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Healers Ranked Worst To Best | Persona 3 Portable

Restoring lost health, either through a healer or other methods, is crucial in any Persona game. As much as we might like to think that we’re all JRPG pros, highly skilled and uniquely positioned to fuse/capture/summon ‘em all, we all invariably take damage, thus necessitating some form of healing. Thankfully the Persona series tends to stick to its roots and features party members capable of contributing to health restoration, but they’re not all created equally, and unlike more modern titles their skills cannot be modified. All that being said, of those that have healing available to them, which party members are best suited to take care of an ailing team?

4. Akihiko, Mitsuru & Aigis

Akihiko, Persona 3 Portable

Realistically, none of these three members are going to be your main party healer. This is because they only have access to single target healing skills, like Dia or Diarama and such. Technically speaking, it may be possible to push your way through the entirety of Persona 3 Portable with these skills, perhaps with the addition of some powerful healing items too, but it’s hardly effective or indeed efficient to do so.

Rather, these should be used as ‘spot healers’. They’re members that can, if required, contribute to the health restoration options in the party. In this regard they come recommended, because ailments and such always pose the risk of disabling your main source of healing, likely chosen from those further down the list. As noted, healing items can alleviate this, and we’ll certainly recommend doing some kind of challenge run where only items are used to heal, but it’s no coincidence that these three party members are also considered some of the best in the game.

Healer Highlights

  • These members only have access to single target heals, and singular incidences of ailment removal skills.
  • They’ll function as ‘spot healers’, where their powerful single target skills are used to help in crisis moments, during which your main healer is struggling or incapacitated.
  • Each of these have other strengths that they bring to the party, like damage, buffs or debuffs, the latter of which technically contribute by reducing damage taken. These are not available to some full healers detailed below, so combining them is best.


3. Ken

Ken, Persona 3 Portable

One of the latest joining members in Persona 3 Portable, Ken is one of only two party members that join and have the ability to heal multiple members with one skill. He does not join with a group heal, however once he reaches level 37 he will gain access to Mediarama, which is likely the most useful healing spell in the game. Further levelling will see him learn a few resurrect spells, single target heals and eventually gain access to Mediarahan, the full party 100% heal. Overall, he has an excellent selection of healing skills. Why then, we hear you ask, is he in third place? 

For Ken it comes down to the additional, ‘nice to have’ skills. In place of a powerful element, like our next choice, Ken has access to a mixture of Bless and physical Pierce skills, neither of which are very good. The former have an instant death chance attached to them, meaning they deal no damage in exchange, and the latter will not deal levels of damage that a committed damaging character will. Worse too is that Ken has no ailment cleanse included in his kit, meaning you’ll need to find this elsewhere. All of this lends his kit a feel of being incomplete; he can technically slot in and provide some benefits, but doesn’t approach more focused characters in their given roles.

Healer Highlights

  • Has access to powerful group and single target heals.
  • Unfortunately lacks an ability to remove ailments, which means you’ll need to bring another source of this.
  • The remainder of his kit consists of Bless and Pierce skills, of which the former are virtually useless and shouldn’t be relied upon, and the latter aren’t too powerful.
  • He feels like an incomplete character when it comes to skills, and lacks nice additions like buffs or debuffs. They even gave him a singular Elec skill to attempt to compensate, unsuccessfully.

2. Yukari

Yukari, Persona 3 Portable

Before we get too deep into the skills that Yukari possesses, it’s worth noting that she’s essentially with you from the very start of Persona 3 Portable, which automatically gives her a slight advantage in our eyes. Sure, a later joining character can turn up with nice skills, but Yukari helped to push you through the early game, which is very valuable by itself. 

She accomplishes this, alongside providing them for the entire game it must be said, by having pretty much everything a healer needs, whilst contributing more value at the same time. Not only does she have access to huge group heals, including Media, Mediarama and Mediarahan, but she can also resurrect and remove a lot of ailments through Charmdi and Me Patra.  Alongside this, Yukari also provides powerful Wind attacks, which are much more useful than the Bless that Ken provides, and her basic attack also provides Pierce, thanks to her use of Bows. Outside of our number one choice – which is likely rather obvious by now – Yukari is the best healer you can bring with you to Tartarus.

Healer Highlights

  • Yukari has access to powerful single and group target heals, which she provides from the very start of the game.
  • She also brings a couple of ailment removal skills, which come in handy.
  • Her skills include powerful Wind spells.
  • Attacks from Yukari count as Pierce attacks, which means she can access two weaknesses alongside her WInd.


1. Protagonist

Protagonist, Persona 3 Portable

Long time players of the Persona series will no doubt have seen this coming. That plus the fact that we nominated the Protagonist as the very best party member in Persona 3 Portable. Such things might seem obvious, but it’s always worth noting just how much better than the other party members that the main character can be. This tends to be the case because the Protagonist is the ultimate in creativity. They’re able to fuse their own persona, each with their own skill list, and thus take the form of pretty much anything you might require, from healing to damage, buffs to debuffs. 

In the case of healing in Persona 3 Portable however, there skills completely absent from regular party members that make a great deal of difference. Amrita for example, is not available on the canon healers, and it’s the only skill that removes all ailments from all party members. Salvation too, which fully heals and cleanses the entire party, is only available on the protagonist. They can even learn crucial early game heals like Media much, much earlier than any regular party member! The bottom line is, after all, that one press of a button turns the protagonist into the best healer, or the best damage source, debuffer or buffer. They top every single list because they’re that damned powerful!

Healer Highlights

  • Access to powerful healing skills like Salvation and Amrita, that cannot be accessed by any party member outside of the Protagonist.
  • The protagonist has ultimate creativity, and can turn from healer into damage source at the press of a button.
  • Fused persona can be altered further through Skill Cards, allowing you to build the ultimate healing persona without restriction.
  • They can also learn Divine Grace, which is a passive skill that multiplies healing done by 2x, Spell Master that halves all SP costs and even Victory Cry, which restores all HP and SP after every battle!

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