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5 Ideal Mid Game Persona | Persona 3 Portable

Fusing more powerful persona is crucial in the mid game portion of Persona 3 Portable. Progressing on from the relatively simple early game, you’ll find that new party members, enemies and boss encounters are thrown at you in very short order. So, what we’re looking for here is strong Personas that can assist your team in the levels between 20 – 35. This is where the bulk of the mid game is spent, and you’ll be looking for some pretty adaptable options to cover the various gaps created by story points. Let’s get into our recommendations for the mid game then, shall we?

Credit to Cyrus917 on GameFAQs for the save file that allowed screenshots to be taken. Negative credit to developers that refuse to let screenshots be taken on Vita ports of PSP games.

High Pixie

High Pixie, Persona 3 Portable

Should you be the kind of person to leave Mitsuru at home, first of all what are you thinking, she’s tremendously powerful and much better than any other party member at this point in the game, but we do have a ready made replacement in High Pixie. This Persona features the mid game equivalent of Mitsuru’s skills, which are mainly ice and healing based at this point.

In terms of the former, High Pixie isn’t likely to approach Mitsuru in terms of power, rather emulating her Mabufu and Bufula access, but when it comes to healing it’ll actually do a little better by having access to Media, which is a group heal as oppose to the single targets that Mitsuru learns. Sure, by the time you get here Yukari is likely to have the same, but you can never have too many optional healing resources towards the end of Arqa block and into Yabbashah.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Mabufu, the light group Ice spell.
  • Innately knows Holy Arrow, a useful pierce skill that can charm.
  • Learns Bufula at level 23, the medium single target Ice spell.
  • Learns Media at level 24, the light group healing spell.



Setanta, Persona 3 Portable

As you progress through the third block of Tartarus, you’ll notice that unusual weaknesses become more and more prevalent, to the point where you’ll start to struggle to take down foes in regular encounters. The solution to this is, as ever, heading over to the Velvet Room to do some fusing, and one you absolutely must take the time to create is Setanta, a very powerful physically focused persona that is ideal for this block. 

Setanta essentially forms the ideal physical persona, ready for you to customise with the best skills that you can. It comes with the Twin Shot pierce skill, which deals two hits and good damage to your enemy, and it also innately knows Sharp Student and Zionga, so you’ll still be able to take advantage of an elemental weakness here too. Further still, after some levelling Setanta will learn the excellent Power Charge, which multiplies the damage of the next physical skill by 2.5 times! Combine this with Auto-Tarukaja, which essentially means you have 3 rounds of damage being buffed in every battle, and you have the recipe for a monster mid game fighter. Give it one additional physical skill – Bash type preferably – and your auto attack will ensure coverage of every physical weakness available!

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Twin Shot, a medium pierce skill that hits twice.
  • Innately knows Zionga, the medium single target Elec skill.
  • Learns Power Charge, which buffs your next physical attack by 2.5 times, at level 29.
  • Learns Auto-Tarukaja at level 31, which gives you three rounds of increased damage at the start of every battle (in which Setanta is initially equipped).
  • Also learns Resist Fire at level 32, which is its only weakness outside of Curse.
  • Further still, it’ll learn Auto-Sukukaja at level 33, which gives you three rounds of increased Agility, boosting hit rate and dodge!


Flauros, Persona 3 Portable

Next up we have a replacement for yet another party member: Junpei. Unlike our first option, we wouldn’t be too concerned about you leaving the brash lad behind, because he’ll struggle throughout Persona 3 Portable, never really finding his groove in the team when compared to others. It’s telling that, outside of raw normal attacks that scale with a massive two-handed sword, Flauros performs just as well as Junpei in pretty much every way at this point.

As you might imagine, he does this by providing powerful physical skills alongside a helping of fire. The former is provided by Gale Slash, which is a medium damage physical skill that hits every single enemy, and Mighty Swing that does more of the same to a single target. Fire is then tackled with the Agilao skill, which is the medium single target skill, and all of this is topped off with Auto-Sukukaja skill, meaning you’ll start the battle with higher Agility and as such, much less of a chance to miss! All of this combines to make Flauros the perfect Junpei replacement, and just a powerful persona to have in your team regardless.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Gale Slash, the medium all target physical skill.
  • Innately knows Agilao, the medium single target fire skill.
  • Learns Auto-Sukukaja at level 34, increasing Agility for 3 rounds (no more ridiculous misses on physical skills!).
  • Learns Mighty Swing at level 37, the medium single target physical skill.


Seiryuu, Persona 3 Portable

Speaking of ideal character replacements, and indeed those that have very useful skills in particular blocks of Tartarus, our next choice is Seiryuu. This persona is an ideal choice for those that have decided to remove Yukari, because it contributes pretty much everything that she will at this point, or at least pretty much everything that you’d find useful from Yukari. You will lack a group heal, however it’s pretty easy to get your hands on Media at the moment, and Yukari will not learn Mediarama until level 43, so you’re not missing all that much to be honest.

As you might imagine, what you’re getting here is some powerful Wind spells and a few more supportive options. Wind is taken care of via the combination of Garula and Magarula, which are the medium versions of single and group target Wind spells, and the healing is provided in the form of Diarama, which restores a big chunk of health to a single party member. Better still, Sieryuu will learn the debuffing Matarunda skill, which lowers the damage of every single enemy for three rounds, something that’ll come in very handy versus some sub bosses that feature multiple targets.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Garula, the medium single target Wind spell.
  • Innately knows Matarunda, the group attack debuff.
  • Learns Magarula at level 37, the medium group target Wind spell.
  • Learns Diarama at level 39, the medium single target heal.



Thoth, Persona 3 Portable

As you progress through the mid game portion of P3P, you will notice that the requirement for Light or Dark attacks becomes more and more prominent. Enemies will appear that have no weakness other than this, and given that physical attacks really aren’t functioning at their full power until the late game, it would be a good idea to get your hands on some personas that can help you attack these weaknesses. Of those on offer, one of our favourite options is Thoth, which satisfies some of these requirements and much, much more. Granted, you’ll need to keep up with the Velvet Room requests to unlock it, but it’s worth it for the sheer amount of options available to this persona in particular.

Firstly, Thoth has access to Mahama, which is a very useful group Light instant death attack. This is a lot more useful than you might imagine at this point in the game, especially versus some awkward red shadows that you’ll begin to encounter. Further to this however, Thoth will also learn Zionga and Mazionga, which are the medium versions of both group and single target Elec spells. Were this not enough, Thoth will also learn Megido, which is a powerful Almighty spell that hits every enemy and ignores weaknesses, and it’ll even learn the powerful group heal Mediarama at level 46! Truly, this is one of the best persona in the entire game for it’s level, and it’s one that makes doing those requests absolutely worthwhile.

Persona Benefits

  • Innately knows Zionga, the single target medium Elec skill.
  • Innately knows Mahama, the group Light instant death skill.
  • Learns Mazionga at level 44, the group medium Elec skill.
  • Learns Megido at level 45, the medium Almighty skill.
  • Learns Mediarama at level 46, the medium group heal.
  • Just an awesome all-round persona for the mid to late game transition!

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