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4 Essential Skill Cards | Persona 3 Portable

Getting creative with Skill Cards is one of the true joys in a Persona title. Sure, in the early portion of these games you’re thrown enough information to write a small novella, but after a few dungeon runs go by you will be itching to modify things even further. This is where the Skill Cards come into play, which are essentially free skills that can be transferred between your persona. Unfortunately, in Persona 3 Portable these cannot be applied to your teammates, but with a huge desk of possible protagonist persona, there’s more than enough opportunities for powerful skills to be gathered. Following are four of our favourites from throughout P3P.

Remember: If you register a persona at 1 level below which they give their skill card, you can re-summon them from the compendium again and again, granting you multiple copies of valuable skill cards!

4. Media & Mediarama

Yukari, Persona 3 Portable
  • Restores 40 / 140 HP to all allies.

In our article regarding early persona in P3P, we extolled the virtues of fusing one that has access to the Media spell, which is a heal that targets the entire group. We did so because it’s available very early, at least relative to the party member that would otherwise unlock it (Yukari). We’re not talking about a small gap in time either; it takes almost 10 more levels to get your hands on this without fusion, which is rather extreme.

That said, you’ll likely want to keep upgrading your team of persona, not least because their statistics directly influence yours, but doing so runs the risk of losing some essential skills. In steps the Skill Card system then, in which a persona will grant you a particular skill in the form of a card, with which you can apply said skill to another persona. Given that healing in particular is rather slow to unlock, and often requires more than one source, grabbing cards for both Media and Mediarama will serve you well in the early and mid game.

Skill Card Persona Fusion

Media requires either the Sati or Principality persona.

  • Fuse a High Pixie and an Ares to get the Sati persona.
  • Alternatively, fuse Chimera and Valkyrie to get the Principality persona.

Mediarama requires the Saki Mitama persona.

  • Fuse a Shiisaa and an Orthrus to get the Saki Mitama persona.


3. Swift Strike

Junpei, Persona 3 Portable
  • Light (95) damage to all foes, hits 1-3 times.

Having previously discussed just how powerful some magic can be in Persona 3 Portable, you’d be excused for thinking that we’ve forgotten about physical attacks. Such things are far from the truth, because physical skills still have the potential to deal tremendous amounts of damage, especially with the right setup.

That being the case, we’re not going to bother recommending powerful end game skills, but rather one that becomes available very early on. At around level 23, you’ll be able to access the Titan persona, through which the Swift Strike skill card can be found. This is a perennial favourite of the SMT crowd, and for good reason too. At this point in the game, having a skill that hits up to three times and deals such high amounts of damage is incredible. Combining this with our number one choice will make for easy random battles in the early and mid game.

Skill Card Persona Fusion

Swift Strike requires the Titan persona.

  • Fuse an Oberon and a Naga to get the Titan persona.
  • Alternatively, fuse Take-Minakata and a Unicorn to get the Titan persona.

2. Me Patra & Amrita

Mitsuru, Persona 3 Portable
  • (Me Patra) Cures Panic, Fear and Distress to all allies.
  • (Amrita) Cures all ailments to all allies.

Akin to our first recommendation, the ability to remove ailments from your allies is also gated behind levels, at least for those relying upon party members. In this case however, Me Patra will eventually be learned, but Amrita isn’t learned by anybody at all. We’re not about to call Persona 3 Portable a bad game for ailments, after all it has nothing on certain SMT or Etrian titles, but progressing through Tartarus will certainly see them become more and more prevalent. That said, it’s a good idea to always keep a group cleanse of sorts in your pocket, and the best way to do so is by grabbing skill cards for both Me Patra and Amrita. The latter isn’t available until quite late on, but it’s priceless once it becomes available, and it’ll save you countless turns and item uses when it does so.

Skill Card Persona Fusion

Me Patra requires the Clotho persona.

  • Fuse an Oumitsunu and an Orthrus to get the Clotho persona.

Amrita requires the Scathach persona.

  • Fuse a Decarabia and a Kumbhanda to get the Scathach persona.


1. Auto-Tarukaja & Auto-Mataru

Aigis, Persona 3 Portable
  • Begin battle with Tarukaja (Attack raised for 3 turns, Protagonist)
  • Begin battle with Matarukaja (Attack raised for 3 turns for all allies)

Whilst we do understand that it can be awkward to keep switching persona around, it’s absolutely worth it to activate some of the excellent ‘Auto’ skills available. In fact, we’d argue that something as powerful as Matarukaja, the Auto version at least, is worth having on more than one of your personas in stock.

It’s worth noting that you can absolutely gather all three party buffs and have them active on the same persona, though we’d argue that of the three Matarukaja is the most important. Not only will this ensure that your entire team is already capable of dealing damage to bosses, but it’ll also make random battles much, much easier to deal with. Even the base version, which only buffs your protagonist, is worth getting your hands on, especially if you combine it with Swift Strike in the early and mid game. In almost every Atlus RPG game party buffs are very powerful, and P3P is no different, so having them automatically cast is tremendously powerful throughout the game.

Skill Card Persona Fusion

Auto-Tarukaja requires the Oumitsunu persona.

  • Fuse a Tam Lin and a Power to get the Oumitsunu persona.

Auto-Mataru requires the Melchizedek persona.

  • Fuse a Decarabia and a Kikuri-Hime to get the Melchizedek persona.

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