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The 5 Best Nuke Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Making a jump to P5 from Persona 2, the Nuke series of spells is the next in our sights. Having even more spells at your disposal can only be a good thing, but we’ll admit that Nuke in particular stands out from the crowd, thanks to their ability to Technical enemies suffering from Burn, Shock or Freeze status. Additionally, they are part of the kit possessed by best girl Mokoto. Anyway, let’s get diving into the 5 absolute best Nuke options throughout Persona 5 Royal shall we?

Persona #5: Makami

Nuke Persona Makami, Persona 5 Royal

Assuming you’re not grinding like a madman, you’ll naturally happen upon the Nuke series of spells around half way through the second palace. As you might expect you’ll also start to notice some enemies are weak to it too, in particular the physical and gun immune Shiki-Ouji (the big lad that looks like he’s made out of paper). It’d be a good idea then, to get your hands on something proficient in Nuke, and you need look no further than Makami.

The benefits of this Persona are numerous. Not only does it have access to the weak single target Nuke spell, Frei, but it also learns the multi target version, Mafrei, at level 17. On top of this, it’s trait – Skillful Technique – means that you’ll deal 25% more damage when completing a Technical hit, which your Nuke spells will activate against enemies inflicted with Burn, Freeze or Shock.

Nuke Highlights

  • Has the single target Nuke spell Frei at base level.
  • Learns the multi target Nuke spell Mafrei at level 17.
  • It’s trait – Skillful Technique – makes Technical attacks deal 25% more damage.
  • Nuke spells will activate a Technical against enemies afflicted with Burn, Freeze or Shock.


Persona #4: Phoenix

Nuke Persona Phoenix, Persona 5 Royal

Honestly, we tend to like leaving a good gap between our Persona choices in these articles. There are only 5 slots going and 90 plus levels to cover after all, but occasionally we find one that cannot be ignored, almost deliberately positioned out of order. Setanta is another example of this, giving you early access to the coveted Charge spell. Similarly, Phoenix allows you some very powerful Nuke skills and passives at a very early stage.

For starters, this Persona has access to both the single target and group versions of the medium Nuke spells, Freila and Mafreila. Predicting that you’ll be taking advantage of these, the developers have been kind enough to also give Phoenix the Atomic Bloodline trait, which reduces the cost of Nuke spells by 50%. Were that not enough, it even learns Nuke Boost at level 25, increasing the damage of those spells by 25%!

Nuke Highlights

  • Comes equipped with Freila, the medium single target Nuke spell.
  • Learns the group version of this, Mafreila, at level 26.
  • Nuke Boost, which increases their damage by 25%, is learned at level 25.
  • Has the Atomic Bloodline trait, making Nuke spells cost 50% less.

Persona #3: Ananta

Nuke Persona Ananta, Persona 5 Royal

We really enjoy it when spell types progress in a natural fashion. To that end, the Ananta Persona is the ideal follow up for Phoenix, possessing skills that step it up just a little further as you progress through the mid game. We’ll admit there is a bit of a gap, but this is more of a testament to the power of Phoenix than anything else. You’ll have to wait quite a while, a good 20 levels or so, but there really isn’t anything worthy in between.

Ananta too comes with the Atomic Bloodline, reducing the Nuke spell costs by 50%. The similarities do not end there, with it also coming with the medium group Nuke spell Mafreila. Things start to change as you give it some levels however, because it’ll learn the heavy single target Nuke spell Freidyne at 49, and Nuke Boost at level 50. Realistically there isn’t a great deal of difference between this and the last choice, but those extra levels will boost your Magic stat quite a bit, and the heavy spell really makes the difference.

Nuke Highlights

  • Has the Atomic Bloodline trait, reducing Nuke spell costs by 50%.
  • Comes with the group medium Nuke spell, Mafreila.
  • Learns the heavy single target Nuke spell, Freidyne, at level 49.
  • Learns Nuke Boost at level 50.


Persona #2: Lilith

Nuke Persona Lilith, Persona 5 Royal

Another bit of a jump here, but things are really starting to get interesting now. You’ll likely be towards the end of the base Persona 5 game before you manage to grab one of these, but if you’re serious about your Nuke spells then you don’t want to miss out. It’s also worth noting at this point that some judicious fusing of Ananta, with a Queen Mab or a Rangda for example, will net you the Lilith Persona.

To business then, and we’ll first note the one Nuke piece that’s missing from the puzzle: Lilith has no Nuke specific trait. This kind of thing being missing is usually a deal breaker for us, but it does come with the Mighty Gaze trait instead, which increases group target magic damage by 20%, so it’s not all bad. In terms of actually Nuke spells, Lilith comes with the heavy single target version, Freidyne, and learns the group version, Mafreidyne, at level 62. Give it three more levels, all the way to 65, and it learns the Nuke Amp passive, which increases their damage by a whopping 50%. Stacked with it’s passive, this Persona is capable of dealing huge amounts of Nuke damage to entire groups.

Nuke Highlights

  • Has the heavy single target Nuke spell, Freidyne.
  • Learns the group version of this, Mafreidyne, at level 62.
  • Learns Nuke Amp at level 65, increasing Nuke damage by 50%.
  • Comes with the Mighty Gaze trait, increasing group spell damage by 20%.

Persona #1: Fafnir

Nuke Persona Fafnir, Persona 5 Royal

Finally we reach the pinnacle, the apex of Nuke Persona in Fafnir. Of course, this being level 92 you’re going to have to wait a while before you get your hands on it, and even power levellers will have to wait until the third semester, but once you’re there it’s wholly worth grabbing this one. As a quick aside, we often wonder if the heart affixed to it’s chest is a subtle nod toward the Portal series and it’s companion cube. Either that or we’re spending way too much time thinking about Persona… Probably the latter.

To battle then, where Fafnir really shines, and we must again note that the trait doesn’t quite line up exactly as we’d like, opting for Ailment Hunter rather than anything Nuke based. It’s not the worst trait in the game, since it increases damage done significantly for every enemy inflicted with an ailment, but the in practice it’s rarely useful. In terms of Nuke spells, it has access to both the single target and group severe Nuke spells, Atomic Flare and Cosmic Flare, both of which do massive damage. This damage is increased further once you reach level 90, since it learns Nuke Amp, increasing Nuke spell damage by 50%. It even garners extra credit by learning the legendary Debilitate spell, though there are better, earlier ways to get this.

Nuke Highlights

  • Comes with Cosmic Flare, which is the severe group Nuke spell.
  • Learns the single target version, Atomic Flare, at level 88.
  • Learns Nuke Amp at level 90, increasing Nuke damage by 50%.
  • Sadly no Nuke based passive.


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