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Tournaments – Are They Worth It? | Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is replete with optional, monthly activities. Every month the calendar is filled with content to complete, from birthdays to paralogues, seminars to side quests. One of our absolute favourite events however is the topic of our article today: Tournaments. These events allow the player to pit one of their team members against a gauntlet of opponents, some of which will be recognisable, and rewarding the player should their champion be successful. Taking part in these is not without detriment however – you’ll be required to spend precious time slots to complete it, which does raise the question, is it worth it?

Tournaments Detailed

Tournament Start Screen, Fire Emblem: Three Houses

You can partake in tournaments each and every month throughout Three Houses’ calendar. As you progress through these months, the tournaments will scale with your team, requiring higher weapon skills to qualify. It’s not unusual for your skills to be too low in the early portions of each month, but these will remain available, allowing you to complete some side quest battles or Paralogues before you return.

Tournament Types

  • Sword
  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Brawl
  • Reason

These are the six different types of tournament that you’ll be able to take on, however it’s worth noting that some of these will have the title of ‘House vs House Tournament’, in which you will take on members of an opposing house instead of a generic enemy. As noted, these will scale as you progress through the Three Houses timeline, to the point where late game events require an A+ skill in order to qualify. In every tournament version your opponent will wield the same weapon type, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when preparing your skills prior to the battle.

Tournament Rewards

  • Weapons
  • Seals
  • Professor EXP
  • Silver

Should you manage to be victorious, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of possible prizes. The majority of these tournaments will reward you with a powerful weapon from that family – a Silver Sword+ for example, from winning the Advanced Sword Tournament in month 10. The ‘House vs House’ versions differ slightly, since they will always reward you with a Seal, be it Intermediate or Advanced, and a few of the late game tournaments will also net you Master Seals. On top of this, all tournaments will reward you with a nominal amount of Silver and some professor experience points.


Are Tournaments Worth It?

Tournament Victory Screen, Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Tournaments are absolutely worth it. Not only do they reward you with a bit of Silver, but you’ll also get some weapons that you would otherwise have to forge, and you can even get your hands on some additional seals. Even if you consider all of these things a waste of time, getting professor experience points is always a good thing. Plus, you’re likely to have quite a bit of spare time as the game progresses, so why not use some of it to boost your armoury a little?

Should you be struggling to win these tournaments, it’s worth noting that your defensive statistics may be able to bring you a simple victory. If you’re fed up of sword or bow users randomly landing critical strikes on your star students, why not just throw a heavily armoured tank like Balthus or Dedue in there? They’ll easily soak up all of the damage whilst doing enough damage to deal with the opponents.

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