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Endgame Skills Worth Fusing For | Persona 3 Portable

The endgame portion of a Persona title is, arguably, the most entertaining part. Various Arcana have been maxed, the compendium has fully opened up and your creative juices can flow as you fuse to your heart’s content. Your party members will begin to fade into the background, whilst your protagonist becomes ever more powerful thanks to ultimate persona, skill cards and nigh infinite scaling of statistics. So, how should you build your main character? Which skills should you aim for, that will really make the difference against the toughest of targets?

Most of these skills will require level 10 Arcana to unlock. Head over to this Persona fusion calculator to see all of the recipes for the persona detailed below.


  • Full heal and removal of all ailments, for all allies.
Yukari, Persona 3 Portable

Salvation is the perfect example of the protagonist out-scaling your regular party members. Where someone like Yukari will eventually access Mediarahan, which is a full HP heal, and numerous members have an ailment cleanse of sorts, no member has access to a spell that does both in one. That is, apart from the protagonist. 

Now, you could argue that this is not necessary, after all there are plenty of spells and items that accomplish the same thing, but why not have the option available to you? The protagonist can have a huge bank of persona available to them, so it’s worth grabbing this skill, even as a backup to a main healer. You never know when an awkward encounter or boss might disable your party members, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in battle, watching your ailing team gradually being chipped to death by an unusual enemy.

Fusion Details

  • Sandalphon learns Salvation at Level 83
  • Vishnu learns Salvation at level 86
  • Helel learns Salvation at level 94
  • Messiah learns Salvation at level 93
  • (Skill Card) – Vishnu will grant the Salvation skill card.


Victory Cry

  • Recover 100% HP and SP after battle.
Junpei, Persona 3 Portable

This is likely to be the most self-explanatory skill in our article today, but it’s worth noting just how useful Victory Cry is towards the end of Persona 3 Portable. By the time you get this far, you’re likely to have gathered a remarkable amount of powerful skills and spells, but you might feel slightly hampered by their costs. You could probably completely remove most random battles if you could bring yourself to spend the SP or HP every time, right? Well look no further; grabbing Victory Cry will allow you to spam massive Almighty spells or huge physical attacks without worrying about your resources. Hell, you can even just switch over to your persona with Victory Cry active before the battle ends and get a free full restore!

Fusion Details

  • Beelzebub learns Victory Cry at level 87
  • Shiva learns Victory Cry at level 88
  • Lucifer learns Victory Cry at level 95
  • Orpheus Telos learns Victory Cry at level 97
  • (Skill Card) – Orpheus Telos will grant the Victory Cry Skill Card

Arms Master & Spell Master

  • Halves HP or SP costs.
Aigis, Persona 3 Portable

Unfortunately, it’s highly impractical to use our previous choice – Victory Cry – on every single persona that you have in your arsenal. It’s not impossible of course, but getting up to those high levels and indeed getting enough money to do so is quite the undertaking. That said, both Arms Master and Spell Master are a fantastic way to reduce both your HP and SP costs by 50% respectively. 

Not only do these skills require less commitment, because they’re available on persona at a much lower level, but they also influence your currently active battle, rather than being a passive that waits until it’s over. Arms Master in particular is essentially a survival skill, ensuring that you remain as healthy as possible, even whilst spamming your most powerful physical skill round after round. 

Fusion Details

  • Siegfried learns Arms Master at level 65
  • Bishamonten learns Arms Master at level 67
  • Masakado learns Arms Master at level 79
  • Chi You learns Arms Master at level 92
  • (Skill Card) – Chi You will grant the Arms Master Skill Card
  • Odin learns Spell Master at level 65
  • Cybele learns Spell Master at level 75
  • Asura learns Spell Master at level 91
  • Lucifer learns Spell Master at level 93
  • (Skill Card) – Lucifer will grant the Spell Master Skill Card


  • Severe damage to all enemies.
Mitsuru, Persona 3 Portable

Whilst Persona 3 Portable is known to be quite different to more modern Persona titles, it remains true to form in one sense: Almighty spells are very powerful. So much so that its most powerful group option – Megidolaon – doesn’t become available until you approach personas that occupy very, very high levels, starting at level 88. In fact, given its power here in P3P, it probably makes sense that their damage was reduced somewhat in later titles.

Anyway, having given you some great options for reducing resource costs, or indeed completely restoring them, you’ll no doubt be looking for something to spend them on. Look no further than Megidolaon, otherwise known as the most powerful all-targeting Almighty spell in P3P. With this, you can wave goodbye to your random battle difficulties, and pairing it with one of our above resource saving passives will mean you can fling it around as much as you want!

Fusion Details

  • Asura learns Megidolaon at level 88
  • Metatron learns Megidolaon at level 90
  • Lucifer learns Megidolaon at level 91
  • Messiah innately knows Megidolaon
  • (Skill Card) – Messiah will grant the Megidolaon Skill Card


Unshaken Will

  • Immune to all ailments.
Protagonist, Persona 3 Portable

There’s nothing worse than getting fully prepared for a Tartarus trip, grabbing your best equipment, a strong selection of persona and your favourite party members, and then being rocked by your very first encounter that happened to be filled with ailment-inducing opponents. Nothing removes your enthusiasm for a dungeon diving session quicker than an ailment ending your game early.

Items and equipment can help of course, but why not simply fuse in complete immunity? You’ll have to be patient and work hard, but eventually accessing the Asura persona will allow you to grab the skill card version, and by using the compendium registry you will be able to grab multiple copies of it. This, combined with the fact that Asura also knows Megidolaon and Spell Master, actually makes this persona quite a nice option alone in the endgame, or at least a great starting point for more skill cards to be loaded onto.

Fusion Details

  • Asura innately knows Unshaken Will
  • (Skill Card) – Asura will grant the Unshaken Will Skill Card

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