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Powerful Late Game Protagonist Builds | Persona 3 Portable

Building yourself a powerful Protagonist is key in any Persona title, and the same is true in Persona 3 Portable. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that it’s more important here than more modern titles in the series, because the customization options afforded to other party members is minimal at best. As the game progresses, the gap between your main character and the other members will grow, particularly when you gain access to more powerful skills that they cannot. That said, we’ve put together a few builds for the protagonist that we’ve found useful in the late game of P3P.

Side note: We’re well aware of the super powerful abilities available at the absolute end game of Persona 3 Portable, and we’ll perhaps write about those at a later date, but these skills and builds are designed for those approaching the end of the story portion of the game.

Healing Build

Protagonist, Persona 3 Portable
  • Amrita – (Cures all ailments for all allies)
  • Mediarahan – (Full HP restored to all allies)
  • Invigorate 3 – (7 SP restored every round)
  • Cool Breeze – (Restore 8% HP and SP after battle)
  • Endure – (Survive lethal attack with 1 HP once per battle)

We’ve written excessively about the power of party members in Persona 3, but it’s worth reiterating that the power of your protagonist will overtake them rather easily, especially in the late game. Yukiko and Ken can make for good healers, but there are very powerful skills that they miss out on, a great deal of which can make your life a lot easier. 

During late game Tartarus jaunts, and indeed the bosses that inhabit it, you’ll likely find yourself struggling for both healing throughput and SP. This build is designed to counter both, by including a full heal in the form of Mediarahan and SP restoration through both Invigorate 3 and Cool Breeze. Technically these can both be trumped by things like Victory Cry and Spell Master, but you’re unlikely to access these without significant post game grinding. That said, this build will grant you a powerful healing protagonist that will likely last a great deal longer than any regular party member. Endure is a great value skill too, because the last thing you want is your protagonist biting the dust, especially when they’re your current healer. 

Fusion Guidance

To make things a little easier, the Scathach persona learns both Amrita and Invigorate 3, which makes it a great persona to start using when forming your healer. Alternatively, the Kohryu persona learns both Mediarahan and Invigorate 3, which means it can also be used as a great starting point for your healing persona.

  • Amrita – Skill card from the Scathach persona.
  • Mediarahan – Skill card from the Yurlunger persona.
  • Invigorate 3 – Trade 7 x Amethysts at the Antique Shop.
  • Cool Breeze – Skill card from the Ose persona.
  • Endure – Skill card from the Hell Biker persona.


Magical Build

Female Protagonist, Persona 3 Portable
  • Thunder Reign – (Severe Elec damage to one foe, 100% shock chance) – Odin
  • Spell Master – (Halves all SP costs) Odin
  • Elec Amp – (Elec Damage x 1.5) – Odin
  • Mind Charge – (Next magical attack deals 2.5x more damage)
  • ‘Heavy’ elemental spells.
  • ‘Amp’ elemental passives.

We’ll preface this build by noting that you will need to max level one particular Arcana, this being the Emperor, which does mean spending some time with Hidetoshi Odagiri during your playthrough. Regardless of your feelings for said supervisor however, the resultant persona – Odin – is one of the absolute best in the entirety of Persona 3 Portable, particularly for casting spells.

The main benefit on offer here is the Spell Master skill, which is otherwise only available through very high level persona. By using this half SP skill as a base, you can build a powerful spell casting persona, and the fact that Odin already has access to both the ‘severe’ single target Elec spell Thunder Reign and Elec Amp means that it’ll already do tremendous damage with this element. Take this starting point and go wild with whatever magical spells that you want, be it elemental with more Amp skills or even throwing Almighty versions on there.

Fusion Guidance

Fuse the Odin persona. Seriously, do it now. This has access to three of the very best spell caster skills noted above, albeit focused on Elec damage. You can add the following elemental skills to this persona, or even mix in a few of these will some more ‘Amp’ passives, to power up more damage types. Selecting a few of these, placing them on Odin and applying the ‘Amp’ skills, will result in one persona that applies multiple elemental spells, all powered up by 1.5x and costing 50% less SP!

  • Agidyne – Skill card from the Seth persona.
  • Fire Amp – Skill card from the Kumbhanda persona.
  • Garudyne – Skill card from the Pazuzu persona.
  • Wind Amp – Skill card from the Ganesha persona.
  • Bufudyne – Skill card from the Parvati persona.
  • Ice Amp – Skill card from the Titania persona.
  • Mind Charge – Skill card from the Atropos persona.


Physical Build

Protagonist, Persona 3 Portable
  • Vorpal Blade – (Heavy damage to all foes, 50% boost when ‘Great’) – Siegfried
  • Power Charge – (Next physical attack deals 2.5x damage) – Siegfried
  • Arms Master – (Halves HP costs) – Siegfried
  • Auto-Mataru – (Begin the battle with Matarukaja)
  • Tempest Slash – (Heavy damage to one foe, 1-2 hits)

Our physical build for the protagonist is another that requires maximising an Arcana (or, technically, being clever by fusing the 3 persona of the same arcana directly below this) but the results are once again worth it. This time we’re focusing on the physical side of the equation, and we’ve chosen Siegfried because it comes with a tremendous amount of skills that we consider essential for such things.

Arms Master is a given really, after all who doesn’t want to half the amount of health used when casting these physical skills, and Power Charge is a natural addition which, along with Vorpal Blade, means that Siegfried is capable of dealing tremendous damage on it’s own. To build on this we like to grat Auto-Mataru, which will automatically apply the group damage buff at the start of battle, and Tempest Slash for dealing big damage to a group of enemies. All of this makes the build excellent at dealing with random battles, whilst also having the capability to deal good damage to bosses.

Fusion Guidance

Like our previous option, fuse the Siegfried persona either by maximising the Strength arcana social link, or fuse the three Strength type just below Siegfried and hope. Either way, you’ll have access to the most important skills already once you have done this, and you can choose to add further skills to your taste. 

  • Auto-Mataru – Skill card from the Melchizedek persona.
  • Tempest Slash – Skill card from the Masakado persona.

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