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The 5 Best Bless Persona | Persona 5 Royal

The Bless type of Persona is the first to mark a real difference in the spell types of Persona 5 Royal. Where our prior elemental choices scaled all the way up to the ‘Severe’ rank of spells, the Bless and Curse types do not, rather they include a secondary set of spells that have a chance to cause instant death. As a result of this, and indeed the rather underwhelming performance if instant death spells in P5R, they tend not to scale all too well, at least outside of some niche DLC options. They are still useful for the majority of the game however, so let’s give them the same treatment shall we, and rank the 5 that we think are the best throughout your Royal journey.

Persona #5: Angel

Persona 5 Royal, Bless Persona, Angel

In keeping with our series so far our first choice is the earliest reasonable option for accessing the Persona in question. When it comes to Bless spells, there is no early game party member with access to these, so it falls to Joker to plug this hole. That being said, our first choice is the Angel Persona, an opponent players will surely recognise from the latter portions of the first palace.

As you might imagine, this Persona being level 9 means that the pickings for skills are rather slim, but it’s not without highlights. It comes with the basic single target Bless spell, Kouha, and has the ability to boost it’s damage with the Skilful Combo trait, which increases damage done after a Baton Pass. This is all the Bless you’re going to get at this low level, but Angel does come with the single target heal, Dia, so it does have some further utility.

Bless Highlights

  • Comes with the single target Bless spell, Kouha.
  • It’s Skilful Combo trait will increase damage after a Baton Pass.
  • Has some additional utility, including the basic single target heal, Dia.
  • Fuse with a Shiisaa to get the next Persona in our list.


Persona #4: Nigi Mitama

Persona 5 Royal, Bless Persona, Nigi Mitama

Speaking of slim pickings, our next choice is the Nigi Mitama Persona. It’s likely that you’ll be able to fuse this at some point between Palace 2 and Palace 3, and the lull in Bless skills continues to be prevalent even here. We’d like to echo our previous tip above – by using the Angel Persona in a fusion to make this one, you’ll be able to pass on the single target Bless attack, increasing the usefulness of Nigi Mitama significantly.

This particular Persona has one main highlight: Access to the basic group Bless attack, Makouha, which will come in very handy in the third palace in particular. Outside of this it does come with some nice support abilities, including two useful debuff removing skills, but aside from this you’ll be left bereft of significant Bless spells, hence our tip to fuse Angel into this and pass on the single target version.

We did consider including some of the Bless options at this level that include instant death attacks, but they’re so underwhelming and unnecessary in P5R that we decided against it.

Bless Highlights

  • Has the group Bless spell, Makouha.
  • Comes with some nice debuff clearing abilities.
  • If fused from Angel, can also access the single target Bless spell, Kouha.

Persona #3: Mitra

Persona 5 Royal, Bless Persona, Mitra

Alright, our next Persona really starts to get the Bless things moving a little. Mitra is the first real powerhouse of this particular spell type, so we’d recommend getting your hands on it as soon as possible. You’ll be able to find Mitra around the fourth Palace level, though if you’re anything like us you’ll be fusing things before you even encounter them. In any case, if you’re serious about optimising your spell book, grab this one ASAP.

In terms of abilities, Mitra comes with the Blessed Bloodline trait which halves the cost of Bless skills – good start. At base level it will come with the medium single target Bless attack, Kouga, and the weak instant death group attack, Mahama. Things really get interesting when you give it some levels however, because it will learn the medium group bless attack – Makouga – at level 34, and even Bless Boost at level 36, which increases your Bless damage by 25%!

Bless Highlights

  • Comes with the medium single target Bless attack, Kouga.
  • Will learn the group Bless attack, Makouga, at level 34.
  • Learns Bless Boost at level 36, increasing Bless damage by 25%.
  • Also comes with Mahama, the weak group instant death attack.


Persona #2: Dominion

Persona 5 Royal, Bless Persona, Dominion

We fully appreciate that the gap between Mitra and our current choice – Dominion – is quite a large one. In fact, you’re going to have to wait a full Palace or two before you get your hands on our next highlight, but in our defence we only have 5 slots and there are a lot of Persona in P5R! Anyway, you’re likely to be able to get your hands on this one towards the end of the base P5 game, prior to the third semester. Whether you do or not will depend on exactly who you expect to have in your party during said third semester…

Regardless, Dominion is a bit of a Bless beast. Not only does it come with the usual cost-halving Blessed Bloodline trait, but it also has access to the heavy single target Bless attack, Kougaon, and it will learn the group version of this at level 70! It also comes with the medium instant kill attack Hamaon, learns the group version Mahamaon at level 72, and even boosts the chances of instant death working with the Hama Boost passive, learnt at level 71! We’re a little disappointed at the lack of Bless Boost or Amp, but otherwise Dominion has a great deal of Bless power available to it.

Bless Highlights

  • Access to both single target and group heavy Bless attacks, Kougaon and Makougaon.
  • Will learn both single target and group medium instant death Bless attacks, Hamaon and Mahamaon.
  • Has the Blessed Bloodline trait, reducing Bless costs by 50%.
  • Learns Hama Boost, which increases the chance of instant death attacks being successful.
  • Fused along with 5 other Persona to make our final choice…

Persona #1: Metatron

Persona 5 Royal, Bless Persona, Metatron

After our… Interesting time with the max level Wind Persona, we were hoping for something a little better to slot into the top of our Bless list. Alas, there is an issue with this one too, so we’d recommend that you pay specific attention and bring over the Kougaon spell. You’ll have plenty of time to plan this anyway, given that you’ll need to squish six whole Persona together to get your hands on Metatron. Once you do however, and assuming you managed to bring the single target attack with you (skill cards can also be used of course), then you’ll have everything a Bless Persona could possibly need.

Firstly, Metatron comes with the Martyr’s Gift trait, which reduces the cost of Bless spells by 75%. Next up, it has Mahamaon and Makougaon, to either kill or damage a group of enemies, each of which get improved by both Hama Boost and Bless Amp respectively. If this wasn’t good enough, it also learns the Divine Judgement spell at level 95, and whilst this does only have a few niche uses, it’s certainly nice to have. Capping it all off Metatron even learns both Concentrate and the severe Almighty attack, Megidolaon! This thing is such a beast!

Bless Highlights

  • Leanrs both top level instant death and damaging Bless spells, Mahamaon and Makougaon.
  • Access to both Hama Boost and Bless Amp passives.
  • Learns the Divine Judgement spell at level 95, which halves the HP of your target.
  • Even learns Concentrate and Megidolaon!


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