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How To Defeat Rare Shadows | Persona 3 Portable

Learning to defeat the rare enemies located in Persona 3 Portable’s Tartarus is a requirement of numerous requests from the Velvet Room. In other games, defeating an unusual foe may simply consist of a more difficult battle, however the rare enemies here, which all take the form of hand shaped critters, is a little different. Somewhat akin to the Metal Slime of a Dragon Quest title, they have a relatively small amount of health, but are capable of dodging almost all of your attacks thanks to their massive statistics. The following then, is our advice for taking down these tricky beasts.

Defeating Rare Shadows

Rare Shadow Battle, Persona 3 Portable

In order to defeat a rare enemy in Persona 3 Portable, you’re going to have to employ some rather different tactics. Every single rare type in Persona 3 Portable will have the maximum possible Agility and Luck, meaning that they’ll often avoid pretty much anything that you do. Happily, the RNG spinner will sometimes settle on your side of the equation and you’ll be able to damage them. That said, they do actually have a pool of HP, rather than simply falling over if you happen to catch them, so you will have to deal some damage. That being the case, we’d recommend the following skills:

  • They have no elemental weakness, so spells are out of the question. Additionally, they have no modifier which acts against the dodge chance.
  • Physical skills often have a critical chance modifier, which will roll against the miss chance from statistics. This makes them a viable way to attempt to damage the opponent. They will also do more damage than a regular attack.
  • If you do not have physical skills on a party member, opting for a regular attack is better than anything else. Mitsuru seems to do a very good job with this in the early game.
  • They will fall over like other opponents if they are struck by a critical strike that doesn’t kill them, and a subsequent All Out Attack cannot miss.
  • If you’re aiming to farm these things for any reason, it’s worth optimising your equipment for accuracy via agility, and critical chance via luck.


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