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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Pokemon Breeder Debra

Breeder Debra is next up in our Pokemon Sword and Shield series of guides! Yes we’re back and making our way through Route 5, picking up any new Pokemon that we can find and teaching any rogue trainers a lesson whilst we’re at it! Debra is yet another in a long line of evil breeders, clearly taking up residency near the Pokemon Nursery, ready to swipe any poor unsuspecting young ones to create some kind of freaky monster mash up…!

Not on our watch you’re not Debra!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Debra

Breeder Debra

Location: Route 5

We bump into Debra a little further down the road in Route 5, where we can see plenty of grass and even some water, so we might be able to find some new Pokemon! There’s even a fishing spot over there, which could be interesting.

We’re still planning on levelling up our Gyarados a bit more, but at this point we’re also interested in getting our Wingull evolved and maybe putting some more levels on our Sizzlipede – sure, the Grass Types are probably mainly behind us, but it’s still a great early game Pokemon.

Our team at this point in time is as follows:

  • Thwackey
  • Gyarados
  • Sizzlipede
  • Klink
  • Pancham
  • Wingull


MINCCINONormal Type – Level 17

  • Weaknesses: Fighting Type.
  • Resistances: None.
  • Immunity: Ghost Type.
  • Notes: Medium to high speed, but lower defences all round.

STEENEEGrass Type – Level 19

  • Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Bug, Poison and Flying Type.
  • Resistances: Grass, Water, Electric and Ground Type.
  • Immunity: None.
  • Notes: Medium to high speed.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Debra


Happily, during our playthrough of countless Pokemon titles, we’ve learned quite a bit – mainly how to successfully counter Normal Type Pokemon. This information would have been quite handy, were we aware of exactly what types we were facing here.

Anyway. We chomped our way through these two encounters, almost entirely relying on the huge physical attack value that our Gyarados has. As you know, we had a Pancham sitting there that could have done the job better, at least versus the Minccino.

Oh well, at least we get to do some research and recommend some Pokemon below, each of which will make this trainer battle a breeze!

Recommended Pokemon

PanchamFighting Type

Location: Route 3, Rolling Fields Wilds Area

Info: Fighting Type moves will destroy the Normal Type Pokemon, Minccino!

SizzlipedeFire & Bug Type

Location: Route 3

Info: Plenty of Fire Type attacks will make quick work of the Steenee!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Debra

Well Debra, it’s no wonder you didn’t understand which moves to use, you were probably busy thinking up some new and disgusting mash of Pokemon that you can attempt to breed. Machop x Goldeen or something equally insane. Disgusting, honestly.

Hand us our reward before we demote you to ‘sheep watcher’ in Turffield gym.


  • £1,824
Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Breeder Debra

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