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Top 3 Best Low Rank Heavy Bowguns | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Heavy Bowguns are all about big damage in slow and lumbering bursts. Well, unless you choose Valor Style… Anyway, if we’re honest we’ve always been more fond of the Lighter of the two Bowguns, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a bit of HBG action from time to time. It’s a fun weapon, especially in multiplayer, but one that requires significant patience to master, especially when it comes to solo play. All weapons are heavily dictated by the hunting style you choose, but this is especially true of the HBG. We’ll try to avoid alluding to the very powerful Valor style, but we will admit it’s a fun style to choose, even if the damage is a bit too high. Let’s get down to picking our Top 3 Low Rank Heavy Bowguns!

Weapon #1: Yukumo Bowgun

Yukumo Bowgun, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

At first glance, our choice of the Yukumo Bowgun might seem a little unusual. It’s not exactly super high when it comes to raw damage and there are no slots or affinity. Seems pretty basic right? Well if you dig a little deeper, specifically into the ammo types and crouching shot, you’ll find out exactly why.

This Bowgun comes with P. Flaming, P. Water and Slicing ammo as Internal Ammo. This means you’ll have access to these every time you start the hunt, without having to craft them. Of course they’re finite, but the fact that you get some free every time is certainly useful. They’re also quite powerful: P. Flaming will come in handy whilst you’re hunting certain monsters, and Slicing ammo is very powerful on it’s own. On top of this, it can also fire Normal Lv. 1 whilst in siege mode. These aren’t the most powerful of shots, but it’s another ‘nice to have’ that, combined with the other benefits of this HBG, make for a nice addition to your hunts in Low Rank.

Low Rank Benefits

  • Comes with both P. Flaming and P. Water Internal Ammo.
  • Also has the powerful Slicing Ammo in it’s Internal Ammo.
  • Normal 1 Siege Mode is a good start, in order to learn the weapon and potentially, Valor mode.
  • Barely any materials are required for a good early Heavy Bowgun!


Weapon #2: Meteor Bazooka

Meteor Bazooka, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The Meteor Bazooka, positioned nicely directly below the Yukumo Bowgun, seems like yet another unspectacular Heavy Bowgun, albeit one with two bonus slots to help you complete some skills with jewels. Again we have to go a little further to discover it’s benefits.

This one might not have anything major to write home about when it comes to Internal Ammo – Slicing is the only highlight here – but it does have a rather major trick up it’s sleeve: Siege mode Pierce Lv.2 Ammo. This is a nicely powerful combination, especially for this early point in the game. If you can get used to dropping in and out of crouched fire mode, using the super powerful Valor style or not, you’ll be able to pump out plenty of high damage whenever an opening presents itself.

Low Rank Benefits

  • Powerful Pierce Lv.2 Ammo available in Siege Mode.
  • Comes with the fantastic Slicing Ammo as Internal Ammo.
  • Two decoration slots can be useful, though you’ll likely move on before making great use of them.


Weapon #3: Daora’s Delphinidae

Daora's Delphinidae, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Heavy Bowgun aficionados will appreciate this one. The Daora HBG is legendary in MHGU, so you should try to get your hands on it as early as possible. You’ll have to take a trip into the Hub section if you want to fight a Kushala Daora early on however, but it’s still perfectly doable solo if you take care. Bonus piece of advice: Poison the Daora to nullify it’s wind effect and you’ll do well.

To the gun then, and it’s initial benefits are plain to see: The raw damage starts out well and continues to do so as you upgrade it, and it comes with a bonus 10% affinity. There is a little deviation on it, which means your bullets will slightly glide off to one side, but given that it’s ‘L Mild’, this is easily manageable. The real wow factor comes from the ammo capacity and it’s Siege mode. This thing can hold a huge amount of Pierce ammo, and it gives you the ability to fire Pierce Lv. 1 when in Siege. This is universally accepted as one of the highest DPS weapon/ammo combinations in the game. If you can get the hang of jumping in and out of Siege mode, you’ll start to notice monsters drop a lot quicker with this thing, especially in multiplayer, since you’ll have even more time to fire at the monster.

Low Rank Benefits

  • Good level of raw damage paired with 10% Affinity.
  • Has access to Siege Mode Pierce Lv.1, whilst also being able to hold a huge amount of the ammo.
  • Alongside Valor Mode, this Siege Mode ammo allows for an incredible amount of damage to be dealt.
  • Possibly the best Heavy Bowgun in the game, at any point, as long as it’s upgraded throughout.

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