here in Persona 3 Portable however, using it is actually a very, very good idea in the early game, because he’s tremendously powerful in battle too. A level 8 persona may not seem like something to get excited about, but the skills on offer here make for a very powerful choice.

Both basic Ice options are available, being Bufu and Mabufu, so you’ll be able to target both one and every enemy with ice spells, albeit with a bit of levelling being required first. The real shock however is that level 11 will reveal Ice Boost, which ups damage by 25%. This is awesome in the early game and you’ll likely find that Jack Frost does more damage with Ice than any other element can at this point in the game.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Bufu, the weak single target Ice spell.
  • Learns Mabufu at level 13, the weak group target Ice spell.
  • Learns Ice Boost at level 11, which ups Ice damage by 25%.



Sarasvati, Persona 3 Portable

Given that Jack Frost already has access to Ice Boost, it’s somewhat of a given that subsequent persona need to have access to such a thing, or bridge the gap with pure power. Our next choice, Sarasvati, opts for a bit of both. It does have access to the same powerful passive, and provides more power by upgrading one of the skills and generally having superior statistics, all of which make it an ideal step up from Jack Frost.

Mabufu is still here to provide group damage, and whilst you could argue that a ‘medium’ version would be superior, you’re likely happy to be reducing SP costs at this point in the game. Bufu has been upgraded to Bufula however, so single target damage will be superior, and as noted Ice Boost is learned at level 29 to increase all of this Ice damage by 25%. Me Patra is a reasonable party ailment cleanse too, so it does feature a little utility outside of pure damage too.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Mabufu, the weak group target Ice spell.
  • Innately knows Bufula, the medium single target Ice spell.
  • Learns Ice Boost at level 29, which boosts Ice damage by 25%.
  • Also learns Me Patra at level 28, which removes most annoying ailments from the entire party. This will actually be useful versus some early-to-mid game sub boss encounters.


Titania, Persona 3 Portable

Unfortunately, the portion of P3P that transitions mid game to late really doesn’t have great Ice persona options. Most will have a powerful Ice skill of sorts, perhaps two even, but then lack the damage buffing passives, or vica versa. For our money, the best option is to find those that feature damage buffs, then load it up with Ice skills from cards or fusion. In this regard, Titania is definitely your best bet. Not only is this a great persona for the time period in which you can fuse it, after all it was featured in our late game persona article, but it’s also your best bet for Ice damage here too.

Almost all of this comes down to Titania learning Ice Amp at level 54, which boosts Ice damage by 50%. It features Mabufula too, which is a nice medium Ice group spell, but in reality you’re going to want to get a skill card for a heavy skill, like grabbing Bufudyne by levelling up Parvati. Once you have this, Ice Amp will boost the damage to a great level, and it’ll help Titania bridge the positively massive chasm that exists before you reach the true end game of Ice damage, which we detail below.

Persona Benefits

  • Learns Mabufula at level 51, the medium group Ice spell.
  • Learns Ice Amp at level 54, boosting Ice damage by 50%.
  • Take this as a base and teach Titania Ice skills to take advantage of Ice Amp. Parvati will give you the Bufudyne skill card, which is ideal for Titania.
  • You can of course level Titania to get the Ice Amp skill card itself, and give it to the Gabriel persona, which already has both heavy versions of Ice spells.



Skadi, Persona 3 Portable

Unfortunately, reaching the absolute pinnacle of Ice damage in Persona 3 Portable will require quite a lot of levelling up. No Arcana will open up an amazing level 50-ish persona to light up the damage screens with ice, and whilst you could argue that Mitsuru will do a good enough job on her own, and an Ice Amp-powered Gabriel or Titania will do well, Skadi will absolutely demolish them if you’re willing to put the time in. Nothing comes close to this in terms of Ice damage, but you’ll have to get to level 80 to make it happen.

Almost all of this power comes from a combination of Ice Amp, which Skadi innately knows, and the skill Niflheim, which is the most powerful Ice skill in the game. This thing deals ‘severe’ Ice damage and will 100% freeze your opponent, potentially allowing you to skip its turn in battle. Being level 80 too, Skadi will have a very high magic stat and as such, deal ridiculous amounts of Ice damage. If you can also perhaps give it Mind Charge (Atropos), and find an Ice Boost card (Jack Frost), then you’ll see some truly incredible damage numbers popping up with this persona.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Mabufudyne, the heavy group Ice spell.
  • Innately knows Ice Amp, boosting Ice damage by 50%.
  • Learns Niflheim at level 86, which is the most powerful single target Ice spell in the entire game, which deals ‘severe’ Ice damage.
  • Get Ice Boost (Jack Frost) and Mind Charge (Atropos) cards and watch the numbers fly up to incredible levels.

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