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The 5 Best Electric Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Much like other elements P5R, Electric Persona occupy an unusual position. Technically, should you decide to keep your bro Ryuji in the party, you’re unlikely to need to keep one in Joker’s repertoire. Conversely, if you prefer to bench the blonde lad and roll with other team members, then having access to the electric element can be critical. To those of you that opt for the second option, we’ve gathered the following shortlist of electric persona from throughout the game to help you on your way.

Persona #5: Ame-no-Uzume

Persona 5 Royal, Ame-no-Uzume Persona

Early game Electric Persona are in such a strange position. Technically speaking the first Persona that you get your hands on – Pixie – has both the Zio skill and a trait that works alongside it, so it would make sense to place that first, right? Well, thanks to the way that Ryuji, an electric Persona user, is essentially forced into your party for the first palace, such a low level version as Pixie isn’t necessary. Unlike Fire, there really isn’t a boss or sub boss that makes doubling up worthwhile.

That being the case, the first one that we chose to recommend is Ame-no-Uzume, which becomes available during the second palace. At this point you can conceivably remove Ryuji, necessitating an alternative. This being quite a low level it would be wrong to expect miracles, but this Persona does come with Mazio, the group Electric attack, the Electric Bloodline trait, which halves the spell costs, and it has a nicely high Magic and Agility stat. Not too bad for this early point in the game.

Electric Highlights

  • Comes with the group Electric attack, Mazio.
  • Has the Electric Bloodline trait, which halves the cost of Electric spells.
  • Actually comes with group Wind and Healing spells, which is a nice bonus.
  • Bonus: Fuse this with the Koropokkuru Persona to get Shiki-Ouji, which is immune to all physical damage and has some excellent early Psy skills (spoiler for Psy article)


Persona #4: Take-Minakata

Persona 5 Royal, Take-Minakata Persona

Now we’re talking. Take-Minkata is a real Electric Persona – in many ways the first really well tailored one that you’ll find. You’re probably not going to get your hands on this until the end of the second palace or the beginning of the third, but even if you’ve kept the blonde bro in your party, you’re going to want to grab this one.

Firstly, it comes with a great spell selection, featuring both the single target and group targeting ‘medium’ electric types, Zionga and Mazionga. That’s just the start however, because it also comes with the Electric Bloodline trait to halve the SP costs, learns Elec Boost at level 29 to increase the damage by 25%, and learns Shock Boost at level 32! This thing is an Electric beast!

Electric Highlights

  • Learns both Zionga and Mazionga.
  • Electric Bloodline halves the SP cost of Elec spells.
  • Boosts Elec damage by 25% at level 29, with Elec Boost.
  • Increased shock chance at level 32, with Shock Boost.

Persona #3: Thunderbird

Persona 5 Royal, Thunderbird Persona

An argument could be made that Thunderbird is the ideal Electric Persona. Certainly, on a per level basis they really don’t come any better than this, coming as it does with pretty much everything you could ever want from an Elec type. You’ll have to wait until around palace 3 or 4, but once there you should certainly grab this bad boy as soon as possible.

For a start, it comes with the Electric Bloodline trait, the medium group attack, Mazionga, and Shock Boost. This is a good start, but giving it some experience and levels will reveal both heavy electric attacks, Ziodyne and Maziodyne, plus Elect Boost to deal 25% more electric damage. Honestly, you’re not going to get much better than this for quite a while, so do your best to fuse it at the earliest opportunity.

Electric Highlights

  • Learns both ‘heavy’ electric spells, Ziodyne and Maziodyne.
  • Has Shock Boost out of the box.
  • Learns Elec Boost at level 38, for 25% more Elec damage.


Persona #2: Thor

Persona 5 Royal, Thor Persona

First off, it might seem like a big gap between Thunderbird and our next choice, Thor, but that should really only reflect on just how good the prior entry is. Plus, we’re limiting ourselves to five choices here, and we wanted to squeeze all of these choices into a single list, so there.

In terms of a Persona, Thor comes with everything you might want from an Electric perspective, and has the necessary upgrades to separate him from the crowd. It retains the two Heavy spells, but learns Elec Amp, which increases damage of the spells by 50%, and also learns the severe group attack spell, Wild Thunder. All of this, combined with his 20% increased single target magic damage trait, makes him an ideal Electric Persona for the late game.

Electric Highlights

  • Learns the ‘severe’ Electric group spell, Wild Thunder, at level 71.
  • Learms Elec Amp at level 66, increasing Electric spell damage by 50%.
  • Intense Focus trait increases single target spell damage by 20%.
  • Comes initially equipped with Ziodyne and learns Maziodyne at level 67.

Persona #1: Odin

Persona 5 Royal, Odin Persona
Perhaps you were expecting an old man with a beard? We blame marvel.

Finally we settle on the absolute apex of Electric Persona: Odin. As you might imagine, you’ll need to max the Emperor social link to unlock this bad boy, but it’s certainly worth your time if you want to get your hands on a hyper-powerful Electric Persona.

Things start well with the trait, Bargain Bolts, which reduces the cost of electric skills by 75% – sure, you’re probably not too concerned with SP at the end game, but those ‘severe’ spell costs do rack up over time. Along with this Odin has access to Thunder Reign and Wild Thunder, the strongest single and group target Elec skills in the game. Capping it all off, Odin will learn Elec Amp at level 89, and even learns Concentrate at level 87 along with it. We’re a bit disappointed at the lack of Shock Boost if we’re honest, but in terms of sheer Elec power they don’t come better than this.

Electric Highlights

  • Comes with the strongest Elec spells, Thunder Reign and Wild Thunter.
  • Learns Elec Amp at level 89, increasing damage by 50%.
  • Learns Concentrate at level 87.
  • Bargain Bolts trait reduces Elec costs by 75%.


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