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The 14 Best Low Rank Weapons | MHGU

Your weapon is the most important part of your set up in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. It defines your entire play style, informs your quest choices and in many ways it reflects the type of hunter you are. That being said, your choices early on in Monster Hunter title are all the more important, after all you’d hate to have your experiences with a weapon marred by a simple poor choice of equipment.

So today we’re going to detail to absolute best weapons that we think Low Rank has to offer – one for each weapon type. We’ve previously suggested three for each, which we’ll link to in each section, but thought we’d distil things a little further in one big list. Enjoy!


MHGU Long Sword Khanga Edge
Our equipment might be inflating that affinity rating a little…

Khanga Edge

The Seregios Long Sword takes the cake for us. It combines all of the attributes you really need from this weapon type; good sharpness, great raw damage for this early stage, a little bit of affinity and a slot to help you out. All of this alone makes it a very viable weapon in Low Rank, but it’s boosted even further by the Seregios weapons’ extra feature: Rolling five times in a row will grant you a little sharpness back.

Some might argue that evading is something that happens less as you improve, and it’s certainly something you’ll do less when using some styles, but for Low Rank this free evasion is a superb bonus. It’s really hard to go wrong with Seregios weapons, but the Long Sword in particular feels ideal.


Recommended hunting Styles for long sword

  • Valor Style
  • Adept Style

At this early stage in MHGU you may not be too familiar with hunting styles, so we’re recommending two here. Adept is ideal for learning monsters – you’ll get an extra forgiving evade and the follow up attack is an easy way to gain spirit gauge. Valor is a little more complex, however it has a very high skill ceiling and comes with the ability to block almost any attack in the game – providing you can time it well enough.


MHGU Dual Blades Smoldering Cities

Smoldering Cities

Despite their clear ‘break point’ in both MHGU and MHGen, we don’t often recommend weapons derived from the Fated Four (Glavenous, Mizutsune, Astalos & Gammoth). Typically they’re good-but-not-spectacular elemental weapons that get outdone by more niche choices. When it comes to Low Rank however, we found that this particular pair stood out.

The Smoldering Cities are the Glavenous Dual Blades, which means you should have no trouble crafting them as you progress through Low Rank and the 4-Star quests. Once you do, you’ll be in possession of a weapon with a great deal of green sharpness, good raw damage, a jewel slot and some fire element damage on top! The fire damage may not have a great deal of uses, but if you keep upgrading them into High Rank you’ll get some good use out of them. It helps that they’re pretty easy to upgrade too!


Recommended hunting Styles for dual blades

  • Aerial Style
  • Striker Style

Again we’re going to highlight two hunting styles, one more advanced than the other. In this case Aerial Style is considered the easier of the two; you’ll be able to rack up some good damage by leaping on your targets constantly, remaining relatively safe as you do. Just be careful not to rely on this safety too much – things get a lot harder later on and these kind of tactics won’t work anywhere near as well.

Striker Style is a little more advanced, not least because it’s often associated with the use of Dash Juice or Mega Dash Juice. Without the gauge you’ll be wanting to sit in Demon mode as much as possible to spam Demon Dance, hence the Juices, however this can be risky for those yet to fully learn the Dual Blades’ limitations.


MHGU Great Sword Santoku Reaver

Santoku Reaver

The Great Sword is all about one thing: Hitting the monster’s weak spot with a huge slab of sword, having preferably charged up first. MHGU makes this easier than ever by providing a whole host of weapons to work alongside the new styles, and a massive amount of armour to adapt things ever further.

Why the Santoku Reaver then? As you can see, it has some great raw damage for it’s crafting time – basically after taking on Tetsucabra in 3-Star – but it does have a few caveats: It has a very small amount of green sharpness and it comes with 10% negative affinity, meaning your hits will occasionally do a ‘blunt’ attack that does less damage. Happily these small negative points don’t do the Great Sword much harm. You’re not going to be hitting the monster much, so sharpness isn’t a major issue, and the negative affinity can easily be resolved by going for the Crit Draw skill, which gives your draw attacks 100% chance to crit, including charged draw attacks.


Recommended hunting Styles for Great sword

  • Adept Style
  • Valor Style

Unlike our last two weapons, these options are both quite well balanced in terms of difficulty. With Adept Style you’ll be aiming to hit your counter attack as much as possible, along with it’s hugely powerful charged attack that follows. This can be difficult, especially on monsters that are small and flighty, but the added evasion safety means this style is quite well balanced.

Of the two we would say that Valor is slightly more complex, though not by much. With this Style you’ll be much more mobile, since Valor mode unlocks a new sidestep whilst unsheathed. Attacks are much more familiar to fans of the older MH games too, since you’ll mainly be aiming charged attacks, albeit with even more options than usual. The ability to hop forward with a charged attack is also a great way to attack from distance – an option not usually available to the Great Sword.



MHGU Hammer Skullcrusher


The Hammer is such a unique weapon. In the right hands it can completely ruin a monster’s day, offering the ability to knock it out and rendering it unable to defend itself for significant periods of time. Quite the opposite is true in the wrong hands of course, and whilst we can’t really consider our advice as substitute for a lot of practice, we can at least make sure you’re using some good equipment.

We’ve recommended the Skullcrusher because it features one main thing: Huge raw damage. It stands above similar options when you can craft, which is quite early, and we found it pretty easy to upgrade and keep relevant all the way through High Rank. It’s not quite as ‘flashy’ as some of the others, but if you’re insistent on getting those KO, this will do the job just nicely. It even comes with a bit of defence – useful for a weapon that requires that you frequently stand in front of your target.


Recommended hunting Styles for Hammer

  • Aerial Style
  • Guild Style

Both of our Style recommendations are simple in nature, much like the weapon. Guild Style is the Hammer you know and love – you charge up to differing levels and unleash differing attacks. You’ll be aiming for the head and trying to rack up KO damage. It might feel basic compared to other, more ‘fancy’ weapons, but it gets the job done.

Aerial Style is quite different. Yes you’ll be vaulting onto monsters just like all the other weapons, but you’ll be charging up and potentially slamming the monster twice. This is unlikely to get any KO damage done because you’re not targeting the head, but its certainly a fun and effective way to use the weapon.


MHGU Sword and Shield Kirin Bolt Ultimus

Kirin Bolt Ultimus

Good ol’ Sword n’ Board is better than ever in MHGU. The addition of oils means that a weapon that used to feel a step behind is just as powerful as its brethren. Much like previous iterations it excels in dealing Elemental and Status damage, due to it’s ability to rack up hits in quick succession. The Styles available certainly add a bit of spice to this formula, but it remains roughly the same: Hit the weak spots a lot with a vulnerable element or status.

All that being said, the Thunder element is one that will serve you well throughout MHGU. A lot of monsters are considered weak to this, and the Sword and Shield is ideally suited to pick away at soft spots. Kirin Bolt Ultimus is by far our favourite Thunder version, and if we’re honest it’s probably our favourite Thunder element weapon in the game.

It comes with excellent sharpness, a huge amount of Thunder damage, a slot, mid level raw damage and even a slot to play with. It’s one of the best SnS in Low Rank, a title it holds onto throughout the entire game, even into G-Rank.


Recommended hunting Styles for Sword and Shield

  • Striker Style
  • Guild Style

Guild Style is the Sword and Shield you may be familiar with from older Monster Hunter titles. You have all of the usual abilities and attacks, meaning you’re perfectly capable of rotating around the monster, chipping away at their squishy bits.

Striker Style loses the ability to do a hop back and charge attack, but it gains the benefit of taking three hunter arts. In most cases this is overkill, but the Sword and Shield have some amazing arts, including the legendary Round Force, during which you’re basically invincible.


MHGU Hunting Horn Hell Horn

Hell Horn

The Hunting Horn is always a difficult weapon to nail down to a recommendation. There are so many options, each with different songs and statistics, that you’re likely to tailor to the particular hunt you’re taking on. You might want to bring Attack Up for a quicker hunt, or you might want to remove the effect of Wind for a Daora hunt, there are options for everything and you’d be a fool not to try them all out.

Still, we’ve managed to settle on what we think is, on balance, the best Low Rank horn: Hell Horn. This is essentially the ‘Glavenous Horn’, which you’ll be able to make once you’ve taken down the beast in 4-Star. We chose this because it has that ever popular Attack Boost, and Fire Resist – something that will come in handy as you venture into the hotter maps more and more. It also has some great raw damage to help you better bop those monster heads.

Plus we really like the design – it genuinely looks like a lug of Glavenous flesh has been torn off and fashioned into a horn.


Recommended hunting Styles for Hunting horn

  • Guild Style
  • Valor Style

In practice, both of these Styles play very similarly. You’re going to aim for the head of the monster whilst doing your best to keep your important songs active. Guild Style is the Horn you know and love, and we’d really recommend you stick with it – the others don’t grant all that much useful, though we have noted that Valor Style does bring the small benefit of playing your songs quicker at times.


MHGU Lance Paladin Lance

Paladin Lance

The Lance has always been one of our favourite weapons in Monster Hunter, and in Generations Ultimate it’s no different. There’s something super satisfying about being a walking tank, able to block almost anything the Monsters throw at you whilst whittling away their health bit by bit. The Styles and sheer amount of equipment in MHGU make the weapon all the more viable, but why then have we chosen a relatively basic Lance to recommend today?

We’re acutely aware that the weapon excels at elemental and status damage, mainly due to the amount of hits you can apply in a short period of time, but what about when you’re just starting out? You’re unlikely to be hitting weak spots all of the time, and your attention will be entirely spent on learning the monsters and their patterns. This is where the Paladin Lance comes to the fore: It has reasonable raw damage, plenty of sharpness, it’s easy to upgrade and it has some defence to boot. It’s ideal for an aspiring Lance user to learn the ropes with. Looks pretty good too.


Recommended hunting Styles for lance

  • Striker Style
  • Adept Style

Firstly, we’ve recommended Striker Style because it’s probably the easiest to use: You can triple attack without being forced into a third hit finisher, and you can bring three hunter arts with you to assist. It’s ideal for getting used to the Lance whilst simultaneously getting used to MHGU.

Adept Style is slightly more complex, though not by much. It’s main benefit is being able to perform an improved block and subsequent counter attack. Once you’ve gotten used to Lance in Striker, switch over to this to take advantage of the monster patterns you’ve learnt.



MHGU Gunlance Jaya Gunlance

Jaya Gunlance

The Gunlance in many ways is considered the more complex half brother of the Lance. Whilst this is debatable they do share a lot of common points; you have a beefy shield, a lance to stab with and a hop with which to evade. The shelling and explosions are where the Gunlance differ of course, but when it comes to a weapon you’ll be looking for broadly similar qualities: Load up on sharpness and raw damage.

The Jaya Gunlance achieves both of these with ease. The raw damage is great for this early part of the game, and it’s also one of the earliest options you can grab with access to blue sharpness. Happily it retains the Seregios tradition and returns some sharpness as you evade, albeit at a slower rate than non-lance based weapons. This is another weapon that you can carry with you as you make your way up the rank, though it will eventually be outclassed in G-Rank.


Recommended hunting Styles for gunlance

  • Guild Style
  • Adept Style

Guild Style is the ideal way to start learning Gunlance. It has all of the regular moves that you might be used to, and it can easily complete the slam and full burst abilities, which are staples of the weapon. We would recommend you consider Adept Style next, since this gives you access to and adept guard ability that can be followed up by two incredibly powerful counter attacks, each of which are rightfully explode-y.


MHGU Switch Axe Aksa Switch

Aksa Switch

Another favourite of ours, the Switch Axe is such a versatile weapon. In Axe mode you have access to some sweeping, far reaching attacks that allow you to close the distance. Once you’re up in the monster’s face it’s time to bring out Sword mode to rack up huge amounts of damage in short order. In MHGU it’s even been made versatile enough to allow you to commit to one or the other and still pump out big damage. It’s also somewhat unique in being a non lance weapon that’s able to hop during some evades, rather than rolling like the remaining blademaster choices.

It’s this evasion that makes our Low Rank choice – Aksa Switch – all the better. As you may know by now, Seregios weapons sharpen themselves as you evade, which you’ll be doing almost constantly whilst attempting to hit weak spots with your Sword mode. On top of this the raw damage is respectable, the sharpness reaches blue and there’s some affinity on there as a bonus. It’s yet another Seregios weapon that will keep you going throughout the entirety of MHGU.


Recommended hunting Styles for switch axe

  • Striker Style
  • Adept Style

If you’re looking for the meta, go-to Style of choice for the Switch Axe, then you’ll be looking for Striker Style. It has everything you need to help prioritise Sword mode and it allows you to equip three Hunter Arts, of which the Switch Axe has some of the most powerful the game has to offer.

Adept Style is more of a personal choice from us. We’ve always enjoyed making unusual styles or weapons work, and in this case it’s Axe Mode. The Adept dodge will allow you to do a very damaging Axe mode follow up attack, and we’ve had a great deal of fun completing hunts without dropping into Sword mode at all! Bit of an advanced option, but fun nonetheless.


MHGU Charge Blade Mizuniya Drill

Mizuniya Drill

Next up in the ‘Transform-a-weapon’ section is the Charge Blade. Whilst it’s not quite the beast that it was in MH4U – the damage values have been nerfed somewhat, and justifiably so – it’s still capable of outputting huge lumps of damage and it retains those critical guard points too, letting true veterans make certain encounters look deceptively easy.

For our Low Rank choice we’ve gone with the Mizuniya Drill. Realistically we could have chosen any number of those on offer, mainly because of the traits you’re looking for; high raw damage, good sharpness and an Impact Phial for that sweet KO damage. This one stood out a little more for us because on top of this you get a jewel slot and upgrading it felt easier than the others! We found it was outclassed towards the end of High Rank and into G, but it will last you a good while regardless.


Recommended hunting Styles for charge blade

  • Striker Style
  • Valor Style

Striker Style is generally recommended as a starting point. It will feel like the Charge Blade should and it removes the yellow shield buff, in favour of a single red shield buff that actually powers up your axe moves 5% more than usual.

Once you’ve warmed up your CB muscle memory and gotten used to MHGU and it’s challenges, we’d recommend you move up to Valor Style. This has all sorts of options for guard points and more specifically what you’re able to do following them. It’s very hard to master but once you do it feels fantastic.


MHGU Insect Glaive Astalos Cudgel

Astalos Cudgel

The Insect Glaive has always been such an interesting weapon. At any point it can feel like multiple other blademaster weapons at once. The draw attack feels a bit like a lunging great sword, yet once you’re there it turns into a set of dual blades, letting you slash away in quick succession. In MHGU it may have had some of it’s identity stolen by Aerial Style, but it’s still super effective and a very fun weapon to play with.

We’ve chosen the Astalos Cudgel because well… It’s just really good at everything. The raw damage is nice and high, the sharpness is plentiful and it comes with 15% affinity. It also has an open jewel slot and it comes with some Thunder element damage, which is largely considered to be the best element due to extensive monster weaknesses. Hard to go wrong with this one then, and you’ll be facing plenty of Astalos during your key quests to keep it upgraded.


Recommended hunting Styles for insect glaive

  • Guild Style
  • Valor Style

Guild Style, as you might imagine, is the standard Insect Glaive experience. If you’ve played MH4U or even MHW you’ll recognise everything on offer here. It retains it’s ability to do an infinite combo too, which is the real bread and butter of the weapon.

Valor Style adapts this somewhat whilst continuing to feel very similar to Guild. You’ll unlock the ability for your Insect to attack alongside you, which adds a nice bit of damage. Realistically it’s Guild Style with some more damage and the Valor Dodge. Nothing too spectacular – if you’re after something truly different try Aerial Style vaults.


MHGU Bow Hidden Bow

Hidden Bow

The bow has always been such a stalwart in the Monster Hunter series. In our experience it’s relatively rare to come across an archer during multiplayer sessions. Whilst this may be the case, we should preface our statement by saying that when we do bump into them, they’re all rather good at their job. They fire out their charged shots, take little if any damage and generally tend to be quite helpful. It’s a strange phenomenon and it’s one that continues in MHGU, despite it being a very powerful weapon choice.

Help us remedy this then, by picking up the Hidden Bow. This weapon is by far our favourite option for Low Rank archers. It comes with reasonable raw damage and a huge 25% affinity. Power Lv.1 coating, which this bow comes with, might not sound like the best but combined with the other stats it’ll suffice. Upgrading it is quite easy too, which always helps!


Recommended hunting Styles for bow

  • Adept Style
  • Guild Style

Guild Style is the bow you know and love, wherever you bow users are hiding. You’ll be able to fire off Arc shots and Charge shots, keeping your distance and generally living out your Robin Hood fantasy without too much issue.

Adept Style is our favourite of the two. You’ll lose the ability to do Arc shots – no great loss – and gain the ability to instantly charge up your shots following an Adept evade. Given that Adept is effectively Evasion +2 or +3, this is an ideal option for those looking for a stylish and powerful method of shooting your target down.


MHGU Light Bowgun Hidden Eye

Hidden Eye

Completing our duo of Nargacuga weapons is the Light Bowgun, Hidden Eye. To understand the value of this weapon you must first understand one thing: Pierce ammo has the ability to output tremendous amounts of damage. Alongside this, the LBG in MHGU retain their rapid fire ability, which itself allows them to put out big damage. So why not combine the two?

Yes the Hidden Eye is a Low Rank Light Bowgun that has the ability to rapid fire Pierce Lv. 1 ammo. Of course it has other benefits; the raw damage is good, it has affinity as standard and it has various ammo choices. All of this pales in comparison to the rapid fire option however. Get this LBG, stock up on Pierce ammo and watch your targets fall over. It’ll even keep going all the way into the end game – they don’t come much better than this.


Recommended hunting Styles for light bowgun

  • Adept Style
  • Guild Style

Look, we started writing these sections and having two Styles made sense, yet we seem to have reached a weapon on which we’d really like to recommend only one… So, erm. Guild Style is a normal LBG style in which you shoot your bullets at monsters until they fall over.

Now, Adept Style is by far our favourite option on offer. Of course you get the usual excellent evade, but once it’s completed your hunter will automatically reload your current bullets, and power them up for a short period following. This all feels fantastic during play, and you’ll often find yourself deliberately lining up Adept dodges to power yourself up.


MHGU Heavy Bowgun Daora's Delphinidae

Daora’s Delphinidae

The Heavy Bowgun, along with the Long Sword, home to one of the most powerful Style and weapon combinations in the game. Valor Style transforms this weapon into a swift and agile Bowgun capably of putting out incredible amounts of damage with it’s Siege mode. In fact it’s so powerful and without negatives that you’d be foolish not to use it. In a way it’s a shame that one Style dominates the others, but we will admit it feels a lot of fun…

Anyway, as we’ve established with the LBG, Pierce ammo is incredibly powerful. That being the case, why not pick up a HBG that’s capable of Siege firing Pierce ammo? Look no further than the Daora’s Delphinidae. It comes with big raw damage, a bit of affinity and a big load of Pierce ammo capacity. On top of this it’s quite easy to upgrade, and in doing so you’ll end up with one of the best end game HBG available.


Recommended hunting Styles for light bowgun

  • Valor Style
  • Guild Style

Again we’re in a bit of a quandary, but this time we’re really bucking the trend. We’re aware that other Styles are entirely available, but the benefits from Valor Style far outweigh any of the others on offer. Learn to slot yourself down into Siege mode quickly, rack up that shot speed and watch your targets dissolve. You monster.


Whew! That was a long and exhaustive list. We hope that it’s been helpful for you as you set out on your MHGU journey. Have fun and let us know how you get on with our options in the comments below!

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