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Are Hercudrome proving hard to find in MHGU? Perhaps you’re just pushing through Low Rank and you’ve taken a trip to the Blacksmith, only to find that you’re missing a few new bugs to make that shiny new weapon? Don’t worry, we’ve been exactly where you are, and we found that other sites tend to use data that was mined from the game code and often consider hidden areas that you cannot access in the early game.

So, to the Hercudrome then and it’s location – we’ve put together a short piece below to help you out.

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Location of Hercudrome in MHGU

Hercudrome in Low Rank MHGU:

The Hercudrome bug can only be found once you reach 4-Star Quests in the Village section of MHGU. Once there, you will unlock the Volcano map and specifically the Volcano Harvest Tour. Here you can sometimes find it within the bug spots. Fair warning, they’re quite rare, so you may want to bring plenty of Bug Nets! Oh, and be sure to bring two Palico along with you, they might capture some for you too!

We advise that you bring lower rank bug nets too, which will allow you to capture even more. Be sure to bring these when you hunt monsters there too – it’s always nice to get more whilst you’re searching for your target!

Alternatively, come as a Prowler and you don’t even have to bother with the Bug Nets!

Hercudrome MHGU

Hercudrome in High Rank and above MHGU:

Once you get to High Rank and above, you’ll find Hercudrome on most maps, though the loot list for the Bug Net spots will be filled with other items, so they’ll still be somewhat rare. In fact, they’re quite rare no matter the rank you’re in, so you may want to commit some time to grabbing quite a few at once.

We like to head out on hunts with only one side objective in mind. For example, we are going to hunt this Volvidon, but en route we’ll hit all of the Mining Nodes, or Bug Spots. If you try to do it all at once you’ll go a bit crazy, and we found it helped us to just focus on one additional thing at a time!


Alternative methods for finding Hercudrome in MHGU:

Once again, similar to other rare early game items, your Palico can find these when you send them on Meowster Hunter missions to the Volcano locale. They’re still quite rare, but every little helps when you’re trying to beef up your armoury!

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