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4 Fantastic Fire Persona | Persona 3 Portable

Due to the nature of your party in P3P, Fire Personas are if anything more important than usual. Junpei will seriously lack in both fire skills and magic damage, and an alternative option doesn’t arrive until you’re well into the mid game, by which point you’re likely to be set on your party build anyway. As per usual, your solution lies within the Velvet Room, where you can fuse yourself some absolutely fantastic fire options with which to plug the gaps. The second and third blocks will reveal quite a few fire weak opponents in particular, so do yourself a favour and fire up a few of these feisty persona to ease your way through.

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.

Pyro Jack

Pyro Jack, Persona 3 Portable

We must say that, of all the low level elemental persona in P3P, Pyro Jack may just be the absolute best option going. This is due to a unique combination of having three fire skills, all of which are useful, and a massively high magic stat of 14 at its base level. Slight spoilers for another article here, but only Pyro Jack and Oberon have stats this high and at this level, so you should certainly grab them both to maximise your damage.

To the skills then, and as you might imagine they feature Agi and Maragi, which are the weak single and group target fire spells, but Pyro Jack will also learn Agilao at level 19, which will really help in taking down awkward targets as you progress towards the end of the early game. Nothing to fault really then, just grab it and resolve all of your low level fire issues!

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Agi, the weak single target fire spell.
  • Innately knows Maragi, the weak group target fire spell.
  • Learns Agilao at level 19, the medium single target fire spell.
  • Huge Magic stat for the early game.


Hua Po

Hua Po, Persona 3 Portable

Ironically enough, our second choice for a fire persona isn’t all that different to our first. Hua Po only has access to the same spells that Pyro Jack does, less in fact, but it’s almost always worth upgrading your team just for the stat bonuses. Thankfully she does have access to the fantastic Fire Boost passive, which is the earliest instance of it being available to your team, and it’ll boost fire damage by a nice 25%. This makes her the best choice for fire damage through the 20 to 30 level range, and you’ll often be able to stretch this a little further too thanks to her reasonable agility. 

Agi is missing from the kit, but Hua Po has access to Maragi and Agilao, which is pretty much all you need, and when they’re augmented by Fire Boost you’ll be dealing very large chunks of damage to any opponent. Some additional utility is provided by Rakunda too, which strips away the defences of a single opponent, and often comes in handy versus sub bosses in Tartarus.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Maragi, the weak group target fire spell.
  • Learns Agilao at level 22, the medium single target fire spell.
  • Learns the Fire Boost passive at level 24, increasing damage by 25%.
  • Also has a high Magic stat for its level, all of which makes it an ideal upgrade to our prior choice.


Oukuninushi, Persona 3 Portable

The natural progression from Hua Po then, given that they had access to a weak group spell and a medium single target, is to grab a persona that has each of these but one level higher right? In that case you’ll want to grab yourself Okuninushi. You will have to wait quite a while to do so, because the base gulf between them is 20+ levels, but the wait is buffered by the strength of our prior choice, and the fact that Okuninushi also has access to Fire Boost, making the wait entirely worthwhile.

As you might imagine then, Okuninushi has access to Maragion, which is the medium group target spell. Further to this, it will learn the heavy single target fire spell Agidyne, and all of this is augmented by Fire Boost, which is learned at level 47 and boosts fire damage by 25%. This pretty much makes it the best fire option until the late game. At which point, everything else is completely blown out of the water by a certain Arcana choice…

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Maragion, the medium group fire spell.
  • Learns Agidyne, the heavy single target spell, at level 46.
  • Learns Fire Boost at level 47, increasing fire damage by 25%.
  • Technically also learns Fire Break at level 48, though we’d generally recommend against using these ‘break’ skills at all.



Surt, Persona 3 Portable

Should you have read our late game persona article, then you’ll likely already know all about Surt and his power. Suffice to say that this is probably the most powerful fire persona in the entire game. You could argue that others have higher stats, and perhaps may be able to approach Surt’s damage against groups of enemies, but when it comes to dealing huge fire damage to a single target, this particular persona has no equal.

Whilst it comes with the expected assortment of high level fire spells – Agidyne and Maragidyne – the true power comes from its exclusive knowledge of the Ragnarok spell, which is the only ‘severe’ fire spell in the entire game. This, combined with Surt learning both Fire Boost and Fire Amp, mean that nothing will be able to approach it’s fire damage to one target. You will of course have to max out the Magician Arcana Social Link, but this particular persona makes it entirely worthwhile. 

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Agidyne, the heavy single target fire spell.
  • Innately knows Fire Boost, increasing fire damage by 25%.
  • Learns Maragidyne, the heavy group fire spell, at level 54.
  • Learns Ragnarok, the severe single target fire spell, at level 58.
  • Learns Fire Amp at level 59, increasing fire damage by 50%.
  • Yes the passives stack and yes, it makes for incredible fire damage.

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  1. There is one other ‘Severe’ Fire-element spell in Persona 3, unlike the other three elements. There is no spell set to deal severe/massive damage to all enemies with Elec, Ice, or Wind elements. However, a unique(or maybe ‘gimmick’ is more accurate) spell for the Fire element can be found in the kit of the Persona [Mara] called Maralagidyne. It can be mistaken for the Maragidyne skill if one is not paying attention, but there are two key differences between these two skills:

    1. Maralagidyne has a similar animation to Maragidyne when exectuted, but changes the element’s color to green instead of red. This detail is only a visual difference, however the second difference carries more significance.
    2. As noted above, Maralagidyne is set to deal ‘massive’ fire damage to all enemies, whereas Maragidyne deals ‘heavy’ fire damage.

    • Hi Eric,

      Very interesting addition thanks! Also reading further I didn’t realise that having Mara equipped will make Velvet Room occupants say some interesting and unique lines, especially for the female protagonist!



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