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Top 3 Best Low Rank Switch Axes in MHGU

The Switch Axe tends to be the weapon that, for new players, begins to separate their knowledge of Monster Hunter from other games. You can understand a long sword, a sword and shield and perhaps even the lance – they all have the kind of attacks that make a certain amount of sense for a gamer. Of course they’re hard to master, but the attacks at least make some sort of thematic link to others – a slash here, a shield block there, it works. The Switch Axe however, turns from an axe into a sword, with attacks that take place between the transformation period, it has a gauge that restricts your sword time and it also comes in different types, like Power & Exhaust? It can be dizzying for the new player to learn.

Today then, we’re going to detail a few Low Rank Switch Axe options that will help the prospective newbie as they journey through the early parts of MHGU. They won’t make you a true master of the Swag Axe, but they’ll surely help you on your way.

Petrified Axe

Petrified Axe Switch Axe MHGU

The first Switch Axe that we’ll recommend is actually already in your inventory when you start the game. Luckily, it’s also one of the best that you’ll get your hands on for a good while, at least in terms of viability against any monster.

This is mainly because, as you upgrade the axe, it retains a very high amount of raw damage and a good amount of green sharpness. Both of these are critical, especially in the early game where your ability to tailor your axe type to the monster is limited. You’re not exactly going to be over flowing with different elements and such, so having a good stalwart axe like this is ideal.

The ‘Power’ type on this axe means that you’ll get a 20% damage boost to your sword type attacks, which is a great boost to have at any point and is generally considered by far the best type of Switch Axe to use throughout Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The axe itself is very easy to upgrade, but we’ll include a shopping list for some of the more difficult items to find during its multiple upgrades:

Shopping List (Upgrade Lv. 4 & Lv. 5):

  • Bealite Ore: Check out the D. Island locale, more info HERE.
  • Maccao Scale: You’ll get plenty of these hunting Great Maccao in Low Rank.
  • Dragonite Ore: Grab these in the Volcano locale, more info HERE.
  • Hermitaur Claw: Wound a Daimyo Hermiaur’s claws for a high chance at these.

Aksa Switch

Aksa Switch Axe MHGU

Sticking with the same Switch Axe for the entirety of Low Rank isn’t going to fly now is it, no matter how good the upgraded Petrified model is. So this, the Seregios Switch Axe, makes for the ideal upgrade.

Much like all of it’s other weapons, you’ll regain a bit of sharpness after evading 5 times. This makes the fact that it comes with a sliver of natural blue sharpness all the more attractive. When you add this to a respectable amount of raw damage, that 10% affinity and the fact that it’s a ‘Power’ type, then you’re left with probably the absolute best Switch Axe available in low rank MHGU. To be honest, it retains this position throughout most of the game too, even as you climb the ranks, as long as you keep upgrading it.

For reference, both this and the Petrified model are Switch Axes that we’d recommend you use in the ‘usual’ Swag style: Get it into sword mode as quickly as possible and hop from weak spot to weak spot, shredding monster health. We say this, because our next option might be slightly different…

Shopping List:

  • Seregios Sunderer: Frequently carved from a slain Rathian.
  • Airblade Shard: Carve a Rathian’s tail for the best chance at these.
  • Seregios Impaler: Either rarely carved from a Rathian, or go capture some Yian Kut-Ku.
  • Dragonite Ore: Grab these in the Volcano locale, more info HERE.



Eisenleib Switch Axe MHGU

The Eisenleib is a Switch Axe that you can swing around like a purple glowing scythe.

So, this next weapon is actually the Gore Magala switch axe. It doesn’t have the best raw damage – as you can see it’s very much below the Seregios’ one that we detailed above – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without it’s benefits: There’s a good amount of affinity on there, an extra slot and a tiny amount of Dragon damage is included – there are only a few monsters in the game that are truly weak to Dragon, but it’s still nice to have.

Did we mention you could swing a purple scythe around?

Eh alright look, it’s not a fantastic switch axe from a statistical perspective. It is however, absolutely crammed full of Swag. This is the swaggest of Low Rank swag axes. So we’re only going to offer one more piece of advice:

Choose Adept Style and learn to love that Adept evade into axe mode follow up attack. It’s truly one of the most stylish counter attacks in MHGU, right up there with the Greatsword follow up. Why not use a glowing purple scythe whilst you’re doing it? Monster Hunter is if nothing else, all about having fun whilst you hunt.

Shopping List:

  • Gore Magala Feeler: Wound the feelers on a Gore Magala to guarantee one.
  • Gore Magala Shell: You’ll get plenty of these hunting Gore Magala.
  • Gore Magala Tail: Lop that tail off and carve it to grab these.
  • Defiled Scale: Would a Gore Magala head for a good chance at these.

That’s it for our Low Rank Switch Axe recommendations! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Perhaps you’ve found a way to generate even more swag – we’re always on the lookout for swag-maximising techniques, so let us know!

Well, unless you like using Elemental Switch Axes. We’ll probably be busy that day. Packed schedule you know, very busy writing articles, interacting with sane people, etc.

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